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So Many Sex Toys, So Little Space: The Best Sex Toy Storage Solutions

Published: JUNE 12, 2019 | Updated: JUNE 28, 2022
Check out these awesome sex toy storage solutions! Cause nothing kills the mood faster than having to pause and search for that one toy you're craving.

It's a conundrum many of us have faced: sex toys abound and no where to put them.


For all the amazing toys out there, storage solutions aren't quite as easily accessible. Especially when you want something more than just a box with all of them thrown in. You want organization! Nothing kills to mood faster than having to pause a sexual encounter while you rummage through your box to find the toy you're craving.

There has to be a better way!

So, we did the only logical thing we could think of, we took to social media and asked all of you how you solved this grand sex toy storage problem. And you did not disappoint!


Check out all these awesome, creative sex toy storage solutions!

A Wine Rack of Wands

What's better than a wine rack of wine? A wine rack of wand vibrators!

two wine racks of wand vibrators


This storage solution comes from one of our writers, JoEllen Notte (aka The Redhead Bedhead). The best thing about this storage solution is that they're all conveniently displayed making it easy for you to reach out and grab that one particular wand that you're craving.

Not to mention, it's also a fantastic piece of wall artwork. Who needs abstract paintings when you can have vibrators?

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A Secret Book

If your collection is rather extensive, this storage solution might not be the best for you. However, for those of you looking for a way to store your toys in a more concealed matter, this nifty storage solution might be for you!

BookEndDesigns After Dark specializes in hollowed out books to fit specific vibrators and butt plugs. Literate and clitorate, you can't beat that!


Rack Up Those Dildos

OK we will concede, a wine rack of dildos is just as fantastic as a wine rack full of wand vibrators. This storage solution comes from Luna Matatas.

wine rack full of dildos, with plush Pusheen looking on

We love this one since it has the convenient advantage of being movable. So, if you feel like relocating your collection to enjoy some fun in a different spot, this storage solution has you covered!


Keep 'em Clean

Some sex toy storage boxes are arguably much better than others. This is one of the them.

sex toys in bags in a storage bin

"I keep favs in my bedside drawer, and the rest in a tub under the bed! Almost everything is in zip lock bags, it might not look pretty but it keeps them clean! Then I label cords with masking tape!" -Grace (@PrincessPreview)

You can't argue with the importance of sanitization. This storage solution makes sure that all your toys stay clean!

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Under Lock and Key

For those of you that may have roommates or children that you'd rather not have sifting through your collection, this solution may be for you!

locking cabinet with drawers full of sex toys

@KingRingsLLC converted furniture built to hold a fish tank into a sex toy storage masterpiece. Each cabinet has locks to keep unwanted visitors away from their collection! We love the clear drawers in this one. Great for separating out your toys, but still being able to find the ones you need!

Spice Up Your Storage

We all probably have a spice rack hanging out in our kitchen. Why not give it a new, better life by converting it to a sex toy rack!

spice rack full of dildos

JoEllen Notte is the mastermind behind this storage solution as well! We love that this one spins. Not rummaging through layers of toys to find that specific one. Just give it a quick spin and they're all right there at your finger tips! Not to mention you can pick it up and move it to where you need to be. Functionality and creativity all in one!

Now Go Create Your Own

We hope these examples have inspired you to go create some of your own organizational masterpieces (and if you do, you know who to send the photos of it to)!

And if you still need more inspiration check out these other ideas!

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Rebecca Koehn


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