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Sportsheets Nexus Dildos: New Toy to Know

Published: JANUARY 4, 2021
You can play Goldilocks with the selection of sizes from Sportsheets Nexus dildos. Too small, too big, or just right?

Dildos don't need to be fancy to be functional. In fact, the most pleasurable dildo out there is going to be the one that fits with your anatomy - and makes you feel good. It doesn't matter how many functions your dildo is equipped with if it isn't pleasuring you in the long run.

So when it comes to dildos, the shape, size, and material should be at the forefront of deciding factors. In the case of the Sportsheets Nexus line, you get all three! With six different dildos in the collection, the Sportsheets Nexus collection offers body-safe sex toys at a lower price point than many dildos - but with a focus on hitting those innermost spots.

What spots are we talking about? Oh, you know, just your g-spot and prostate. Each one of the Sportsheets Nexus dildos was specifically crafted to hit those erogenous zones within you. The gently curved shaft gets the tip into position, and the tip's broader size and gently pronounced curve help stroke that zone, thrust after thrust.


Why Choose a Body-Safe Sex Toy?

Have you used silicone sex toys before? If not, you're in for a treat! In addition to being a body-safe material, silicone just makes a fantastic dildo material in general. It can be soft (or rigid!), and it's odorless, tasteless, and easy to clean. Non-blended silicone, like what is found in the Sportsheets Nexus line, can also be sterilized for the ultimate in material safety (and getting a great clean after intense uses or between partners!)

In addition, non-blended silicone is phthalate-free. Non-blended silicone doesn't contain some of the allergens that other sex toy materials have. If you've ever gotten a sexual rash and sworn off dildos forever, you really need to meet some silicone toys! We've written about phthalates before - and why they matter - so we'll leave it there, but needless to say, if you haven't tried silicone before, you should really get on it! It's a total sexual gamechanger.

Which Body Safe Dildo Should I Get from the Sportsheets Nexus line?

Way to take pleasure into your own hands! Each one of the Sportsheets Nexus dildos was specially designed to meet a unique need. So while we definitely recommend collecting the whole set (more dildos = more fun!) if you're looking for just one, here's what each one of these colorful dildos are known for:

Short & Thick: Sportsheets Nexus Nyx 5" Dildos

Tired of dildos going too deep? The Sportsheets Nyx 5" dildo might be the choice for you! With a standard thickness, but a shorter-than-dildo-average length, the Nexus 5" offers orgasmic pleasure at a length that won't hit those unpleasurable spots.

The length isn't the only thing that matters. The Sportsheets Nyx 5" dildo was specially crafted with a gentle p-spot/g-spot curve that gets into the exact spot where you need it for orgasmic pleasure. After all, what good is a dildo if it isn't getting itself into those spots where you need it?

That's not all; the Sportsheets Nexus 5" dildo is also equipped with a suction cup base. This powerful suction cup base makes for easy hands-free solo use - and who doesn't want that!?


Curved Sportsheets Nexus 7" Dildos

Want an average dildo - that just happens to focus on g-spot or p-spot stimulation? Here's what you want. The "standard" dildo of the bunch, the Sportsheets Nexus 7" dildos offers a bit more length than the 5" - but otherwise with the same thickness, physical design, and features of the Sportsheets Nexus 7" dildo.

Just like the Sportsheets Nexus 5" dildo, the Sportsheets Nexus 7" dildo is also equipped with a powerful suction cup base. Just press this silicone dildo up against a flat surface, and it will adhere to it! Just perfect for solo use or some slippery shower fun!


Hollow Versatility: Sportsheets Nexus Banx

Meet the dildo that can easily fit into your adventurous sex life. At first glance, the Sportsheets Banx might look like any everyday dildo - but if you flip it upside down, you'd see that the Banx is actually hollow on the inside! Rigid enough in form to be a "standard" dildo, the Sportsheet Banx can be used just like any other dildo you enjoy.

But when you need it, the hollow interior of the Sportsheets Banx allows a penis to slide inside for easy strap on use with a penis-owning individual.

In fact, the unique design of the Sportsheets Banx makes it the all-in-one dildo you've never had before! The dildo's rigid exterior allows it to function as a standard dildo for handheld use, solo use, pegging, or anything else - but when you need it, the hollow functionality allows it to slide right on top of a penis! Win-win!

Good Vibrations: Sportsheets Nexus Lennox

Did you love the look of the Nexus Banx - but want a bit more? Then you want to go with the Sportsheets Nexus Lennox. The exact same design as the Banx - except with added vibrations - the Lennox offers even more pleasure in the exact same form.


If the idea of pleasuring your partner - and having bonus vibrations to make it even better! - sounds good to you, the Sportsheets Nexus Lennox is the choice for you.

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