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Sex Toy Review: Tenga Spinner

Published: SEPTEMBER 14, 2020 | Updated: SEPTEMBER 11, 2021
The Tenga Spinner jerks a solo session or a regular old hand job up a notch.

The product: The Tenga Spinner

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Tired of masturbation sleeves that only go up and down? Well, meet the Tenga Spinner! Winner of the Reddot Design Award in 2019 for its revolutionary design, the Tenga Spinner is unlike any other masturbation sleeve you've ever used before. Thanks to a flexible "coil" built-in around the edge of the masturbation sleeve, the Tenga Spinner "spins" itself on every stroke. Instead of the standard "up and down" motion you get from most penis masturbation sleeves, the Tenga Spinner twists itself horizontally around the penis with every up and down stroke. It's a very different sensation!

While Tenga has always been known for their disposable penis masturbation sleeves (I'm looking at you, Tenga Eggs), the Tenga Spinner doesn't fall into that category. This close-ended Elastomer masturbation sleeve is designed to be washed and reused—again and again. To make that as easy as possible, the Tenga Spinner's packaging doubles as a drying case for easy drying after its bath.

But hey, we're getting ahead of ourselves here. Let's delve into the nitty-gritty with this Tenga Spinner review.


Tenga Spinner

How'd You Use It?

I see how this penis masturbation sleeve won an award. It deserves at least ten other awards. At a ridiculously low price point (how can this be so affordable!?) the Tenga Spinner offers a whole heck of a lot—way more than some masturbation sleeves at higher price points.

Let's start with the coil. The coil is fantastic. It's just downright fantastic. The coil is rigid enough to be felt on the penis and on the hand during use, but it isn't so rigid that it's uncomfortable or painful. The coil is built into the surface of the Tenga Spinner, and there's no way to remove it. It's a bit stretchy, and it can twist really nicely without snapping. I'd guess it's made of a flexible plastic, but your guess is as good as mine.

The coil is really what "makes" the Tenga Spinner. It's the backbone of the twisting sensation and adds a unique feeling to your pleasure. That being said, your hand is the thing that powers it. The Tenga Spinner can be pleasurable (and orgasmic!) all on its own, but you control the intensity of that pleasure by how tightly you grip—and where you grip. It's a very serious upgrade from using your hand alone.

You see, the coil of the Tenga Spinner means that the Tenga Spinner will literally "spin" itself on your penis on the up and down stroke. The Tenga Spinner “builds up” tension within the coil during a stroke. On the next stroke, it "releases" that tension which effectively causes the Tenga Spinner to "spin" itself of its own accord. How much (and where!) that spinning happens is up to you. If you use a flat grip over the entire length of the Tenga Spinner, you might get a bit less spinning since you're keeping the coils in place. If you use a tight grip around the head, you'll get lots of twisting near the base. If you choose to use that grip around the base of the Tenga Spinner sleeve, you'll get more twisting movement on the head. (For us, personally, a tight squeeze near the head worked best!)

Tenga Spinner internal view


As for the pleasure, the twisting sensation of the Tenga Spinner is amazing in itself, but the coil's physical presence adds sensation too. We were both surprised to find that you could feel the physical coil on the penis - like fingers pressing snuggly along the shaft of the penis with every stroke.

For this Tenga Spinner review, we're focusing on the Beads Tenga Spinner. This internal texture alternates between bulbous beads and flatter, slatted textures along the outside. Each one of the Tenga Spinner sleeves has a specific, dedicated texture right on the tip of the sleeve too—where the head will be.

Instead of leaving this textureless, like many penis masturbation sleeves do, each one has a protruded texture for even more sensation on one of the most sensitive parts of the penis. When you consider how the head of the sleeve will be the most frequently rubbed against (since the penis sleeve functions by stretching over the head), this is a fantastic addition and adds a whole lot to the stroking experience.

We haven't tried any of the other five Tenga Spinner textures (each one has its own coil color and packaging color if you pick up multiple ones!), but he can definitely say the Beads texture is absolutely amazing. Pick whichever texture appeals most to you (and with each one as a unique color, you might choose based on color as well!)

The Tenga Spinner is also close-ended. Personally, I prefer this, as it keeps all of the "clean-up" on one place and avoids requiring multiple preparations before play to keep things tidy. In addition, since the Tenga Spinner is super stretchy and relatively short (a couple inches longer than my fingers), it's really easy to run water through it and really clean it out.

Tenga Spinner top view


In addition, the close-top design of the Tenga Spinner means that you get constant sensation on the head of the penis during each stroke. It also provides a nice level of suction on the tip during each stroke. Really, the closed-top design works perfectly with the Tenga Spinner, and I'm glad it's designed that way.

Partner all of that together, and you have an amazing masturbation sleeve that's extremely orgasmic—but only to the level you want it to be. Use lighter touches to draw out the pleasure. Once you use your favorite grip, everything about the Tenga Spinner comes together for an experience that's overwhelmingly and amazingly orgasmic.

It is worth noting that the Tenga Spinner does seem to be made of a noticeably thinner material than I've seen in a lot of penis masturbation sleeves. Partnered with how the material stretches out during stroking, I don't think the Spinner has a multi-year lifespan. At the price point, that's entirely reasonable. Just don't be surprised if you need to replace it within a year—especially if your penis is especially long (which means longer strokes and more stretching of the material) or if you use it particularly roughly.

Speaking of larger sizes, the Tenga Spinner is noticeably short for the world of masturbation sleeves. That being said, its stretchy design should fit penis lengths of most sizes—probably up to about 7" or so. If you want to get the entire shaft in on the pleasure, it will require more stretching to the Tenga Spinner itself which, as mentioned above, may put a bit of added stress on it.

However, the sleeve doesn't need to be used along the entirety of the shaft to be pleasurable, and its stretchy design should fit penis widths of all sizes as long as you aren't looking to go down to the hilt. While the Tenga Spinner looks slim in width and height, its ultra-stretchy design makes it a good fit for a lot of penis sizes.

From a partnered point of view, the Tenga Spinner is a great toy to use on my partner. It reminds me a bit of the Fleshlight Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice in how much fun it is to use on a partner. The Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice is so fun because of the finger-hold areas and how unique the material feels.

The Tenga Spinner is so amazing because of the coils and its see-through design. The coils feel amazing; you can literally feel them while holding the sleeve. In addition, playing with the idea of the coils adds a whole new dimension to using the masturbation sleeve. Should I hold it near the top? Does that make him seem to enjoy it more? Should I grip it firmly to add to the enjoyment? Can I vary my hand strength to get a better reaction, and what happens if I add in my own wrist-twist with the sleeve?

In addition to feeling really neat on the hands (you can literally feel the thicker coils under your hand while stroking!), it adds a whole new thing to experiment and play with—where almost every answer is always "it feels amazing", so there are no wrong answers.

In addition, the Tenga Spinner is also semi see-through. It's more of a cloudy "see-through" than a full see-through, but it's see-through enough, especially when the penis stretches the tip of the sleeve. It provides a nice visual to see what's going on, and it's just another layer that makes the Tenga Spinner feel like a really fun addition to partnered pleasure.


Tenga Spinner packaging

How Else Could It Be Used?

Honestly, the Tenga Spinner can be used any way your body is craving it. Experimenting with the different strokes and hand placement is part of the fun with this affordable penis masturbation sleeve. While we've found our ideal "hand placement" spot, your own placement spot may vary. The masturbation sleeve product marketing video shows a light grasp along the tip of the sleeve which allows the sleeve to do its full rotations. You could also grip the base of the Tenga Spinner to make the tip spin a little bit more. Really, experiment with it and see what you fall in love with.

As mentioned, the Tenga Spinner is a lovely choice for both solo and partnered play. For solo play, the sensations are downright amazing, but if you choose to include a partner, the toy feels fantastic (on the hand), and the lightly see-through aspect makes it a very visually-appealing playtime.

Product Details

The Tenga Spinner is a stretchy penis masturbation sleeve. In its resting state, it's 5.1" in length with a width of 1.77". Fully stretched out, the manufacturer says the Tenga Spinner will stretch to a length of 6.73" and a width of 2.15". The Tenga Spinner is extremely light-weight and extremely squishy and stretchy. It's not large enough to require two hands, and it can easily be a one-handed sleeve.

As with any male masturbation sleeve, the Tenga Spinner does tend to make some squishing noises - especially with hurried strokes. This is just a mixture of lubricant moving around and the movement of the sleeve. Depending on how aggressive your masturbation session is, it's possible to keep the noise-level low enough to not be heard outside of a closed door. If you're really going to town, though, the noise level can increase, and in a quiet household, could be heard outside of a closed door.

Tenga Spinner Lubricant Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Sodium Polyacrylate, Ethanol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, EDTA-2Na, Polysorbate 80, Sorbitan Cocoate, Fragrance.


How It Works

The coil that runs along the surface of the Tenga Spinner is a flexible coil that finds itself under tension during the regular up-and-down stroking movement of masturbating a penis. Like any object under tension, the Tenga Spinner coil attempts to release some of that tension. Since the coil is built-into the surface of the Tenga Spinner's squishy sleeve itself, when the coil "releases" that tension to come back into its resting state, it drags the masturbation sleeve's surface with it for a masturbation sleeve that literally spins and twirls along the shaft during a natural up-and-down stroking motion.

That's pretty much all there is to it! Add lube to the sleeve (and your penis!) slide yourself into the sleeve, and stroke like usual. The built-in coil provides the rest of the sensation!

Materials and Care

Tenga Spinner with case

The Tenga Spinner is crafted from a stretchy elastomer. This allows it to easily stretch out over any penis size—similar to the Tenga Egg's stretchy qualities. After each use, you should wash the Tenga Spinner with warm water and mild soap. The close-ended design makes it simple to wash out the lube and any bodily fluids, and since the sleeve is so stretchy and short, it's easy to slip your fingers into the chamber to get everything nice and clean.

After you're done cleaning the Tenga Spinner, it can rest on its drying base (more about that below!) for easy drying.

The Tenga Spinner comes with a sample-sized packet of Tenga lube to ensure you have everything you need for your first use right out of the box. As the Tenga Spinner is very-much reusable, I recommend ensuring you have a bottle of water-based lubricant for subsequent uses. Silicone-based and oil-based lubricants should be avoided.

As with pretty much any sex toy out there, avoid anything sharp (including pointed fingernails) with the Tenga Spinner. The soft material can definitely rip if poked the wrong way.


The Packaging

Tenga Spinner in case

Let's talk about one of my favorite aspects of the Tenga Spinner: the packaging. The packaging is downright amazing. I could shout this from the rooftops because Tenga went above-and-beyond in their packaging. Tenga has a history of doing this (like the Tenga Flip Zero with a case that doubles as a drying rack).

The Tenga Spinner's packaging isn't just a temporary box to get the Tenga Spinner to your door. Instead, it's multi-functional. The geometric, hard-plastic exterior looks like an artistic decoration while also making the penis masturbation sleeve more discreet and functioning as a very-sturdy protective layer for the sleeve.

If you strip off the colored portions of the external packaging, you reveal the interior, see-through part. This see-through base actually has a little "stand" build-in (to keep the sleeve upright) as well as built-in drainage holes. Place the Tenga Spinner sleeve face-down in the see-through base after cleaning, and it allows the toy to dry itself out. It takes up less counter space, keeps all the hair and lint off of it, and once the toy has slightly dried, you can throw the top lid onto the Tenga Spinner for a bit of added discretion while the toy finishes drying.

With that in mind, the Tenga Spinner was dry within 4 hours after using and cleaning it. My full-sized Fleshlights need to be left out for multiple days with rearrangements of the material every day to ensure its fully dry before it gets put into storage.

In addition, this means almost every part of the Tenga Spinner's packaging is reusable and designed for use with the Tenga Spinner. The only parts that are truly disposable are the plastic wrap that goes around the Tenga Spinner and tells you the interior texture and information about the product itself and the piece that holds the lubricant packet within the sleeve.

The Tenga Spinner comes with the masturbator itself, this unique packaging that doubles as a drying rack, and a sample-sized packet of lubricant. This packet of lubricant will get you through your first stroking session, but you'll want to pick up your own water-based lubricant for subsequent penis masturbation sessions since the Tenga Spinner is reusable.

The Verdict: 5 out of 5

The Tenga Spinner is downright amazing. Just downright amazing. I'm glad it won its well-deserved award, and it deserves a whole lot more for the pleasure it can provide—especially at such a low price point. The coil provides automatic twisting pleasure that virtually no other masturbation sleeve can provide, and the entire sleeve (including the texture that's specifically crafted to envelope the head during use) is extremely orgasmic. Add that into the amazing case design that's perfect for storage and drying of the Tenga Spinner, and you have a home-run of a product.

I'm not kidding when I say I want to collect them all. I'll be placing an order for other textures during this week's sale because the Tenga Spinner is amazing.

Tenga Spinner review

Other Options

To be honest, the Tenga Spinner won that Reddot Design Award because there isn't anything out there that replicates this sensation—especially at this price point. Until the Tenga Spinner, electronics or your own hand movements were the only way to get twisting sensations within masturbation sleeves. However, the twisting sensation may not be for everyone (and may, in fact, just be too intense for you!) With that in mind, there are a few other alternatives to the Tenga Spinner.

If you want to stay around the same price point, the Tenga Eggs would be your first stop. Made from a similar (but thinner) material as the Tenga Spinner, the Tenga Eggs offer a disposable masturbation sleeve experience. Like the Tenga Spinners, the Tenga Eggs also include their own lubricant, but with the Tenga Eggs' design, that lube is designed to work with the sleeve's one-time-use design. These Eggs have a similar Elastomer material that's designed to “stretch” and use your own hand's pressure as the basis of its intensity control.

Alternatively, if you really like the idea of a see-through sleeve that's packed full of textures with its own drying rack, the Fleshlight Fleshskins Grip Blue Ice could be a good alternative. The sleeve isn't nearly as stretchy, and the case is much larger and much-less discreet. However, the sleeve is a bit more see-through, and if you regularly get all lubed up, the built-in finger holes can really help with keeping a handle on things during your jerk off session.

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Review Summary | Tenga Spinner

  • Low price point
  • Unique, coil design
  • Very orgasmic sensations
  • See-through design makes for erotic visuals
  • Fun to Use
  • Six different textures
  • May not be as durable as other penis masturbation sleeves
  • May not comfortably fit entire shafts that are over 7" in length
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