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The Case for Owning More Than One (or 10) Vibrators

Published: MAY 13, 2021
Think just one vibrator's enough? There's a reason why people tend to keep adding to their collection.

Unlike many things in our lives, a vibrator is never one size fits all—or type, for that matter.


And that’s an excellent thing. As anyone who enjoys a healthy amount of self-pleasure can attest to when it comes to tickling their fancy, they rarely, if ever, focus on one body part or form of stimulation.

In this spirit, let’s take a look at precisely why it’s a great idea to not only have more than a single, solitary vibrator but to invest in as wide of a range as you can.

More Vibrators = More Sensations

Long gone are the days when sex toys came in any shapes you wanted. Any shape that is, as long as it was a spectacularly ugly penis-looking thing.


With the advent of new technologies, new materials, and with real, bonafide experts in all things sexual designing them, our current wave of state-of-the-art sextech playthings means that no matter what you like stimulated and which manner you enjoy, there’s bound to be plenty of toys to choose from.

Cloud 9 Novelties vibratorCloud 9 Wireless Remote Control Egg

Even a cursory glance at what's on offer from a brand, like Cloud 9, highlights this wonderful diversity. There's everything from wand vibrators to the pocket-rocket pleasures of egg vibrators, and even those that do it all, like the aptly named Flexi-Massager.


And this variety perfectly demonstrates our first point in why owning more than one is such a great idea, as doing so grants you the arousing ability to select what kind of pleasures you want to enjoy—and not be limited by whatever single, solitary one-trick pony of a sex toy you may happen to have in your bedside table.

Cloud 9 Novelties vibratorCloud 9 Flexi-Massager

Variety, after all, is the spice of life. Especially when talking about your sex life.


Different Vibes Are Good for Different Things

And as our bodies are unique, so too is what turns us on. Not only that, but it’s even rarer for someone to enjoy a single sexual activity, and only ever that one thing.

Cloud 9 Novelties vibratorCloud 9 Mushroom Massager

Having a play bag stocked with all kinds of toys allows you to pick whatever you’re in the mood for. Enticed by the idea of broad clit-pleasing sensations? Then reach for a toy like the Cloud 9 Mushroom Massager. Can't decide where you want the good vibrations? Try the 3 Tip Massager Kit, with attachments designed for nipple, clitoral, and anal delights.


Cloud 9 Novelties vibratorCloud 9 3 Tip Massager Kit

So if you have a superb selection of toys at the ready, whatever you desire, and however you want it satisfied can be yours for the enjoying.

It's a Security Thing

Alas, all good things come to an end. In the case of sex toys, despite the superb engineering and quality manufacturing that’s going into them, someday your favorite will simply give up its technological ghost.


And there’s also the issue of power, and that no one (ever) likes getting into a randy mood only to find out their cherished vibrator no longer holds a charge.

Cloud 9 Novelties vibratorCloud 9 Flutter Tongue

Not so if you have backups at the ready, so if this toy breaks down or that toy doesn’t have the juice to perform, you won’t spend the rest of the night all sexually frustrated—or, heaven forbid, have to resort to your fingers like a cave-person.

So don’t merely pick up two of the same, but use a backup toy as an opportunity to expand your sexual horizons. Say you get off on the tongue mimicking Cloud 9 Flutter Tongue. The flutter tip of the Flexible Head Wand Kit offers a similar sensation, while also giving you options for different strokes. Similar but different ways to get to the same heavenly place.

Cloud 9 Novelties vibratorCloud 9 Flexible Head Wand Kit

Good Vibrators Make You Think

Though we all know what we like and how we like it when it comes to self-pleasuring, staying exclusively with what we’re well familiar with can leave out another wildly exciting sensation: the joy of discovery.

This is why we whole-heartedly suggest that when you do your sex toy shopping, along with the ones that immediately make your sexy bits go all hot and steamy with playtime possibilities, also consider a wild leap of possibility by picking up something different.

Cloud 9 Novelties vibratorCloud 9 G-Spot Slim Single

What this might be is up to you, but let’s say you’re a huge fan of the flexible vibes of the Cloud 9 G-Spot Slim Single. When you make your next purchase you might want to upgrade with an extra motor and add the G-Spot Slim Double to your shopping cart.

Sure, there’s always the risk this other toy might leave you ... well, less than hot, but equally you may very well find an entirely new way to get off.

And the more you stretch yourself, the more possibilities may open up, including whole new sexual arenas to play in like if you went from, say, 3-Piece Suction Set for nips and clits all the way to their Pro 3 Adjustable Sex Machine.

Cloud 9 Novelties vibratorCloud 9 Pro 3

After all, you won’t know until you try—and having a great array of playthings at your disposal is the perfect way to do just this.

So please don’t limit yourself to one or two vibrators or sex toys, and instead please all of your passions, have a spare in case of emergency, and better than all of these, be able to expand your sexuality by having as many vibrators can you can afford.

Besides, they’re just plain fun—and everyone deserves as much of that as they want … and desire!

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