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The Top Twitter Feeds to Follow for Masturbation Month

Published: MAY 2, 2016 | Updated: MAY 2, 2016
It's Masturbation Month! Follow these feeds for all the best tips, tricks and insight about solo sex.

One of our favorite times of year has finally arrived - it's Masturbation Month! And while we plan to feature loads of content all about self pleasure all month long, we just don't think that's enough. So, we've compiled a list of some of the top feeds to follow during Masturbation Month. These picks are based on how often these feeds post about masturbation, the quality of those feeds and our own subjective judgment.


Did we miss a feed you love to follow? Let us know and we'll check it out.

Beautiful Agony
The official Twitter feed for, a sort-of porn site that aims to celebrate the beauty and complexity of solo sex and human orgasm.

Twitter feed for, an online birth control support network for your women. The feed features plenty of great sex-positive tips as well.


The Twitter feed for author and pioneer in promoting female pleasure, Betty Dodson. Her books about masturbation, "Sex for One" and "A Meditation on Self Love" are considered classics in the field.

This may not be a sex site, but count on Buzzfeed to deliver countless lists that’ll remind you of all the things that are fun, funny, fascinating and mystifying about masturbation.

Carol Queen
Author, sex-positive pleasure activist, educator and Good Vibes staff sexologist. She also curates the company's Antique Vibrator Museum!


Her Royal Pinkness
Twitter feed for Crista Anne, a sex positive pleasure educator and founder of #OrgasmQuest.

A sex toy reviewer with a collection of more than 500 sex toys and a no-holds-barred approach to reviewing them for the masses.


Erotica for All
A major erotica site for readers, writers and everyone in between. Get your fix of sexy reading here!

Good Vibrations
This sex-positive sex shop started it all by declaring May to be national Masturbation Month in 1995.

Certified sexologist and sex educator. Her recent 52 Weeks of Passion Challenge is focused on touch and sensual massage as a way to wake up your sex life. She also has a series called 101 Days of Self Pleasure.


Jane Thomas
Sex researcher and educator, author of

Twitter feed for the webmistress of, a site dedicated to female masturbation and pleasure.

A very unique website that conducts research about women's pleasure and sexuality and uses it to create videos with specific techniques women can use to enhance pleasure.


Twitter feed for author Jenny Block, who recently released The Ultimate Guide to Solo Sex.

JoEllen Notte
Sex educator and advocate, she keeps a list of Superhero Sex Shops where you can get your fix of body-safe toys and knowledgeable, sex-positive info.

Kayla Lords
Erotica author, sex blogger and creator of #MasturbationMonday.

Lucie Blush
Feminist pornographer, writer and curator of pornographic content from around the web.

Rachel Kramer Bussel
An author and editor of some of the hottest erotica around, including The Big Book of Orgasms.

Sticky the Movie
The official Twitter feed for “Sticky: A Self-Love Story,” a documentary about masturbation being released this month in honor of masturbation month.

The official feed for smart, sex-positive sexual health site Scarleteen. It's geared to toward teens and it includes resources on all things sexual health, including great tips and Q&As about solo sex.

The Pleasure Coach
A very active and well-curated Twitter feed with lots of content about solo (along with every other kind of) sex.

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