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So You Think You’re Bendy: 5 Best Flexible Sex Positions

Published: FEBRUARY 3, 2021 | Updated: SEPTEMBER 28, 2021
We're not being salty, you really don't have to be a pretzel to enjoy the best flexible sex positions.

Now and again, even the most, shall we say, experienced lovers need an imaginative boost to their sexual activities—and one of the best ways to stroke those passionate fires is to crack open the Kama Sutra.


Here’s the thing, though: while much of what that venerable catalog of sex positions has to offer will no doubt put a smile on many a face, if you and your partner are limber and up for a challenge, then it may be challenging to pick which to contort yourselves into.

This is where we come in with five suggestions plucked from its pages, as well as from various experts in all things sexual, that if you and your playmate are willing to stretch yourselves beyond your usual bedroom positions, could not just boost but blast your mutual pleasures sky-high.

#1: The Stand and Deliver

Also known as the Crouching Tiger position, this position is excellent for both vaginal and anal penetrative play. It puts a uniquely athletic spin on that classical staple, doggy-style by beginning with both parties stand facing the same direction.


Then whoever is on the receiving end touches their toes, which will fully expose them for their partner’s natural or artificial choice of penetration.

Fans of this position rave about how, as opposed to when the receiver is on all fours and their playmate is kneeling, it puts everything the receiver has on full display and, best of all, easy access.

best flexible sex positions


#2: The Vertical 69

Turning another classic position topsy-turvy—or maybe flipsy-daisy would be more appropriate—this oral-on-oral vertical 69, rather than having one person lay down with the other lay on top each of them, has a person stand as the other quite literally flips on their head with their face pushing down toward their partner's lap.

A less intense variation of this has the upright partner sitting, rather than standing, allowing the upside-down partner's head to rest on the surface between their partner's legs.

If there’s an essential thing to remember when trying to get into and getting as much pleasure out of this position, it's the importance of balance. Keep in mind it may be easy, in the throes of passion and all that, for both partners to topple over. It’s also a position that typically requires more than a few rest breaks. Consider limiting this position from lasting too long, as blood will naturally rush to the upside-down person's head.


best flexible sex positions

#3: The Scissor

Here’s a position that doesn’t require high-wire training, though it does need a smidgeon of Twister-style acrobatics. In the Scissor, both partners begin by lying face up and interlocking their legs together so that their genitals penetrate or rub against each other.

Among its long list of benefits is that this position can be as relaxing as well as exciting, making it ideal for tantric-sex play or someone with minor back issues. Though, in all fairness, getting everything to align just right will probably take practice.


best flexible sex positions

#4: Up The Wall

If you stifled a yawn while reading about Stand And Deliver, then here’s another oral sex/analingus position that’s going to test more of your sexual mettle. We call it the Up the Wall, or the Canadian Bacon Air Position. Like our #1 suggestion, this one, too, has one partner standing bent over, but that’s pretty much where the similarities between these two positions end.

With Up The Wall, the giving partner positions themselves into a bridge position to start. If that proves too challenging, they can also sit at the base of a sturdy wall with their back against it and their legs bent at the knees or outstretched. Their partner, the receiver, then stands over them, leaning on their partner's knees as needed to steady themselves. From there, the mouth to genital shenanigans can begin. Again, adapt this position to work best for both partners.


Though this position needs a certain amount of skill and balancing experience to achieve, it’s not as strenuous to maintain overall. It can be perhaps a little hard on the knees, which is something to keep in mind.

best flexible sex positions

#5: The Frisky Crab

Next up is another seated position (also known as the Spider position) and in its own—very arousing—way, is similar to The Scissor. To get things going, both participants sit facing each other with their legs straight out in front of them.

Next, both move closer together until their legs are over or under their partners, to where their genitals will do their penetrating—or touching—sexy, sexy thing.

Like our number three position, the Frisky Crab is frequently a mainstay of patient, relaxed, and serenely meditative lovers. If you’re a fan of more vigorously bumpy-grindy sex play, this one may not be the best for you. Why? Five words say it best: rug burns on your ass.

best flexible sex positions

Stretch Your Sexual Enjoyment

Happy days are here again if any of our five limber-able positions titillated your sexual interests.

But if for any reason they haven’t, don’t get disheartened as there’s still page after page of other positions to try, and not just in the Kama Sutra but within hundreds—or maybe by now it’s closer to thousands—of books and websites like us here at Kinkly.

Check out hundreds of kinky sex positions in our positions guide.

Now go forth, you flexible, sexual adventurers, and learn, experiment, and hopefully enjoy these and other positions to your heart’s content.

Just try not to tie yourself into knots in the process.

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