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The LELO Sila: New Toy to Know

Published: NOVEMBER 2, 2020
The LELO Sila rolls on gentle waves of orgasmic delight into our New Toy to Know spot of the week!

Gently ride the waves to orgasm with the LELO Sila. Based off the super-popular air suction vibrator technology found in their Sona line, the LELO Sila is the latest release in their selection of toys designed for clitoral pleasure. With a large tip opening, the LELO Sila pleasures the clitoral without ever making direct contact - especially amazing for those who find direct clitoral contact to be too much.

Have you always found air suction toys to be a bit too powerful? The LELO Sila works to change that through its gentler design. Not only does the LELO Sila have a bigger and deeper tip opening (compared to the LELO Sona toys!), but the LELO Sila is focused on providing gentle waves of stimulation with each one of its 8 pleasure settings.

Instead of rushing to orgasm with ultra-powerful sensations, the LELO Sila focuses on self-exploration through the building waves of each one of the pleasure settings. Mix-up your usual foreplay experience with a clitoral stimulator that allows you to listen to your body as its sensations slowly tease you to an explosive climax.

That's all to say: The LELO Sila is designed to be gentler in suction than the popular LELO Sona toys with a wider and deeper clitoral tip to fit a wider variety of clitoral sizes.


How To Use LELO Sila

Have you used an air suction pleasure toy before? If so, you're already good-to-go with the LELO Sila! It works exactly the same as the air suction toys you've played with in the past. That is, the tip of the vibrator needs a good "seal" around the clitoris to gently suck and pleasure the area.

Haven't played with air suction vibrators before? Here's how you make the pleasure happen:

  1. Charge your LELO Sila. It will come Travel Locked, and charging the vibrator will turn off the lock. Alternatively, you can manually turn off the lock via the instructions. After it's at full charge, give your LELO Sila its first wash. (You should always wash your sex toys before their first use!)

  2. Depending on your body and comfort level, you may wish to apply a bit of water-based lube to the edges of the LELO Sila's "tip". It can make it slide around better - and can help it get more of a "seal" as well.

  3. Press the LELO Sila up against the body with its tip surrounding the clitoris (you can also use it on the nipples!). You can then turn on the LELO Sila and experience the pleasurable sonic sensations on your clit.

  4. You may want to experiment with placement and pressure. Getting the most pleasure out of an air suction toy is all about placement and pressure. Consider moving the toy around until you find a spot where it seems to feel the best. Once you have it in that spot, apply more pressure - or less pressure - to see what feels best for you and your body.

That's it! Now you just enjoy the sensual exploration the LELO Sila can provide.

When you're done, the Sila's waterproof capabilities make clean-up a breeze. Warm water and some mild soap, and your LELO Sila will be ready to dry - and ready for another playtime!


Need-to-Know Stats about the LELO Sila

  • Height: 3.1"
  • Width: 1.4"
  • Weight: 105g
  • 8 Pleasure Settings
  • 3-Button Interface
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Full Charge: In 2 hours
  • Use time: Up to 2 hours
  • Standy-by Time: Up to 90 days
  • Waterproof
  • Low-Battery Indicator Light
  • Equipped with Travel Lock
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