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Sex Toy Review: Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager

Published: MAY 17, 2019 | Updated: JULY 27, 2020
This anal wonder delivers a long, intense orgasm that may far outshine anything you've ever experienced.

The Product: Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager

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The Nexus Revo Slim is a sturdily built, remote-control equipped, USB-rechargeable prostate massager made from medical-grade silicone. Male G-spot stimulation has a roughly two-decade-long history as a wildly popular form of play, and given that Aneros’ well-regarded - and roughly 20-year-old - Helix design is a prostate stimulation standard, the fact that the shape of Nexus’ Revo Slim Prostate Massager was quite similar was not surprising.

The industry standard for G-spot stimulation has always been predicated on three ideal goals:

  • Providing hands-free pleasure with the utmost comfort
  • Maximizing internal movement
  • Allowing for ease of external stimulation

With the Nexus Revo Slim, these goals are reached with not just with the traditional use of pressure against the prostate, but also with the aid of vibration and oscillation - yes, the head and shaft both shimmy and spin, either in tandem or singularly, when the toy is in use.


These sensations are certainly unique and fun, but it’s in their intensity that the toy differentiates itself both positively, and potentially negatively, in the marketplace.

Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager
Nexus Revo Slim in its packaging.

Using the Nexus Revo Slim

Operation of the massager is actually super-intuitive and one of the great joys of the product. While, yes, it is a remote-controlled product, there are also buttons available on the massager itself that control the intensity of the vibration within the shaft, and the style of swinging back and forth of the head. A firm depression of both buttons for vibration and spin actually turn the Nexus Revo Slim on and off, which is logical, but ever so slightly problematic if it is in use. Usually, these types of products have one button for controlling power, and another toggle for style and intensity of interaction.


The Revo Slim advertises six stimulation modes, two shaft rotation speeds and a two-direction rotating shaft, which allow for 34 combinations of pleasure, according to Nexus. I’ve probably explored half of these modes by now, and each time the result is the same: a lengthy orgasm that far exceeds anything my body has ever experienced before.

The Nexus Revo Slim delivers a lengthy orgasm that far exceeds anything my body has every experienced before.

If you haven't tried it, prostate massage in and of itself allows for a type of release that is uniquely profound, and this toy is purpose-built to deliver it.


Nexus Revo Slim

Use of the Revo Slim with a partner is likely best if you are an anal play lover and your partner is either a newcomer to the practice, or so well versed in the field that they’re looking for something progressively different.

Yes, it’s entirely plausible that the device can be used by anyone. The toy's 34 combinations of pleasure definitely demystify anal play for the uninitiated and less-informed player. Plus, the intensity of force and depth of power in the device create totally unexpected sensations. If your previous anal play consists of the tip of a finger or butt plug probing against your fleshy, tender love button, you're in for a very pleasant surprise: a motorized oscillator grinding itself into your pleasure center is on another level entirely.


If your previous anal play consists of the tip of a finger or butt plug probing against your fleshy, tender love button, you're in for a very pleasant surprise: a motorized oscillator grinding itself into your pleasure center is on another level entirely.

The Revo Slim's "slim" design can be enjoyed by just about everyone, but note that it may not provide enough size for serious anal enthusiasts. Plus, if left alone to its arousing work at its highest setting, the toy can have the occasional moment of working its way out of the anal cavity. Yes, it’s hilarious when it happens, but it does make you wish for a bit more of a bulbous shape at the product’s base, as well as a bit more width and depth. There’s probably some logical physics and physiology involved in why this isn’t the case in the product’s design, but it definitely is worth noting.

Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager
The Nexu Revo Slim can be controlled by remote, allowing for a totally hands-free orgasm.


Insofar as cleaning and charging this device, these again showcase smart, logical, and well-reasoned processes. Charging the Nexus Revo Slim involves using a USB port and linking the charging nodules to the bottom of the handle. Charging a Nexus Revo Slim for a solid two-hours of intense play takes roughly as long as charging your cellular telephone. That being said, while this massager can be charged via your laptop computer, it’s probably best to use a wall-mounted cellular telephone charger instead.

Regarding cleaning, this device is made of medical-grade silicone, which means it can be cleaned easily and won't hold germs if you give it a good scrub. Of course, as with most silicone toys, it is unwise to use a silicone-based lubricant as it may degrade the material over time. Because of the nature of the vibrations and the sturdy thickness of the Nexus Revo Slim, it is certainly advisable to use a thicker water-based or organic lubricant.

Nexus Revo Slim prostate massager with travel bag, charging cable and remote

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Nexus Revo Slim is a fantastic device for prostate play. From a price point and service standpoint, the moderate-to-experienced anal player will be more than appreciative of the multitude of options presented. However, this toy may be a little too much for an anal play novice. The sensations are very intense, so it may be best to try some other forms of anal play first to see how you like it.

The stimulation this device provides is entertainingly overwhelming in the best way. A destination device instead of a first go-around toy, it should absolutely be on your list as either an eventuality or a pleasant addition to a stimulating collection.

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