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Top 14 Sex-Positive Holiday Gifts (That Aren’t All Sex Toys)

Published: DECEMBER 9, 2019 | Updated: JULY 27, 2020
Show all your sex-positive pals some love with these 14 awesome gifts.

It’s the merriest time of the season! If pleasure is your passion, here are 14 gifts to give to your most sex-positive friends.


More Dirty Girls Having Fun by Ellen Stagg

The second photography book by celebrated erotic artist, Ellen Stagg, will be released December 1st. The gorgeous book celebrates strong feminine energy and features more than 300 snaps of adult models and performers. For the people in your life who love the female form, it’s an absolute stunner of a coffee table book. (And one helluva conversation starter.)

More Dirty Girls Having Fun by Ellen Stagg

$44.99, buy it here, or for signed copies, here.


Gift Basket of Pervertibles

A pervertible is a term that is used to describe any household object that can be used sexually. Such ready-made items are particularly used in spanking or BDSM play. Think brushes, belts, plastic wrap, and pins.

If you’re giving anything intended to be inserted, be sure to include condoms to sheath it. You know, safety first.

‘Skin In the Game’ Print by Sophia Wallace

Mixed media artist, Sophia Wallace, is all about raising awareness of the clitoris. Her TED talk, 'A Case For Cliteracy,' has been viewed more than 300,000 times. I display her ‘Skin In the Game” print proudly in my living room, which states: “If you want to fuck us, stand the fuck up for us.” Tl;dr: Don’t be a dick.


$50.00; buy it here. (Also, check out everything Wallace does. It’s pure fucking feminist brilliant.)

Liberator Fascinator Throw

My motto: It’s not fun until you make a mess. Sex is mess and that’s perfectly OK. Protect your sheets, sofa, and fancy home furnishings with the plush Liberator Fascinator Throw. Silky on one side, velvety on the other, this must-have comes in a variety of colors and is machine washable. Perfect for the squirter in your life.


Image result for liberator fascinator throw

$140.00; buy it here.


Shout Your Abortion, edited by Amelia Bonow and Emily Nokes

Following the U.S. Congress’s attempts to defund Planned Parenthood, the hashtag #ShoutYourAbortion became a viral phenomenon to destigmatize abortion storytelling. This beautifully curated book features a collection of heartfelt photos, essays, and creative work, alongside a foreword by Lindy West. Abortion is normal, and this book is a reminder that people have abortions for a million different reasons. The bottom line? What a woman does with her body is her own damn business.

$24.95; buy it here.


One Night Planned Gift Set

Why have a 'one-night stand' when you can have “One Night Planned”? Sold exclusively at Urban Outfitters, Lovability’s gift includes everything you need for a sexy night in or a sleepover elsewhere (three condoms, a tube of lube, a bottle of aromatic body mist, and three towelettes). Adopt the Scout motto, “Be prepared,” and keep one in your bedroom and your bag for impromptu nights of sexy fun.

Image result for Lovability UO Exclusive One Night Planned Gift Set

$29.00; buy it here.

A Paid Porn Subscription

You pay for Netflix. You pay for magazine and newspaper subscriptions. You sure as hell better be paying for your porn. Paying for porn supports an industry that’s being put of jobs left and right due to puritanical laws (hello, FOSTA/SESTA).

By paying for porn, you give money to the people who keep the adult industry alive – and keeping it alive these days is a Whack a Mole endeavor and not easy. If you’re not down to pay for porn, consider Venmo-ing some money to your fave porn star, stripper, or sex worker this holiday season. They work their asses off and deserve the love.

The Vagina Bible by Jen Gunter, M.D.

If you have a vagina or want to understand the experiences of people with vaginas, you need to buy this book. Dr. Gunter basically breaks down everything you’d ever want to know about the vagina and dispels every myth you can think of in this information, yet humorous book. More sex education needs to be written and delivered precisely like this.

$9.99 (Kindle); buy it here.

Foria Holiday Intimacy Collection

Foria's limited-edition Holiday Intimacy Collection includes everything needed for an ultimate sexy night in: Foria’s Awaken CBD arousal oil, Intimacy CBD Suppositories for deeper pleasure, and the 100% plant-based, lickable Intimacy Lubricant. If you experience discomfort during sexual intercourse or simple, want to experience heightened intensity, this gift set is for you.

Image result for foria holiday intimacy collection

$96.00; buy it here.

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Tickets to a Local Drag or Burlesque Show

If the thought of fishnet thighs and sequinned corsets excite, snag tickets to a local drag or burlesque show. The glitz and hyper-glam of a choreographed striptease make for a sexy gift. If you want to re-double your efforts with a more interactive element, add a class to a local burlesque academy to the merry mix.


Say yes to oral sex this holiday season. If you engage in oral sex with vulvas or anuses, you know how awkward it can be to use a dental dam. Lorals has reinvented this safer sex essential with its super stretchy, single-use latex panties. They’re silky to the touch and come in a variety of cute styles, perfect for stocking stuffers.

Bonus: they’re vanilla scented. Mmm…

Hand holding pack of Lorals

$25.00/4-pack; buy it here.

Book a Boudoir Photography Session

There are few things sexier than allowing someone an opportunity to celebrate themselves. Sure, it’s nice to get all dolled up and don some drop-dead sexy lingerie, but a boudoir shoot is about SO MUCH MORE.

It’s a safe space to be vulnerable and for participants to feel confident in their unique beauty. Every single body is beautiful, and a boudoir shoot enables people to revel in that beauty, confidence, and power.

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Palma Vibrator Ring

For the sexy, statement makers in your life, this wearable vibrator ring is a must-have. It’s bold and gold and gorgeous AF. (Also available in silver.) The best part is that this seemingly innocuous bling features three speeds and two customizable modes for when you need pleasure on demand. Oh, and it’s waterproof…because you never know when or where you might want to get off.

Image result for unboundbabes palma

$128.00; buy it here.

Beautifully Defaced Porcelain

Imagine if your family heirloom china and your filthiest friend had a love child – it would result in Durant & Dove’s cheeky creations. Shop plenty of ready-made porcelain on their Etsy shop, like a teacup emblazoned with “Sugar Tits” or “Gay as Hell.” Or place a custom order for Christmas. Insults never looked so polite.

Prices vary; buy it here.

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