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The 7 Best Car Sex Positions to Get Your Motors Revving

Published: DECEMBER 20, 2022 | Updated: APRIL 30, 2024
There's just something about cars that make them a titillating place to get it on. Luckily, your options for car sex positions are abundant -- and your opportunities for pleasure are endless, especially with the introduction of some quality sex toys.

What is it about the car that makes it such a hot spot for erotic fun? Is it the fact that it "feels" private, despite being in a very-public world? Is it the fact that we spend so much time in our car that it feels as comfortable as our own homes? Is it simply the fact that we spend so much time sitting in it that it almost feels like a couch replacement?


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Whatever your reason, car sex has been around for as long as cars have been around. (I'm pretty sure someone tested the fuck-ability of the first car prototypes before they even made it to the mass market!)

And that's for a good reason! Car sex can be hot! Not only is it a "room" that can park anywhere on the planet, but it also comes with a view -- and happens to be a place you're regularly using to get from place to place!


However, sex in your car comes with its own challenges. How, exactly, do you fit your body parts together in such a limited space?

That's where some of these best car sex positions come in! Use them as inspiration next time you're feeling amorous and trying to figure out the puzzle that is two (or more!) naked bodies.

1. Riding Shotgun

Riding Shotgun Sex Position: The penetrating partner sits on a car seat while the receiving partner squats on top of them to be penetrated. The receiving partner's legs are on either side of the penetrating partner's legs, and both partners are facing each other.

If you don't have a lot of space, Riding Shotgun is probably going to be your go-to sex position. In it, the penetrating partner takes a seat in the car, and the receiving partner straddles their lap to facilitate penetration. Bucket seats and a tall car ceiling make this easier, but it's possible with smaller sedans: both partners just may need to hunch over a bit.


Make sure the penetrating partner's arms are feeling up to the task on the day you choose to explore. Depending on how much space your vehicle has, the receiving partner may really rely on the counterbalance of their partner's arms in order to balance and stay upright. Consider reclining the car's seat, if possible, for additional space to make balancing easier.

I highly recommend enjoying this sex position in the passenger seat or the backseat. The likelihood of hitting the horn -- and letting everyone know what you're doing -- is high if you try this in the driver's seat.

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Best For: Cramped cars with minimal space and reclining seats.

Practice It By: Trying a similar position on a wide chair (or your couch!) at home. It'll look something like the Love Seat, Lap Dance and/or Edge of Heaven sex positions.

Try It With: As Riding Shotgun keeps both of your bodies tightly together, this can be a great sex position to use a cock ring like the Fun Factory NOS or We-Vibe Pivot. The receiving partner may find a grinding, humping motion to be an amazing way to enjoy the cock ring's vibrations that stays within the limited space of a vehicle.


2. Film and Flutter

Film and Flutter sex position: Two partners sit side-by-side on a couch, with the partner on the right leaning down to provide oral sex to the partner on the left. Both partners have a hands-free sex toy sitting on their genitalia.

While the Film and Flutter sex position, illustrated above, is shown on a couch, the exact same premise works inside of your vehicle too! In fact, I'd say it's a tried-and-true favorite that allows both partners to stay in the front seats of the vehicles while still providing oral pleasure to their partner!

While the Film and Flutter position can technically pleasure anyone, of any gender, most people will find it easiest to perform oral sex on a penis with this position. The angle required to get between the thighs and reach the clitoris on a vulva-owner may be difficult -- but it's not impossible! Consider swapping out the mouth for a vibrator and your fingers if exploring the Film and Flutter on a clitoris owner to reduce strain on the neck.

Also, make sure to keep an eye out for back pain with this position. As the giving partner's back will need to curve around a center console, this can place the back in a precarious position -- especially if the oral sex goes on for a long time. Swap out for hands or sex toys, and straighten and stretch the back, if a marathon session is desired.


Best For: Any vehicle!

Practice It By: Doing it on your couch at home! The Film and Flutter was originally designed for couch play, and you can easily try these positions yourself in the comfort of your plushy couch.

Try It With: The Film and Flutter position is shown with two hands-free sex toys -- and that's for a good reason: it's a really good fit for sex toys! As both partners will be seated in their respective car seats, hands-free sex toys like the Wild Flower Enby 2 (pictured), the Lovense Ferri, the Rocks Off Ruby Glow, the We-Vibe Bond, the Lovense Lush and/or the Orion VibePad 2 can be amazing fits.

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3. Pit Stop Pleasure

Pit Stop Pleasure Position: Two partners having penetrative sex on the back seat of a car. The receiving partner is on their forearms and knees for balance, while the penetrating partner kneels behind them for penetration.

The Pit Stop Pleasure position is the car-focused version of the Backdoor position. A doggy style, from behind position, the Pit Stop Pleasure brings that "gotta have it now" sex position energy into your car.

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However, this position requires the most logical modifications out of any car sex position on this list. There are so many factors that go into nailing the Pit Stop Pleasure in your car that it can be a good idea to practice the position ahead of time to ensure you both know what you need to do.

First, the receiving partner needs to pull off a balancing act between staying comfortably on the seats while simultaneously being at the right height for penetration. They may need to widen or close their knees to make penetration possible, but the car's seat depth will place a hard barrier on the limits of what can be done.

The same can be said of the penetrating partner. Especially if they're tall, kneeling at their full height may not be possible due to the car's ceiling. This may require leaning forward (which changes the hip angle the receiving partner needs to provide) or sinking down (which changes the height of the hips at which the receiver needs to be.)

Depending on what your car looks like, your Pit Stop Pleasure position may look closer to the Sphinx, Kneeling Fox or Magic Mountain position. Vehicles with shorter ceilings may make it difficult to pull off the Pit Stop Pleasure as pictured, but you can easily swap to these similar options to still pull off the erotic, from-behind sensations of Pit Stop Pleasure.

It can be a balancing act! But once you figure it out, the Pit Stop Pleasure position can be an easy way to pull off sex in your car without feeling too cramped -- and with full use of both partner's hands for even more pleasure.

Best For: Cars with bucket seats and a tall ceiling.

Practice it By: Measuring the depth of your car seats and the height of the car's roof. Take that measurement into the privacy of your own home, and practice pulling off the Backdoor sex position within those constraints.

Try It With: Pit Stop Pleasure can be a good fit for travel-sized impact play toys. Since the receiver's bottom is on display -- and the penetrating partner has both of their hands free, this can be a great position for a bit of spanking. If you're really tight on room, simply use your hand!

4. Wheely Good Oral

Wheely Good Oral Sex Position: The receiving partner lies flat on their back in the back seat of a car, while the giving partner kneels between them to deliver oral sex.

Oral sex in a vehicle is a tried-and-true favorite for many, and that's the case with the Wheely Good Oral position too. Oral sex is usually used as an alternative to intercourse because it uses less room -- but that isn't the case with the Wheely Good Oral. Instead, as both partners lay out horizontally, the Wheely Good Oral position requires quite a bit of room, and it's going to be best with shorter partners or people who own large, spacious vehicles.

To get into the Wheely Good Oral position, the receiving partner is going to lay out, across multiple seats, on their back. The giving partner will then get on their hands and knees with their face between the receiving partner's thighs. The receiving partner can then rest their legs on the giving partner's back to help conserve space.

If you're lucky enough to own an SUV or a van with folding seats, consider folding down rows of seats and using the trunk of your vehicle as a makeshift "bed" to make the Wheely Good Oral position come to life.

Best For: Wide, spacious cars.

Practice It By: Doing the Dog Leg position in a cramped space in your home like a closet, hallway, or entryway. This can help both partners figure out how squished up they need to be in order to make the position happen.

Try It With: A wand massager or other larger toys! This is one of the few car sex positions where the receiving partner actually has a bit of extra room around their torso. Use this to your advantage by bringing out some of the larger sex toys that you've forgone with other car sex positions. We're talking the Magic Wand, the Arcwave Ion, the Satisfyer Multifun 3 and more. Easily swap in those toys to push the receiver to orgasm -- especially if you're enjoying this bit of car sex in a risky space.

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5. Automotive Missionary

Automotive Missionary Position: The receiving partner lies flat on their back along the back seat of a car, while the penetrating partner lays on top of them, facing them, and penetrates them.

You're probably familiar with Missionary position -- so take that muscle memory and bring it into the backseat of your favorite vehicle! The receiving partner simply lays out over multiple seats in the backseat of a car, facing the roof. The penetrating partner then kneels between the receiver's thighs, facing the receiver, to facilitate sex. Depending on the space within your car, this may require bending the legs or the receiver using the door of the vehicle as a "pillow."

Surprisingly, Automotive Missionary position can actually be more enjoyable for the receiver in a car because of the car's roof. This allows the receiving partner, if they choose to lift their feet for a modified missionary position, to place their feet on the ceiling of the car to help hold them in place for a sex position that looks closer to the Eagle, Pancake with a Pillow, Lesbian Rocking Horse or the Happy Baby Position. This allows the receiver to relax into the ankles-up position in a way that doesn't rely on leg strength to pull it off.

This simple swap with the legs tilts the hips and makes it easier for the penetrating partner to hit the g-spot or p-spot -- which can be a fun little find when you're simply trying to experiment with Missionary in your car! Just make sure the bottoms of your feet are clean before you go placing them on the ceiling, or there may be some unexplainable dirty spots on the roof of your car.

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Best For: Wide cars with seats that are comfortable to lay out on. Cars with fold-down seats and large, spacious trunks (like a pick-up or SUV) can be a good fit too!

Practice It By: Trying the Missionary or Coital Alignment Technique position on your couch. While you probably have ceilings in your home that will allow a lot of vertical movement, the limited horizontal space can be a good dry run for what Automotive Missionary will feel like in a car. Bonus points if you intentionally select a couch with shallow seating!

Try It With: A couple's vibrator. With the skin-on-skin positioning of your hips, it can be hard to fit a sex toy or a hand between your bodies for extra stimulation. Help solve this with an intercourse vibrator -- like the We-Vibe Chorus, We-Vibe Unite, Vibrating Girth Enhancer Extension or Dame Eva II -- that provides that pleasure for you without interrupting your flow.

6. I Can't Drive 69

Turns out, the 69 sex position doesn't really require that much room. The I Can't Drive 69 position uses that to our advantage as a sex position that can be done in virtually every car. You could probably even pull this one off in those miniature, fuel-efficient cars!

If simultaneous oral sex isn't usually your jam, remember that you don't both have to provide oral sex at the same time as receiving it. Especially if you're parked in a place that allows a bit of privacy for awhile, feel free to take turns giving and receiving to really relax into the experience.

Best For: Any vehicle where both partners enjoy 69.

Practice It By: Giving any variation of 69 a try in the comfort of your own home! The positions that look closest to the I Can't Drive 69 are the Taste of Bliss, 69 position and Lesbian 69 position.

Try It With: A few sex furniture cushions. Especially on an uneven surface, like the backseat of a car, it may be difficult to get the exact angle and position you both would like to pull off a comfortable 69. Pillows, folded up blankets, or a Liberator Wedge or two could help get the hips where you want them and help reduce neck strain at the same time.

7. Cozy Car Caresses

While the Cozy Car Caresses position can be used for penetration, I recommend it more for cuddling and hand sex because of the space the Cozy Car Caresses requires. If the two of you are lucky enough to have a car that has the space for both of you to lay out, side-by-side, you might find the outermost partner is on a precarious ledge that would make further movement dangerous.

This close-quarters design still lends itself well to pleasure, though, and it can be a great fit for mutual masturbation. Both partners' top hands are free to reach across to pleasure their partner -- or pleasure themselves -- while they both fall into a passionate make-out session. Holding smaller sex toys, like bullet vibrators or a penis vibrator, can also be a good fit here to help both partners get the pleasure they're going for.

If you choose to attempt penetration, expect the Cozy Car Caresses position to be a slow, grinding position. Rough, long, hard thrusts are likely to place the outermost partner on a dangerous tumble towards the floor -- and that's no fun for anyone. (Pro tip! To help provide as much balance as possible, experiment with pushing the front seats backwards as much as possible. While this will limit how much space you have to play around in the backseat, once you get the perfect spot, the back sides of the front seat can act as a surface for the outermost partner's back to lay against for balance.)

Expect the Cozy Car Caresses position to provide a lot of skin-on-skin contact -- both because it's hot as heck and because staying pulled close to one another will be one of the only ways to pull this off. This may not be a sex position you want to explore during the hot summer months as a muggy, humid car and breathing in each other's faces can combine to become frustrating instead of sexy.

Best For: Shorter partners with wide, spacious vehicles with deep seats

Practice It By: Exploring the Facing Spoon, Binding Spoon or Lesbian Spooning position in the comfort of your bed. I'd recommend finding the best ways to pleasure one another in the plush comfort of your bed to easily use the same techniques in the car.

Try It With: Sensation play items! As the Cozy Car Caresses position is all about the intimate, skin-to-skin contact (and probably some kisses!), really take things to the next level with a bit of extra sensation play. Nipple clamps, vampire gloves, tingling lip gloss, a temperature play vibrator or a simple feather adds even more sensations to explore. Just make sure to stay cognizant of your location; ripping a hole in the upholstery with your vampire gloves would be more aggravating than fun!

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A Few Bonus Tips for Amazing Car Sex

OK, so now you're prepared with amazing car sex positions to explore, but I'd be be remiss if I didn't leave you with a few of my other, favorite car sex tips:

Make Sure You're Parked

This shouldn't need to be said, but car sex while driving a car is a giant no-no. You should ensure the car is parked and, depending on the vehicle, ensure you have the emergency break on as well. If an accidental kick to the stick could accidentally toss the car out of park, you definitely need the e-break.

Have a Safer Sex Plan

If you're at home and forget to bring the condoms to the bed, you can simply get up and fetch them. That isn't the case for your car. Make sure to bring your safer sex items with you if car sex is on the menu. Even if it would be more convenient, never store your safer sex items in the car itself! The constant temperature changes and extreme heat and cold can ruin them -- and what's the point of safer sex items if you're making them ineffective? If you're a car sex regular, consider a bag or purse you fill with your car sex must-haves that you can grab before heading out the door to reduce how much you need to plan.

Protect Your Car's Upholstery

I'm not sure if you've ever had to have your car professionally cleaned, but that is not a cheap experience! Avoid sex stains on your upholstery by thinking ahead. Keep towels or sex blankets in your car if car sex is regularly on the menu. In a pinch, lay on top of clothing to protect the seats. Yes, you might be getting dressed in some obviously-gross clothes when you're done, but at least those clothes can go in the washing machine!

Consider a Rental

Let's be real: Some sedans just really don't have the space for fantastic car sex. If that's the case, next time you have a rental, consider asking for a large car and keeping it a bit longer than you necessarily needed it. Just make sure to protect the seats and clean up after yourselves!

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Use Your Garage

Some people avoid car sex because they don't like the idea of public play. If that's you, consider exploring car sex in the safety of your garage. You maintain all of your privacy and still get the fun of a new place to fuck! You can keep the car turned off or turn it on -- but if you opt for the latter, you'll need to risk a bit of your privacy to open the garage door so you can aerate the space. We don't want anyone dying of carbon monoxide poisoning.


There's just something about cars that make them a titillating place to get it on. Luckily, your options for car sex positions are abundant -- and your opportunities for pleasure are endless, especially with the introduction of some quality sex toys.

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