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Quiz: Which App-Enabled Toy is Right For You?

Published: DECEMBER 28, 2021
Take your sex high-tech! App-enabled sex toys bring joy in new and exciting ways...which one is right for you?

Have you heard about app-enabled sex toys? The latest advance in technology has put Bluetooth and long-distance remote capabilities right into your favorite sex toys. Those magical, powerful capabilities unlock a wonderous world in your sex toys - via your cell phone.

Now, with the power of your smartphone, you can unlock amazing ways to play with your sex toy like:

  • Local remote control - let the lover sitting next to you control your sex toy!
  • Long-distance remote control. Anyone around the world can control your sex toy (with your permission, of course.)
  • Customized patterns. Take matters into your own hands and make patterns that pleasure your body.
  • Share those patterns. Like to share the love? You can share those patterns with other Satisfyer Connect App users - just for fun!
  • Vibrate to ambient noise. Whether it's whispered, sexy words or the DJ set you're listening to in your living room or at the club, the sex toy picks up noise in your surroundings and pulsates to the noise!
  • Directly vibrate to music. Your sex toy will pleasure to the rhythm of your favorite music via Spotify or your Apple music library.

Looking to experiment with this tech - and see if its pleasure potential is for you? Satisfyer's app-enabled sex toys offer a friendly introduction to the world of advanced sex tech - while simultaneously providing a free, award-winning app to really take advantage of it all.

So, which Satisfyer app-enabled sex toy should you try? We've partnered with Satisfyer on this quick quiz to help you narrow down your options - and figure out which Satisfyer Connect sex toy is the perfect fit for you.

Hop on in!

Mistress Kay

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