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Sex Toy Review: Nexus Eclipse

Published: SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 | Updated: SEPTEMBER 11, 2021
The Nexus Eclipse could be for you if you've ever said "just the tip" and meant it.

The product: The Nexus Eclipse

The Verdict: Kinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logo (out of five)

While the entire penis is sensitive for most people, did you know that the frenulum is the most sensitive spot of the area? This spot, right under the head on the underside of the penis, is full of sensitive nerve endings that can lead to orgasmic pleasure.


Many people adapt their stroking movement to target this pleasure-filled area (even if they don't realize it!) While many penis masturbation sleeves target this area purely by chance (since the sleeve happens to cover the entire shaft), there aren't many penis sex toys that focus on directly stimulating this sensitive area - until now.

The Nexus Eclipse Masturbator is a penis vibrator that's specially designed for frenulum and head stimulation. Not only does this easy-to-grip toy vibrate, but the Eclipse includes a robotic pseudo tongue that flicks up and down along the frenulum while using the Eclipse.

Nexus Eclipse review

Unlike most penis jerk off sleeves, the Nexus Eclipse is relatively shallow in-depth, and it's literally only designed to fit the first inch or two of your erection into its tunnel. As I said, it's designed just for tip pleasure. This leaves the rest of the shaft open for stroking while the Nexus Eclipse takes care of the pleasure on the tip of your penis (if you can handle that much stimulation at once!)

This review will walk through how this penis vibrator works, the pleasure it provides, and anything and everything else you need to know about the Nexus Eclipse vibrator.


How'd You Use It?

Turns out, even after five years of dating and sexin' someone, you can still learn new things about your partner. Despite spending years upon years of studying sexual pleasure and years upon years of actually doing sexual things with my partner, I learned a very valuable thing with the Nexus Eclipse: my partner hates frenulum stimulation.

During all of our play, I've never known this to be the case. I've stroked his dick hundreds of thousands of times. We've used a whole host of sex toys (including the newly beloved Tenga Spinner), and we've had lots and lots of sex.

And not one time has he ever particularly mentioned that his frenulum isn't a pleasure spot on his body - and in fact, for him, can be relatively painful. The frenulum is a standard "pleasure spot" for most penis-owning individuals, so this definitely came as a shock to me.

This is part of why I love sex toys so much. In addition to the actual stimulation sex toys provide, they also provide a chance for open communication - and getting to know your partner's body better. This is something I never really would have known about my partner, and while broad-grip stimulation never seems to have bothered this sensitive spot on him, any toy (like the Nexus Eclipse) that specifically targets the frenulum is unlikely to be a win for him.

Nexus Eclipse review


With that in mind, if you (or your partner) has scar tissue issues from circumcision or any other dislike of frenulum pleasure, the Nexus Eclipse may not be the best fit for you. (But if you like the rest of the features of the Nexus Eclipse, I recommend looking at similar options under our Other Options).

We gave the frenulum-stimulation pleasure a try a couple of times, but it just never turned out to be pleasurable to him - which, turns out, is due to a very-much personal preference that I hadn't known about. It does exactly what it claims to do, though. That "stroking" area strokes the frenulum over and over to the speed that you set it to.

If you're someone who can orgasm from the pleasure of frenulum stroking alone (or vibrations to the frenulum!), you are in for a treat with the Eclipse. It mixes constant, finger-like pressure on the frenulum with the orgasmic pleasure of vibrations.

That being said, after trying it that way multiple times, we chose to flip the Eclipse around and use the "frenulum" stroker on the head of the penis itself. He enjoyed that much, much more. It makes it a bit odd to hold (if you are using it on yourself the finger grips are facing your palm), but he was able to enjoy and experience the stroking sensation much better that way.

We really found that the sensation was much better with a bit of lubricant on the area. You don't necessarily need to lube the Eclipse itself, but ensuring the penis was lubricated allowed the Eclipse to gently glide over the surface in a much more pleasurable manner.

It's worth noting that the Nexus Eclipse doesn't do well under physical pressure. If you press the stroking mechanism hard enough into the body that it applies pressure to the mechanism, it can freeze up. It's definitely something designed for free movement against the frenulum. Expect it to provide moderate pressure, but if grinding against a pillow/object is part of your pleasure profile, that will likely be too much pressure for it to keep working.

At the same time, the Nexus Eclipse feels 300x better when you don't apply that pressure, so it works for the Eclipse's advantage. When you apply pressure to the stroking mechanism, you can really feel the cylindrical shape of its design. It's like being foam rollered on the penis, and it isn't necessarily pleasant. If you use a lighter touch, though, the stroking feels more like a firm pressure from a finger rather than a foam roller.


As the stroking mechanism is slightly under an inch in length, with any firm pressure, you can also really feel the "end points" on both sides of that cylindrical movement. With the lighter pressure, that entirely disappears, so again, for a multiple of reasons, the Eclipse is really designed for a light touch for vibration and stroking motions on the tip of the penis.

How Else Could It Be Used?

If you're particularly adventurous, you could try to use the Nexus Eclipse as a couple's toy. If you aren't trying to use the stroking portion of the vibrator for this (as they may seize up), you could choose to use vibrations-only. Flip on the vibrations, slide this onto the penis, and a vagina-owning partner could straddle on top and grind against the toy for pleasure.

Some of the vibrations can be felt on the top-most part of the vibrator, but if you're going to try this, you'll have to be someone who can orgasm through grinding as the firm pressure of the toy's surface will primarily be where the pleasure is provided.

Otherwise, with the toy's design, it's pretty much designed to fit onto the tip of the penis - either with the stroking portion against the head of the penis or against the frenulum. You could experiment with hands-free use, but with the toy's stroking design requiring a bit of pressure to get it into place, the stroking portion may not feel as pleasurable without a hand keeping the Eclipse in place.


It's also worth noting that the Nexus Eclipse only targets the top 1.85" of the penis. This means that it leaves the entire rest of the shaft entirely open and available for stroking. If you want to use the Eclipse with one hand and stroke with the other, you can enjoy double the pleasure.

Nexus Eclipse review

Product Details

Designed to be a one-handed toy, the Nexus Eclipse can easily be handled with one hand when using it to pleasure the frenulum. (If you turn the toy around, like I mentioned we ended up doing, it's much harder to hold with your hand since your fingers won't line up with the finger divets). With the proper use, though, the finger divets and the toy's natural curvature line up really easily for an effortless, one-handed experience.


The Nexus Eclipse is slightly heavier than the standard vibrator, but nowhere near as heavy as a wand massager or some types of rabbit vibrators. When partnered with the fact that the Eclipse sits on top of the penis (to support some of the weight), it's usable with one hand.

The finger grooves on the surface of the Nexus Eclipse actually work wonderfully for gripping the toy. While it won't help you overcome too much lube, as long as you're lightly lubed or not lubed at all, it keeps the Nexus Eclipse easily in-hand.

With the vibrator gripped like that, it's also extremely easy to access the buttons. You can quickly change the functions of the penis vibrator with just your thumb.

Speaking of the functions of the toy, let's talk about their power.

There are three speeds to choose from for stroking the frenulum. The pattern or the depth of the stroker don't vary - just the speed. The speed increases are incremental, so you definitely notice a difference, but the sensation itself remains the same as speed is the only thing that changes.

That being said, as mentioned above, the stroking sensation seems to feel the best with a lighter pressure (with heavier pressures making the sensation more grating), so you really control the intensity of the stroking with how much pressure you apply. The button on the toy just controls the physical speed of the movement.

The vibrations in the Eclipse feel like they're focused right underneath the portion where you hold the vibrator (with the finger grooves). They definitely can be felt on the fingers - and they can be felt on the tip of the penis as well. The vibrations are very buzzy (but quiet!), but they're definitely very, very faint. They're easiest to feel in your fingers and within the stroking area even when it isn't actively stroking.

Nexus Eclipse review

Due to the high-frequency type of vibrations, they can be harder to feel within the chamber of the toy. They're on the very light end of the vibrations - on par with a bullet vibrator or other small vibrators. If you need powerful vibrations from your toy, you're better off spending the bit of extra cash for the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux.

When it comes to noise, you really have to talk about the two functions separately. Since they can be turned on (and used) independently, you can get different noise levels from the two. If noise is a concern, stick to vibrations-only, but the stroking can also feel really good for when noise isn't an issue.

The vibrations are, by far, the quieter of the two functions. The vibrations are soft enough that it's hard to hear them inside of the same room - much less from a different room. It's a very, very quiet vibrator - probably because, in part, the vibrations don't have much intensity to them.

Once you add the stroking, though, things get much louder. The stroking has a noticeable "whine" to it. With every pass, it makes this "whine" from the movement of the mechanical parts. While this part is slightly annoying, it's also pretty unavoidable.

I have a Lora DiCarlo Ose 2 on my desk sitting right next to the Eclipse (also with a moving stroking motion like the Eclipse), and despite being over twice the price of the Eclipse, the Ose 2 also has the same whining noise with the mechanical parts.

That's just part of how the movement is made. That being said, the Eclipse's stroking motion can easily be heard within the same room, and it could be heard from outside of a closed door as well. You'll want to play some music or television and muffle with blankets where possible if noise is a concern. (Playing music partnered with a shower and a closed door should hide the noise).

Here's the official product specifications for you:
Length: 5"
Insertable Length: 1.85"
Insertable Width: 1.85"

How It Works

Using the Nexus Eclipse is extremely simple. Just insert the erect penis into the opening of the Eclipse. With the curvature of the Eclipse, the buttons are designed to be facing your face while the curved-out finger texture (for easier gripping) should be where your four fingers come together to hold the Eclipse.

Nexus Eclipse review

You might find it pleasurable to add water-based lube for more slipping and sliding against the Eclipse during use, but the chamber is certainly wide enough (1.85" in diameter) for most penis widths to slide in without any lube. Once the erect penis is slid into the toy, you can use the buttons on the toy to turn on the functions.

The Nexus Eclipse, despite its open-ended design, does appear to need at least a partial erection to use it. You can use the vibration function on the Nexus Eclipse while flaccid, but the stroking sensation is very difficult to get onto the penis unless the penis is at least partially erect. The stroking will go largely unnoticed if the penis isn't at least partially erect.

The Nexus Eclipse includes three buttons for easy control of the vibrating penis sex toy. These buttons are nice and centrally located on the handle of the toy, and with your fingers wrapped around the finger texture along the length of the Eclipse, it's extremely easy to press down the buttons of the Eclipse with your thumb.

Each one of the buttons provides a nice, satisfying "click" to let you know that it's been pressed, and it isn't difficult to press them down. (But the buttons are recessed enough that they were never accidentally pressed during use).

The three buttons on the Nexus Eclipse allow for independent control of the vibrations and the stroking sensation. One button simply functions as the power button. Press and hold that button to turn on the penis vibrator - or turn it off.

One of the remaining buttons controls the vibration while the final button controls the stroking sensation. Press the stroker button or vibration button to turn on the respective functions. Continued pressing through those two buttons allows you to scroll through all of the function options.

Nexus Eclipse

For the stroker, that's 3 distinct stroker speeds (low, medium, high). For the vibrations, that's 6 different vibration functions.

As you can control each function separately, you can choose to utilize just the vibrations - or just the stroking - without the other sensation if you'd like. You can choose to use Low Stroking Speed while also enjoying the 6th Vibration Pattern if that's what feels orgasmic to you. Having independent control overall functions of the toy really helps customize the experience with the Nexus Eclipse.

Materials and Care

The Nexus Eclipse should be thoroughly cleaned before and after every use. While it might be tempting to play with it straight out of the box, the Eclipse should also be fully washed before its first use. Nexus recommends warm, soapy water with a washcloth. (Do not use cleaners which contain alcohol or acetone!)

You need to leave the Eclipse out to fully dry before putting it back into storage. Make sure to shake the toy to look for any remaining droplets of water before proclaiming it "dry" for storage. As the Nexus Eclipse is waterproof, it makes for easy, worry-free cleaning.

While lube isn't required to use the Nexus Eclipse, if you choose to utilize some (for stroking along the shaft or anything else), make sure it's water-based lubricant. Silicone-based lubricant may react with the silicone of the Eclipse and alter the feel of the toy.

To make sure the Nexus Eclipse is always ready when you need it, you should regularly charge it as well. The Eclipse comes with a USB charger that can be plugged into any USB port - including on your computer or laptop. At the back of the vibrator, there are two magnetic contacts where the magnetic charge pad connects. Just slide the Nexus magnetic charger onto the charging pads, and the Nexus Eclipse will charge itself.

Nexus Eclipse review

One of my biggest complaints about magnetic charging is when the magnetic charger can be attached both ways. You see, most magnetic chargers have two contact points in order to complete the charge. There's a "right" way to connect them and a "wrong" way.

If you connect them the "wrong" way (upside down), nothing happens. The toy doesn't charge.

The Nexus Eclipse charger has this issue. You can connect the magnetic charger incorrectly, and it will adhere just the same as when it's connected correctly. Only one way will charge the Eclipse, though, so make sure you pay attention to the green light that turns on when the Eclipse is attached properly.

Only the "right" way will have the Eclipse charging as normal. So you might accidentally slide the charger onto the Eclipse and leave it for a day - only to find it just as low-power as you left it.

In addition, make sure your Eclipse is in a very stable spot. The round shape of the Eclipse, partnered with the relatively weak magnets of the charger, means this charger can slip off the port relatively easily. Bumping the Eclipse with a glass while unloading the dishwasher (while it was charging in the kitchen) caused the charger to dislodge.

Nexus Eclipse review

The charging system isn't my favorite (and it definitely leaves room for improvement!), but it gets the job done once you learn its specific idiosyncrasies. If you allow the Nexus Eclipse to charge for a full charge (about 75 minutes), you can get about an hour's use out of it.

The Nexus Eclipse also comes with a 1-year warranty. If, due to any defects in the product, it stops working within the first year, just contact Nexus, and they'll replace the unit. (Just make sure you save your receipt from Kinkly Shop! They'll need to see a proof of purchase! )

The Packaging

The Nexus Eclipse packaging is straight and to the point. The exterior of the Eclipse box is black with product photos throughout the box. When you slide open the interior "drawer", you get the Nexus Eclipse itself nicely nestled in a plastic, cut-out tray designed exactly for its size. Underneath the tray, you'll find the charging cable and the instruction manual.

Nexus Eclipse review

The box is relatively sturdy, and it's easy to open. If you're concerned about losing the toy or its charging cable, the Nexus Eclipse could be kept inside of the box for long-term storage.

Inside of the box, you'll find the Nexus Eclipse, a charging cable for it, and the instruction manual.

The Verdict: 4 out of 5

The Nexus Eclipse is going to be an amazing toy for you if your pleasure fits within its niche use. Stimulation to the head and frenulum needs to be at the top of your pleasure list - including that pleasure spot as a reliable and intense way to get you to orgasm.

As there's no full-shaft stroking or movement involved with the Eclipse, it can also be a bit "odd" and can take some getting used to if your primary method of masturbation orgasms is through stroking.

Nexus Eclipse review

While it's very possible to orgasm through the Eclipse alone, the gentler vibrations and the head-only, no-stroking sensations may not lend themselves to people who are used to full-shaft involvement.

Most likely, most people will want to use the Eclipse to enhance their favorite hand techniques. Since the Nexus Eclipse focuses on the head and only requires one hand for use, the Eclipse can be used in addition to your regular stroking to add even more pleasure. However, this will turn masturbation into a two-handed experience, so you need to be prepared for that.

The Nexus Eclipse really needs some charging-port improvements and a more powerful vibration motor to earn that final heart for a 5/5.

Other Options

While still newcomers to the sex toy scene, penis vibrators are starting to pick up in popularity. For the longest time, penis masturbation sleeves were one of the few toys available for penis-owners to experience serious pleasure.

As manufacturers realized that the penis can respond orgasmically to vibrations as well, the options for penis vibrators on the market have exploded too! While there's no other penis vibrator on the market that provides the frenulum stroking of the Nexus Eclipse, if you're willing to forego the targeted pleasure, you can find some other options for vibrating penile pleasure.

If the idea of remote-controlled penis vibrations sounds appealing, you might consider spending a bit more money and upgrading to the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux. Not only does it include a remote control for partner play (or easy control of the pleasure!), but the Pulse Solo Lux includes an oscillating plate that goes beyond the typical vibrations.

In addition, the Pulse Solo Lux can be used while flaccid - which is something that may be difficult with the Nexus Eclipse. I own the Pulse Solo Lux, and I would choose it for play over the Nexus Eclipse with a partner when that was an option. (Hey, this woman loves remote control and more powerful vibrations!)

Another vibrator focused on the tip, the Fun Factory Cobra Libre 2 offers two powerful motors with 11 vibrational patterns to explore. It also offers a single-handed design with a vibrator design that's crafted to be held in place at some of your most sensitive areas. The Cobra Libre 2 is also rechargeable and waterproof. Expect the Cobra Libre 2 to offer more vibrational power, but it won't offer the frenulum stroking motion.

If you're on a tight budget and want some of the enjoyment of a cylindrical vibrator, you might consider the Satisfyer Men Wand. With 50 vibration combinations in its rechargeable design, this waterproof toy was designed for full-shaft vibrations with its long length. The "winged" tip wraps partially around the head to bring those vibrations where they matter the most.

Wondering how/why we reviewed this product? Check out our Sex Toy Review Policies.

Review Summary | Nexus Eclipse

  • Focused tip sensations
  • Very easy to grip
  • Stroking mechanism works well
  • Very light vibrations
  • Stroking movement can be loud
  • Might take getting used to if you're used to stroking
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