Study Reveals How Men Really Feel About Their Genitals

by Kinkly
Published: JANUARY 23, 2018 | Updated: JANUARY 23, 2018
Who knew? Study shows most men are happy with what they've got.

Let’s be real for a minute. Many men love talking about their penises. How big they are, how well they perform ... and how much bigger they are than their buddies'.


Why all the obsession with the beef stick? It's probably as simple as the fact that it's not as elusive as the lady bits are, which makes it easier to measure and compare. And compare they do. As a result, science has taken an interest in the question of penis size too.

For instance, you know what they say about a man with large shoes, right? Easy. He wears large shoes. A man’s shoe size tells you nothing about how well-endowed he is, according to research. Sorry.

You know what does, though? The lengths of his fingers. The shorter the (length) gap between his index and ring finger, the longer his wang usually is.


Height and weight also correlate to penis size. The taller a man is, the bigger his popsicle could be. The heavier-set he is, the smaller it could be. So tall, skinny men may have larger penises.

Note that these are just trends, though. There are always outliers.

So, is penis showmanship all just an act?

Despite the perceived preoccupation with finding the biggest willy, 84% of women are content with their partner’s penis, according to research. Only 14% of women wish their man had a bigger penis, and a measly 2% wish it were smaller.


What about all the men who talk a big game? Are they actually that delighted with their own love muscle?

A 2017 study from the University of California, San Francisco, set out to answer that question. The researchers wanted to know what things about their genitals men are most and least satisfied with. They also wanted to know more about the men who felt dissatisfied. How does their disappointment affect their sexual behaviors and experiences?

They used a random sample of 3,996 American men. The men filled out a comprehensive questionnaire about their lives. The questions asked about sexual frequency, sexual behaviors they experience, and how satisfied they are with their genitals.


Most Men A-OK with What They've Got ... Mostly

The results were a mixed bag, but 86% of men report general satisfaction with their genitals. Yay! The aspect of their love sticks they’re the happiest with is the shape of the head. A full 64% reported satisfaction with their meat stick helmet; 62% are content with their circumcision status; and 61% are happy with the girth of their erect penis. An impressive 60% are satisfied with the skin texture of their twig, and 59% are pleased with the size of their berries (balls). These are promising numbers.

Alas, not every man is elated with his genitalia. The thing they’re the least satisfied with is the amount of semen discharged upon orgasm. Only 12% of men reported being OK with this aspect of their anatomical functioning. Following that, only 14% are satisfied with their pubic hair; 19% are happy with the length of their erect penis; and 27% are content with the size of their flaccid Johnson.

These figures are from the general population of men in the study. Of the men who are extremely dissatisfied, they're the unhappiest with the girth of their erect penis and length of their flaccid penis.


Overall, however, men are mostly satisfied with their junk. Less than a quarter of them aren’t. However, while we're throwing a lot of penis puns around here, the consequences of these numbers aren’t a joke. Men who are unhappy with their genitals are 74% less likely to be sexually active. They have sex less frequently, and less vaginal sex when they’re in hetero relationships.

Potential Impacts of Genital Dissatisfaction

We already know that women with a positive genital self-image are more likely to masturbate and get regular exams. Research hasn't fully explored the impact of men's satisfaction with their genitals on their behavior, but this study suggests that a negative self image may impact their sex lives.

Learning to Love It

A healthy 86% of men already love their genitals, and that’s awesome. Yet, there are things they seem to be less-than-thrilled over. The volume of love juice they’re releasing, their pubes, and the length of their hard-on. What can men do to bring their satisfaction levels up in these areas?


Let's talk about semen. Since semen is almost 98% water, one easy way to attempt a higher output of ejaculate is to drink more water. The longer you wait between orgasms, the more you’ll ejaculate as well.

And, pubic hair. Look, I get it. The whole pubic hair thing has gotten a little out of hand. Some people won’t have sex with a partner who has it. Some people won’t have sex with a partner who doesn’t have it. And some people won’t touch a partner unless they’re trimmed or braided in the shape of their home state. But there's a lot you can do down there if you're up for the challenge. Shave, trim, wax, whatever floats your boat.

Finally, as mentioned before, 84% of women are already happy with their partner’s plonker. The vast majority of penises fall right into the average range. But even if you’re a little under the average, you’re doing pretty good. So stand proud, Casanova. Research shows most women are going to be more than happy with what you've got.


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