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The 6 Best Sex Positions for Morning Sex

Published: MAY 16, 2023 | Updated: APRIL 30, 2024
Faster, less complicated morning sex positions can help you enjoy your connection while ensuring you don't show up late for work. To ensure everyone has a great time, sex toys can help speed things along!

Start your day off on the right foot with morning sex. Not only is it way better than waking up to doomscrolling on your phone, but it's also way more connecting -- and pleasurable!


No partner? No problem! You can still get all of the same benefits of morning sex with a bit of morning masturbation! A morning self-pleasure sesh can help you wake your body up, reconnect with yourself and your sexuality and energize yourself for the rest of your day -- before you even leave your bed!

No matter how you want to make morning sex come to life, we have the tips (and sex positions!) to ensure you have a great time.

Here are the best sex positions for morning sex:


Editor's note: Everybody -- and every body -- is different; so there aren't objective "best" morning sex positions. If these ones aren't working for you, discover dozens more in our sex positions database!

Cross Sex Position

The Cross Sex Position: The receiving partner and the penetrating partner lay perpendicular to each other with their genitals aligned. The penetrating partner shifts their hips slightly to achieve penetration.

The Cross sex position is a great fit for when you're still half asleep and want to continue relaxing. To get into it, the receiving partner simply moves perpendicular to the penetrating partner, laying on their back while the penetrating partner lays on their side. Then, align your hips and go to town. That's it!

Since both partners' weights are supported by the bed underneath them, all the penetrating partner needs to do is gently move their hips forward and backward to facilitate penetration. Especially when you're both still a bit stiff from just waking up, this can be a welcome level of activity!


Try It With: A bit of kinky fun. Since the Cross position leaves you in a comfortable laying position with minimal movement required, you might have the extra energy to add a bit of kink or sensation play. Blindfolds, in particular, can be really helpful if the morning sun is starting to stream into the bedroom. If either of you like to wake up with a bit of "bite" first thing in the morning, a bit of breast spanking or nipple clamps can be a great fit.

Keep in Mind: The Cross position relies heavily on the two partners having compatible hip sizes. For example, if the penetrating partner has wide hips, their penis or strap-on dildo may be positioned too high to achieve easy penetration with the receiver -- especially if anal sex is the goal. Sex furniture -- like the Liberator Jaz, Dame Pillo, Liberator Humphrey or Liberator Wedge -- can help provide an added boost to either partner to get you on the same page.

Binding Spoon Sex Position

Binding Spoon sex position. The receiving partner and penetrating partner are both laying on their sides in a spooning position. The receiving partner, in front, has their leg thrown backwards overtop of the penetrating partner's hip. | KinklyWelcome to your "adventurous" morning sex position. I love that it's a twist on a tried-and-true favorite (Spooning) while still allowing you to lay back and enjoy easy, lazy morning sex. The receiving partner simply lifts their top leg, holding it in the air or wrapping around their partner. From here, the penetrating partner can move their own leg on top of the receiver's leg, allowing you to intertwine even more fully.

(And that lifted leg can offer a bit of deeper penetration too!)


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Try It With: Your favorite large sex toys. The Binding Spoon position leaves a ton of room in front of the receiving partner with the receiving partner's hands entirely free. All of this extra space can be perfect for using a favorite wand massager (like the Magic Wand Mini or LELO Smart Wand 2), a penis stroker (like the Tenga Spinner, KIIROO KEON or Arcwave Ion) or air suction vibrator (like the Satisfyer Pro 2, We-Vibe Melt or NS Novelties Firefly Dream Glow). Since the position doesn't need a lot of movement to be pleasurable, toys that require a bit of precision can be a great fit here too.

Keep in Mind: The Binding Spoon may not be a good fit for everyone. Especially if you have sore hips or legs first thing in the morning, lifting your leg into a deep stretch can be a no-go. If that's the case, feel free to fall back on the regular Spooning position. If achieving intercourse in Spooning is equally as difficult for you, consider mutual masturbation while simply in the position. This allows you both the intimacy and closeness of Spooning without worrying about getting the right angles.


Grand Slam Sex Position

The receiving partner is laying flat on a surface, face-down. The receiving partner climbs on top of the partner's butt for penetration while straddling the hips. If a from-behind position has you salivating, I'd recommend the Grand Slam position. Not only does it let the receiving partner stay comfortably laying in bed, but it also lends itself well to those overwhelming feelings of arousal first thing in the morning.

Try It With: A bit of impact play! Especially if you're really leaning into the primal, rough aspects of the Grand Slam position, using a flogger or riding crop on the receiver's back can really drive the point home. The penetrating partner could also add vampire gloves, but make sure they're not so sleepy that they forget they're wearing them!

Keep in Mind: The Grand Slam position can place a lot of weight on the receiving partner's hips. If the receiver regularly wakes up with back soreness, you may want to swap to something like the Sphinx or Backdoor position. It requires more athleticism from the penetrating partner first thing in the morning, but it can also keep the back in a more neutral position.


Hinge Sex Position

The Hinge Sex Position: The receiving partner sits on their knees and forearms. The penetrating partner kneels behind them with one foot on the floor, supporting themselves with their arms extended behind them.Love deep penetration first thing in the morning? Then you'll fall in love with this Doggy style variant. Instead of standard Doggy style, the Hinge Position sees the penetrating partner lifting one leg into a lunge-like position while the receiving partner tries to place their upper body as low as possible.

These two positions fit together to make for deeper penetration without the need to do anything too athletic first thing in the morning. Once in the position, the receiving partner can simply bounce back onto their partner or the penetrating partner can gently rock their hips forward. Feel free to get rough with it, too, as long as you're both enjoying the depth!

Try It With: OhNut penetration buffers. If you love the look of this position but deep penetration can get a bit on the "ouch-y" side, consider sliding the OhNut onto the penetrating partner's penis or strap-on dildo. This can easily reduce penetration depth without affecting sensation -- and ensure you both have a great time! (OhNut even makes a vibrating ring if you'd like cock-ring-like vibrations!)

Keep in Mind: The Hinge position puts everyone on their knees. If your knees are a sore spot first thing in the morning, add pillows underneath your knees, do some pre-sex knee movement or swap to a different morning sex position.

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Straddle Sex Position

Straddle Position. The receiving partner lays flat with one leg high in the air. The penetrating partner straddles the laying-flat leg while cradling the raised leg to slide inside. If you'd like a face-to-face position, the Straddle sex position can provide without putting you close enough to smell your morning breath. The Straddle position sees the receiving partner raising a leg to make space for the penetrating partner to slide inside. This makes for a different angle than Missionary -- and it ensures you aren't up in each other's faces first thing in the morning!

Try It With: A vibrating cock ring! The Straddle position puts the shaft in position to offer additional stimulation to the receiver with a vibrating cock ring. Unless the receiving partner is very flexible, consider a cock ring with a long protruding vibrator to ensure it can hit the clitoris or anal entrance without needing to stretch too deeply. The Fun Factory NOS, We-Vibe Pivot or Tantus Vibrating Supersoft could be great fits here.

Keep In Mind: The Straddle position is low-effort and low-movement except for one thing: the receiving partner's bent leg. Especially first thing in the morning, a deep hamstring stretch can feel intense. Try a few minutes of hamstring stretches ahead-of-time (it can make an arousing show for your partner too!). You can also bend the knee to reduce the stretch or do the Straddle position up near the wall. In the illustration above, if the receiver's right hip is pressing up against the headboard or wall, they can simply let their raised leg open up to the side, resting against the wall, at any height that is comfortable for them. This removes the need to get it high enough for a partner to hold.

Kneeling Fox Sex Position

Kneeling Fox Sex Position. Both partners are kneeling, one behind the other, facing the same direction. Partner in back is penetrating partner in front with arms around their waist.

Another sex position that's easy to get into and easy to enjoy, the Kneeling Fox lets you enjoy lots of skin-on-skin contact with the worry of sharing the same morning-breath-tainted air. Plus, it's pretty low-effort: One partner simply needs to do a little kneeling bounce -- or hip grinding -- to make the sensations come to life.

At the same time, the position makes it easy for the penetrating partner to easily play with the receiving partner's chest to play with the nipples or breasts for even more stimulation.

(I'm awfully fond of neck kisses in this position too! The penetrating partner is in just the right spot!)

Try It With: A penis vibrator or extender. Since this position both encourages you to be quick and encourages you to focus on the movement at hand, using a vibrator that straps onto the shaft can be a great way to add extra pleasure. The Gender X Rocketeer, Zero Tolerance Cock Armor or Vibrating Girth Enhancer Extension can instantly add vibrating sensations to a penis or strap-on dildo.

Keep In Mind: Because the knees are bent and weight bearing, the Kneeling Fox is a sex position for a good time -- not for a long time. Most people's legs will begin to fall asleep if they stay in this position for too long, so either transition out of it (into the Backdoor, Double Hooked, Sphinx or Turtle position!) or go straight for the finish line with this one.

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Bonus: Reverse Oral Sex Position

Reverse Oral Sex position - reverse oral, the vulva is licked from behind rather than the frontI'm in love with the Reverse Oral sex position because it lets you accomplish quite a few things for first-thing-in-the-morning sex. Because of the low position, you can still stay under the blankets, and the doggy-style-esque position means that no one is breathing morning breath on one another. Both partners, essentially, get to continue to lay down; it's a low-energy, comfortable sex position the two of you can sink into.

While the Reverse Oral Sex position can be fantastic for rimming or cunnilingus, it can be tough for many penis owners to receive oral sex like this. If you'd like a similar position for a blowjob, I'd recommend the Peepshow or Head Rest position.

Try It With: Hands-free sex toys for the giving partner. Especially if you're on a time crunch, we want to ensure that the giving partner walks away with as much (or as little!) stimulation as they want! Sex toy mounts -- like the Liberator Axis or Liberator On a Mission -- will allow the giving partner to lean over top of a wand massager or penis stroker for hands-free stimulation while they pleasure their partner.

Keep In Mind: If you're someone who sweats overnight, oral sex first thing in the morning might not be high on your wishlist. If that's the case, consider taking a shower together -- and then hopping back into the bed for the Reverse Oral Sex position.

Bonus: Synchronous Friction Sex Position

Two people lay on a bed on their backs. One person's head points towards the headboard, and the other's head points towards the footboard. They each lay the leg closest to their partner overtop of their partner's chest. Each person has their hand in-between their other partner's thighs.There's no reason penetration has to happen first thing in the morning (or ever!). In fact, if you both want to stay nicely snuggled under the blankets, the Synchronous Friction position ensures you barely have to move -- and you can still enjoy as much (or as little) pleasure as you want.

That's all thanks to the power of mutual masturbation! Not only does this position allow you to fully relax into the bed and sensations, but it also makes it easy for you both to be as involved as you'd like with one another. You can use your hands to pleasure one another or simply watch as your partner pleasures themselves. The Synchronous Friction position is extremely flexible -- so you don't have to be.

Try It With: Your favorite sex toys. Especially if you both have somewhere to be in an hour, the Synchornous Friction position really lends itself to that "get it done" mentality. If you have somewhere to be, this isn't the time to play around with the sex toys you just bought. Instead, grab your tried-and-true favorites to climb reliably to orgasm (if you want!) before prepping for the day.

Keep in Mind: If you want to share a blanket, I recommend covering both of your bodies with the blanket and letting each head remain uncovered. You'll miss the blankets on your feet, but it can reduce the likelihood of someone tapping out due to the heat. Just remember: If you use blankets, it will be harder to see what your partner's hands are up to!

Bonus: Spread Eagle Bondage Sex Position

Spread Eagle Bondage Position: A partner lies with their back flat on a bed with each of their four limbs bound to the bed's four corners.You're already in bed. There's literally no better idea than using an Under-the-Bed Restraint System to add a bit of bondage to a morning-sex-friendly position!

A lot of people fantasize about being woken up while restrained and at their partner's "mercy." However, this should never, ever be sprung on someone. Ensure you have talked thoroughly about it and have gotten your partner's approval the night before. Moreover, be sure to check in with the bound partner regularly during play to ensure they are still enjoying the experience -- the second they aren't, untie them. Sometimes people don't feel good in the morning or simply aren't up to sex. They also, simply, might wake up needing to pee! Don't get discouraged if your "captive" needs a few seconds before play or if you need to reschedule your scene for another morning.

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In short, just because something is hot in someone's fantasies doesn't mean they actually want to do it in person!

Try It With: A bit of roleplay or kink! Since the bound partner is at their "mercy," this morning sex session can go any way the top has in mind. This might entail a "kidnapping" scenario, an anal stretching session with your favorite anal toys or anything else your kinky little mind can conjure up! This position also leaves the body available for electrosex play (especially with a e-stim powerbox!) as well as for experimenting with domination and submission. As long as you're both on the same page, the options are endless!

Keep in Mind: To make the Spread Eagle bed bondage position go smoothly, you'll need to set up the Extreme Under-the-Restraint system ahead-of-time. You'll also want to lengthen/shorten each cuff's tether to ensure it's about the right length for your partner's spread body. Fumbling with nylon straps while you're trying to be as discreet as possible to prevent your "captive" from waking up might give you away.

How to Have Better Morning Sex

While sex at any time of the day will bring you some incredible benefits, there are a few specific things you can keep in mind about morning sex for a better time for everyone involved:

  • Pick lazy positions. You just woke up! Groggy, half-awake movements is the name of the game. While morning sex can be energizing, most of us aren't looking to get in our cardio mere minutes after opening our eyes. Sex positions that let us be semi-lazy are high priority here.
  • Avoid intense stretches. I don't know about you, but every muscle in my body feels a bit tight until I get up and start moving around in the morning. (I probably look like a zombie on my way out of the bedroom.) That means you'll want to avoid any sex positions that require your usual athletic prowess. You don't want to have to explain to your coworkers that you pulled your hamstring trying to fuck this morning. I'm not sure you'll live it down.
  • Steer clear of face-to-face positions -- unless you like morning breath. Let's be real: Until you get to that toothbrush, your breath probably isn't great enough to want those close, face-to-face, intimate positions. If you're trying to transition straight to sex without a bathroom pit-stop first, some sips of water can help (but not eliminate) some of the smell.
  • Pick blanket-friendly positions. The chilliest temperatures happen overnight and, sometimes, leaving the confines of the warm bed is just a giant arousal-killer. If that's the case, stick to sex positions that can be done underneath the blankets, and make sure you keep your safer sex accessories (like lube, condoms and sex toys) within arm's reach.


Most of us have somewhere to be most mornings. This means that faster, less complicated sex positions can help you enjoy your connection while ensuring you don't show up late for work.

To ensure everyone has a great time, sex toys or additional hand stimulation can help speed things along!

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