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Sex Toy Review: OVO L3 Offset Love Balls

by Kinkly
Published: AUGUST 23, 2017 | Updated: JULY 27, 2020
This simple Kegel exerciser is body-safe, inexpensive and worth a try.

The Product: OVO Offset Love BallsThe Verdict: Kinkly heart logoKinkly heart logoKinkly heart logoKinkly half heart logo (out of five)

Every person with a vagina has been told, at some point, to do their Kegels. In case you don’t know exactly what a Kegel is, it’s a strength exercise during which you clench and release the muscles of your pelvic floor. These are the muscles you would use to stop your pee midstream (but please don’t do that, it’s not great for your bladder). The benefits of strengthening your vag are plenty, and each is sexy in its own way - your reproductive organs won’t fall out, you won’t pee a little when you sneeze, and you can strengthen your orgasms. Told you, sexy.

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Since I’ve had a kid and my pelvic floor isn’t what it once was, I was pretty excited to try OVO’s Offset Love Balls - which are basically silicone-covered Ben Wa balls. That being said, the shape of the love “spheres” is what intrigued me. They’re not just round, like most Kegel equipment, but are somewhat oval, tilted at 45-degree angles, with the bottom ball larger than the top. So, while OVO has a full line of Love Balls, I chose these ones.

OVO Offset Love Balls Kegel Balls

The Product

Although the packaging for this product isn’t exactly discreet, it’s not a sex toy as much as it is ... exercise equipment? For that reason, I wasn’t really bothered by the overt nature of the box. Anyways, what’s the saying ... don’t judge a sex toy by the box it comes in? The box says that they are waterproof and inaudible (which makes sense because there’s no motor or batteries and they’re covered in silicone).

OVO Offset Love Balls Kegel Balls


The balls themselves are lightweight - for my hand, not for my vagina - and come with an approximately 3-inch long "retrieval band," so you don’t have to worry about losing them. They're weighted, which means your vagina gets a workout just by holding them in place. That’s pretty much it. The entire toy is also fully coated in body-safe silicone, which makes them easier to clean and less prone to collecting gunk. Other than that, the Love Balls are a pretty simple and straightforward piece of sexercise equipment.Putting The Love Balls In

Let me just cut to the chase, here: it took me a good five minutes to get the love balls fully in. I tried laying down, standing up, and holding the “insert a tampon” pose, but my vagina had no interest in the lower (and larger) love ball making its way in there. Finally, I kind of just wedged it in as best I could. It was uncomfortable to lay down - they just felt too big for my body. I tried walking around to see if I could do some Kegels and get the full effect but doing that didn’t feel pleasant, either. The description on the box says that the love balls “offer a unique sensation that will leave you breathless.” Well, they aren’t wrong.

I may just need more practice, and a little lube would certainly go a long way. That said, if you have trouble inserting larger or unusually shaped items, this may not be the toy for you.

Taking the Loved Balls Out

When I’d had enough vaginal strengthening, I laid down and gently tugged on the "silicone retrieval band." While I was met with some resistance, the love balls came out more easily than they went in. My vagina let out a sigh of relief.What I Loved About the OVO L3 Love Balls

Although I didn’t have the best experience with the OVO Offset Love Balls, I think that has more to do with how well my body responded to them. I'd recommend using lots of lube for insertion and, if you already have a hard time inserting Kegel balls, these probably aren't your best bet. That said, as a product, I think they’re interesting and worth a try if you want to level up on your Kegels.

I also love that they are made of soft silicone, are waterproof, and are inaudible (no one wants a jingly crotch). And, while OVO provided this set to me free of charge (thanks, OVO!) I also love that these babies are available for less than $30.

What I Didn't Love So Much

The shape of the spheres is what interested me in the first place but this, ultimately, is also what made me give the toy 3.5 out of 5 stars. I think it's a solid idea and these are well made, they just weren't a good fit for my body.The Verdict

Here’s the thing: the OVO L3 Love Balls are made of body-safe silicone and are still quite inexepensive (less than $30). So, if you want a simple toy that helps revitalize your vag, I'd recommend giving these or another set of Kegal balls in OVO's line a try. Because each vagina is unique, you may have to play around with different toys and positions. This is a good place to start.


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