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The Sex Confession Quiz: How Daring Have You Been?

by Kinkly
Published: DECEMBER 17, 2020
Time to take a confessional and find out how adventurous you are when it comes to sex and foreplay (and maybe discover an idea or two of new things to try!).

Sex is one of those things that, unfortunately, most people still talk about in hushed tones; the whispered conversations starting with "You'll never believe what I did last night!" or "So I tried a thing...".


The thing is, we should all be talking about sex a lot more! Talking about things is part of how we learn as humans! Talking about the things you've tried or want to try is a great way to help others navigate the sexual waters, save them from awkward encounters and help them discover new things. (Trust us! We get paid to talk about sex for a living (and it's great!)).

You should never feel ashamed of your sex life. Whether you could fill a trunk with all the stories of your sexploits or only a small bucket, your sex life is anything but shameful.

So to help us all open up a little bit more, we teamed up with The Layer, maker of a waterproof sex blanket, to create The Sex Confessions Quiz. Take the quiz below to find out how daring you've been in your sex life and maybe discover a thing or two that you want to try!



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