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The Holidays Are Coming: 3 Gifts for That Special Someone

Published: DECEMBER 4, 2019 | Updated: OCTOBER 28, 2021
Sex toys are the gifts that keep on giving... and giving... and giving...

Buying someone a sex toy for a gift goes beyond the conventional gift-giving borders. By giving someone a sex toy, you are giving them the power to enjoy unforgettable experiences and self-love.


It's safe to say that sex toys are the gifts that keep on giving... and giving... and giving...

The great thing about sex toys is that they make amazing presents for all kinds of people. Plus, if you get your partner the gift of pleasure this holiday season, chances are, they will have you in mind every time that toy warms up their days.

If you have been looking for that perfect kinky gift, here is a list of offerings from ZALO to inspire you.


Amorette Remote Controlled Vibrating Egg

ZALO Amorette is a unique, stimulating egg vibrator that can be used alone or with a partner. If you are looking to join in the fun with that special someone, this is the perfect gift for that!

ZALO Amorette vibrator

Made with ultra-smooth body-safe silicone that is incredibly soft to the touch, the Amorette is a stylish, little toy with a pair of fairy wings that flap and vibrate to stimulate the clitoris. It can also simultaneously stimulate the G-spot, leading to intense, toe-curling orgasms.


One of the things that make the Amorette stand out is the luxury carry case that also doubles as a remote control. You can use this built-in remote control to control it from a distance of up to eight meters, which means the lucky user can hand over the controls to someone else as they play, if they so desire.

ZALO Amorette vibrator in case/remote control

One of the really cool features of the Amour is that its remote is both a regular button remote control and a somatosensory remote, which means that you can control the Amorette simply by turning the control! Say goodbye to having to search for buttons when you're in the middle of a deep, sensational self-love ride.


The Amorette has powerful yet whisper-quiet vibrations, making it the perfect gift for someone that loves their privacy or for someone that has a bunch of relatives packed into their house this holiday season.

The Amorette is also compatible with the ZALO Remote App and can be linked to a smartphone, turning the phone into a personal remote control. Whether you keep that control to yourself or relinquish it to a partner, is up to you.

ZALO & UPKO Designer Collection Luxurious & Romantic Bondage Play Kit

Whether you're new to the world of bondage or are a frequent visitor, this Play Kit is like nothing you've ever seen before. If you want to feel like both a slave and a queen, this Play Kit was practically made for you.


The Play Kit includes a leather thorn collar and chain leash, a leather thorn whip, a pair of leather thorn handcuffs, and one rose ball gag, all neatly packed into an exquisite luxury storage case.

ZALO & UPKO Designer Collection Luxurious & Romantic Bondage Play Kit


If grace and submission are your thing, getting this kit will give you and your partner the perfect avenue to express that part of your relationship.

The stunning collar is great for any Dom and Sub scenario, with the long copper leash allowing for fun in oh so many unrestricted positions. The handcuffs come with a strong metal clip for safe and sturdy restraint, and the whip is elegantly ornamented with soft thorns and a beautiful rose top handle -- the perfect expression of dangerous love and fearlessness.

woman wearing ZALO Leather Thorn Collar & Chain Leash

Finally, with the rose ball gag, you're all set up for silent obedience and kinky Dom-play -- whichever role you assume. It even comes with a hole for finger teasing, made from comfortable, breathable, silicone and held in place by a sexy luxury Italian leather strap.

If sensual whipping, bondage, and submission are part of you or your partner's fantasies or your regular play, the ZALO Doll Designer Bondage Play Kit should be at the top of your holiday list!

Hero Clitoral Massager

One of the great things about the Hero (aside from its stunning physical design) is the fact that it brings something completely different to the table. Most of the clitoral massagers on the market today can be a little lacklustre, but this one packs a punch (and has the reviews to prove it)!

Hero Clitoral Massager held by hand

It comes with ZALO’s trademarked PulseWave technology that allows it to achieve an impressive 75 times per second swing frequency. It can swing to a width of up to 30mm, realistically simulating an oral sex session that leaves you melting in pleasure.

The Hero is an elegant little device, compact yet powerful, and ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the hand. Giving this as a gift means giving your lucky lover a seamless experience of orgasms and pleasure. The Hero prides itself on delivering clitoral orgasms with such authenticity that it feels just like oral sex!

With a body made entirely of body-safe silicone and embellished with Swarovski crystal, the Hero is really beautiful to look at. It also comes in a stylish black and gold box with ancient Egyptian motifs, giving it an unmistakably luxurious aesthetic.


Aside from its stunning design and excellent performance, one of the best features of the Hero is the fact that it is completely waterproof; allowing for bathtime fun and even wetter orgasms!

Give the Gift of Pleasure

There you have it! Three of the best kinky gifts you can get for that special someone this holiday season.

ZALO’s toys' gorgeous designs and top-notch functionalities make them the ideal gifts. Their iconic packaging is refreshingly unique, with a modern color palette and gorgeous details, like gold accents, chains and charms.

These aren't run-of-the-mill sex toys! ZALO toys leave an impression.

If you really want to show someone how much they mean to you, ZALO is here for you. Besides, giving someone a sex toy is basically giving them orgasms, and we can't think of a better gift to give!

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