Let's be honest: sex toys can be expensive. A good dildo can cost $50 or more, and a decent vibrator is usually even more expensive. And let's not talk about BDSM accessories: from cuffs to floggers, from nipple clamps to gags, a good toy collection can require a lot of disposable income. And it isn't that good sex toys are weren't the price. They are. But that doesn't mean everyone can afford them.

Here's an experienced kinkster's secret: honestly, some household items work just fine. I personally have a particular hate-on for a red fiberglass cooking spoon that one of my partners mercilessly uses on me when I'm being a brat. Cost of said fiberglass spoon? Less than $10.

If you have a good imagination and a knack for clever problem-solving, you'll quickly find all kinds of interesting uses for household items you probably already have. Here are a few ideas.

First: Safety Warnings

Before we get started, we need to go over some safety warnings. Sex toys tend to be expensive because they are made with body-safe, easily cleanable materials that won't make you sick. Household items: not so much. So, when you get the urge to use a vaguely penis-shaped object for penetration, remember these safety measures.

Penetration? Condom.

If you're going to use anything except a body-safe dildo for penetration, use a condom. Common household materials like wood (and even some types of plastic) are porous and may be home to bad bacteria.

Using a condom also ensures that any potentially irritating material stays away from the sensitive membranes in your vagina and anus. Just to be sure, try to avoid anything sharp or irritating.

Stay Watchful at All Times

When you're using household items, be it scarves or ties as bondage, clothespins as clamps, or kitchen utensils as impact implements, make sure to keep a close watch on possible problems, like wood splitting or fabric over-tightening.

Remember that household items weren't meant to be used in kinky ways, which means you'll need to use additional caution and common sense.

Kinky Kitchen Items

The first place to look for kinky items is in the kitchen.

Spatulas, mixing spoons, rolling pins, and even cutting boards make for perfect impact implements.

Try using a silicone spatula. They have a nice weight and make a satisfying sound. Wooden spoons work in a pinch; use the spoon side for more thud, and the handle for more sting. The handle also makes for a perfect bastinado instrument. A rolling pin used for impact play can work, too! Or just roll it over your partner's body for a sadistic massage.

Cutting boards have practical handles that make them great for a makeshift paddle. If you have a little time to think ahead, disinfecting your cutting board is a good idea.

Other interesting kitchen items include rubber bands for foot play, for example. Wrap one around your partner's foot, and provide a nice pinch by pulling it. Used carefully, kitchen twine can serve you well in nipple play.

On the edible side, ginger root is a classic. It even has its own name: figging. Peel a fresh root and insert it for a delightfully sadistic effect.

As mentioned above, if you plan on using vegetables or fruit as dildos, you're welcome to try, but always use a condom.

Another thing you can do with a condom in the kitchen is fill it with water, let it freeze, and then use it (with the condom still on, of course, direct contact with ice can damage membranes) as an ice dildo.

Certain types of bag clips can be used as nipple or body clamps. Forks and knives, used carefully, can provide wonderful sensations. A trick: run a dull knife in cold water and run it over the body of a blindfolded partner: it will feel really sharp, without being dangerous. It's great for mind fucks.

The Bathroom and Grooming Items

There's also plenty to find in the bathroom to get your kink on.

A flat hairbrush is a classic spanking implement. There's a lot of visual history behind using a brush as a spanking instrument, and a lot of people fantasize about this particular item. I personally have my eye on a beautiful British-made hairbrush with a wonderful wooden handle and back ...

For vibrating sensations, an electric toothbrush can be interesting, if maybe a little on the weak side. If you want to use the brush, you should probably buy a separate head for kinky play. The downside? Only one speed and no patterns.

Loofahs and other exfoliating sponges and mittens can work well for sensation play. However, again I would suggest using a fresh (or freshly laundered) item because bacteria tends to build up in those things.

Of course, a well-placed shower head at the right pressure setting can also be used very effectively while taking a shower with your partner.

The Office, Bedroom, and Other Items

Is your desk covered in binder clips? Maybe you should use them on nipples or other body parts. (Beware: the smaller they are, the more painful they'll be.) You can run a thread through the handle loops for extra fun.

The office is also where you'll find more rubber bands (yay!) and even some improvised bondage items in the form of electrical and digital cables (DON'T PLUG THEM IN!). Follow the usual bondage safety practices that you'd use with rope.

For quick handcuffs or ankle cuffs, painter's tape is fun and relatively easy to cut off or unstick from skin. Avoid duct tape - the glue is very strong and can damage skin quickly.

Neck ties, pantyhose, and stockings are also great for quick and relatively safe bondage. Remember to always keep safety shears whenever you do bondage with a partner. And keep in mind that it may mean cutting into a favorite scarf or necktie.

What Are Your Favorites?

What are your favorite household items to use during sexy and kinky play? Did I miss anything? Share your suggestions with us in the comments!

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