Top 10 Unintentionally Awkward Sex Scenes

Published: MARCH 23, 2015
A video listing the top 10 unintentionally awkward sex scenes is all well and good. Yet, do we really need something to tell us things we already know?
A video making the rounds on YouTube catalogs movie sex scenes. Gotta love those, right? The problem is, while many of them are supposed to be arousing, they often end up being painfully awkward. First question: why? There are plenty of movie sex scenes that are super hot, funny, include cool dialogue, or are otherwise enjoyable. So why focus on the bad ones? Malice? Visitor count? Schadenfreude? That aside, this video really went for the low hanging fruit.

Are we really surprised that Nick Cage or old Marlon Brando are more awkward than sexy? I can't see how. At least for me, sex with Nicholas Cage is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

A few of these movies actually won Razzie Awards (these go to the worst films of the year) including "Showgirls" and "Gigli," although I'd argue they're still better love stories than "Twilight." Oh yeah, "Twilight" is also on this list and reminds us all that a 100-year age difference is fine as long as both people are conventionally hot. * eyeroll *

Other mocked films in this takedown vid include Madonna's "Body of Evidence" (sorry vid, but Willem DaFoe could read the phone book and still be sexy as hell), "The Matrix Reloaded,""Sliver," and "Her," a film where an uncharacteristically dumpy looking Joaquin Phoenix has a mutual masturbation scene with a computer operating system. "How would you touch me?" Um, on your keyboard, I guess? I'm certainly not saying that these films are awesome and shouldn't be mocked. The films mentioned in the video just seem to be easy targets. Ultimately, why watch a sex video if it's not gonna be hot and steamy?

Got any favorite sex scenes from Hollywood movies? Share them in the comments!
Wednesday Lee Friday

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