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Sex Toy Review: MysteryVibe Tenuto

Published: AUGUST 31, 2020 | Updated: OCTOBER 8, 2020
The MysteryVibe Tenuto is a sizable cock ring with a steep learning curve and a hefty payoff.

The Product: MysteryVibe Tenuto Vibrating Cock Ring

The Verdict: Kinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logo Kinkly logo (out of five)


The fully-loaded cock ring of your dreams is now here! Designed to hit all of the erogenous zones around the penis, the MysteryVibe Tenuto goes above-and-beyond standard cock rings with a 6-motor, Bluetooth-connected, cock ring that pleasures the penis, testicles, perineum, your partner, and even the anal area!

Designed for the penile anatomy, the tagline for this silicone penis toy is "make hard feel easy". With its blood restricting capabilities, that's well within the range of use for the Tenuto. While Tenuto functions as a standard cock ring in that regard, you get more than just a cock ring with the attached vibration motors targeting the penis, the testicles, and the perineum.

The MysteryVibe Tenuto pictured with the Wet for Her Fusion

The MysteryVibe Tenuto pictured with the Wet for Her Fusion


Customization of your specific pleasure is part of the MysteryVibe's flagship beliefs. The Tenuto carries that within it with its integration with the MysteryVibe app. While the Tenuto does not currently allow long-distance control of its vibrational settings, the app allows for create-your-own patterns that can be preloaded to the vibrator's memory for custom vibration patterns that don't require the app to use!

In addition, real-time local control of the Tenuto is possible to strengthen the vibrations of any one of the six motors during use.

The Tenuto Initial Connection and MysteryVibe App


MysteryVibe Tenuto

The MysteryVibe app walks you through connecting the Tenuto to the app easily. Essentially, you need to press and hold a Bluetooth button that is clearly marked on the Tenuto. The app will require you to identify which one of the MysteryVibes you're connecting, and you hit "Connect".

Once you do that, the Tenuto is connected to the app. It was an effortless process for me and took less than a minute. On subsequent connections, it took even less time than that.

You do not need to register for an account or provide a password in order to access the Tenuto vibe.


MysteryVibe Tenuto App

Once you're into the app, you have a few options. The middle of the screen lets you jump straight into the vibrations with the Play/Pause function. If you want to explore more, you can choose to drag the Pattern Library or Real-Time Vibration Control functions into the middle of the screen. The drag is a little finicky, but it usually works after a few tries.

The Pattern Library essentially lists off all of the patterns that are available for use with the Tenuto. The Tenuto comes with 11 downloaded patterns. You can undownload any one of these patterns and add your own choices.


MysteryVibe Tenuto

The premade pattern library is very slim (about 20 choices total), but those 20 choices offer a wide variety of different pattern types with the Tenuto. The Tenuto allows you to pre-load 16 total patterns to the vibrator.

If you don't enjoy the premade patterns, there's a Create Your Own Patterns function. The "Create Your Own" doesn't allow for a full range of creativity down to the percentage of vibration strength like most cell phone app vibrators, but it does allow you to personalize your experience.

The app shows the six different motors, and you can choose one of the pre-set vibration patterns for each one of the six motors. You can adjust these vibration spurts in two-second intervals, and in the end, it puts it all together for your final personalized vibration pattern - that can then be pre-loaded onto the Tenuto like any other pattern.

The Real-Time Vibration Control allows you to load up any of the pre-loaded patterns and then add your own real-time changes on top of it. By pressing any one of the six motors shown on the screen, it will instantly increase the vibration intensity on that motor. This mode is a bit finicky, and it doesn't always add the vibration intensity when I touch the motor. I'd say it's about a 50% success rate.


MysteryVibe Tenuto

Harder presses work better than lighter presses, but it seems like it might be related to where the activation area is on the app. For me, it's a fun mode to play around with, but I'd never use it for anything where I'm depending on the app to vibrate as I ask it to.

As a really neat addition, the MysteryVibe app allows you to drag and drop the order of the shown patterns. So if your favorite pattern happens to be #10, you can drag it to show up as #1 each time you launch the app.

The MysteryVibe app doesn't allow for any sort of long-distance control of the Tenuto. The phone with the app needs to be near the device in order to do this control. I'd love to see MysteryVibe add some sort of long-distance control at some point, but for now, the app is used to personalize your local Tenuto vibrator experience. It's a fun way to interact with your vibrator, but it's definitely "above and beyond" what's necessary.

You can still enjoy all of the same patterns on the Tenuto without needing to worry about downloading the app. At the same time, because of the position of the controls of the Tenuto (underneath the body when it's worn), the app is the easiest way to simply change the vibrations during use of the vibrator.

For a more in-depth tutorial on the MysteryVibe app, check out the video below:

How'd You Use It?

Especially after a long day, erections aren't always as forthcoming - especially as my partner has gotten older. Having expressed stress over being unable to achieve an erection (which then causes us to have to rethink our sexual plans and change them), something as function as the Tenuto seemed like the perfect fit.

Not only does it let my self-proclaimed "butt slut" partner enjoy some stimulation between-the-legs and closer to another erogenous zone, but it's supposed to help make erection easier. So, win-win all-around!

Expect the first time you use the MysteryVibe Tenuto to be an experiment because you'll definitely need to do some trial and error to figure out a good fit for your body. It will take some practice to make sliding on the Tenuto a fluid experience.

MysteryVibe Tenuto

The first couple of times, he definitely couldn't get things in the right spots. The testicles wouldn't fall easily into the testicle spot, and he couldn't get the toy to line up at all. It took some help on my end, and some experimenting on his, to make it a smooth equip. Now it takes less than a minute compared to the five-minute timespan we started with.

It's worth noting that it's a pretty snug fit - especially for the testicles. You want a snug fit - especially if the goal is an erection. However, the hole for the testicle area is relatively small - especially if your testicles are very tight, large, or not particularly low-hanging. This can make for a bit of an awkward fit, or in our case, a five minute period of readjusting the testicles and testicle skin in order to make it pleasant instead of painful and pinchy.

That could very-well be an anatomy-specific thing, but if your testicles tend to ride high with minimal excess skin, you might run into the exact same issue when attempting to slip on the MysteryVibe Tenuto.

With the Tenuto in place, it worked like a dream - both for pleasure and erection. The snug fit of the cock ring definitely helped with making erection easier. It's worth noting that it wasn't "as effective" as some of the very-snug cock rings that we've used in the past, but it's definitely an improvement over nothing.

When you add in the pleasure of the vibrations, though, the Tenuto can be just as functional as most other cock rings. If you're someone who tends to physically respond to vibrations, this toy provides quite a bit of it and in a "surround-sound" manner.

If you're used to regular cock rings that just provide one spot of vibration, you're in for a big surprise with the Tenuto. It's a very different sensation to have vibrations coming at you from six different areas versus a constant sensation from one area.

At least from the perspective of my partner, he says it draws his attention into the entire genital area as a whole - where most cock rings tend to make him focus exactly on the shaft. He said it was an amazing difference, and he can't believe the difference it makes. It brings together external pleasure of the perineum, anal area, testicles, and shaft in a broad type of stimulation that seems to "hit" all of those areas at once.

Of course, once you add that on top of whatever other stimulation you're doing (like intercourse or a masturbation sleeve!), you have a whole bunch of pleasure at once. The MysteryVibe Tenuto leaves the entire shaft open for pleasure, and with the right positions, it leaves the anal area open for pleasure too, so the Tenuto just adds pleasure to whatever activity you were already doing - without taking focus away from that pleasure - especially if you've learned what sex positions work best with it.

He also notes that the vibrations can get to be a bit too much after a while. Depending on how long your sex sessions tend to go, the vibrations can become numbing- which is not necessarily what you're going for. We started to find the vibrations a bit numbing after about 30 minutes of constant use. Using the less-intense patterns helped a bit - or even just turning off the vibrations once in a while while using the Tenuto.

Speaking of switching the vibrations, this is where the MysteryVibe app can really come in handy. The vibration controls for the MysteryVibe Tenuto are actually located on the bottom part of the vibrator that rests in-between the thighs.

This is definitely an awkward angle to get to solo, and you'll probably want help from your partner to press the buttons if you plan on changing the vibration patterns mid-play.

The app helps eliminate some of that, though, especially since the Tenuto cock ring is very responsive to app commands. It means you can pick up your cell phone and pause the vibrations, temporarily, instead of having to stop what you're doing and ask your partner to spread their legs for an exploratory vibrator mission.

MysteryVibe Tenuto

Finally, we got to the intercourse part. It's worth noting that you'll lose a bit of "length" on your erection to the fact that there's now a cock ring there. That can be said about most cock rings - though the Tenuto is thicker than most.

We found that sex positions where he was somewhat still or had his thighs together tended to work the best. Woman-on-top was great with no issues. Missionary was okay-enough, but any super-active thrusting would tend to jostle the Tenuto around.

Really active sex positions, or sex positions where his thighs were spread apart and left the penis package "dangling" on a good day, were some of the hardest to do with the Tenuto because of the heft and the fact that it jostled around pretty often.

The best sex positions are those with the thighs together and not a ton of odd angles - at least, that's what we've found. So missionary and girl-on-top were a go while we'll probably avoid doggy style with it in the future.

How Else Could It Be Used?

I didn't find much stimulation out of it, on the "partner of the Tenuto wearer" end, because I need stronger clitoral vibrations, but if you're someone who just needs a little bit more clitoral sensation during intercourse to tip you over the edge, the MysteryVibe Tenuto has a motor on top of the penis just for the partner's pleasure.

Especially in sex positions where there's constant clitoral contact, this motor could be enough contact to make this a good couple's cock ring. For the most part, however, the MysteryVibe Tenuto definitely focuses on the wearer's pleasure - which is great too!

As of right now, the MysteryVibe app does not allow for remote control over the Tenuto like it does with other products in the MysteryVibe line-up. Their website mentions plans to make equip the Tenuto with long distance app control, however, so I'm hoping we'll see that sometime in the near future! It would make it one of the few brands that offers a long distance cock ring can that be controlled remotely.

Product Details

As far as "rings that go around the penis" go, the MysteryVibe Tenuto is a big one. It is, by far, the largest vibrating cock ring that I've ever seen. That being said, you might not notice a lot of the heft. This is because the majority of the "weight" is in the vibrating base that slips between the thighs.

Because this vibrator is between your thighs, the shape of your thighs will help hold it up as long as they're together, and you're not as likely to notice the weight as you likely would be if the entirety of the weight was hung straight down from the penis.

The Tenuto has a multitude of measurements because of its odd, large size. The side that slides in-between the thighs is 5" in length with a width of 2.5" across. The side that goes upwards towards the abdomen is 4" in height. The hole for the penis is 1.5" by 1.5" at-rest, but with the two "restriction" pieces moved, it can be stretched out to a diameter of 2" by 2".

The MysteryVibe Tenuto has six motors in it. That's not a typo. It has SIX. All vibrators have at least one motor, and some vibes add an extra motor for two. The very-dedicated have a third motor in there as well, but I've never seen any vibrator with four to six motors until the Tenuto. So yes, there are six motors in the Tenuto! There's one in the piece that rests against the perineum, two right next to the testicles, two right next to the shaft, and one above the penis - perfect for a partner's pleasure.

That being said, having more motors doesn't necessarily make it the strongest. Having six small motors will still not put out more power than a very-large motor (like in a wand massager).

And in that case, it isn't as powerful as a wand massager. Not even close. But, presumably, if this cock ring had wand-massager power, it'd probably cause orgasm within seconds which isn't the ideal fit for a cock ring anyway. Instead, the MysteryVibe Tenuto excels by having plenty of motors - which are placed throughout the genital area.

Instead of focusing on having the strongest single motor possible, they focused on having a vibrator that offered constant sensation throughout the entire erogenous zone in a way that no other cock ring vibrator has ever done before.

Even so, the motors aren't wimps! They're stronger than most cock ring motors I've ever played with - even if they aren't quite as strong as many clitoral vibe motors. They're well above-average in strength for cock rings, and most people will find them more-than-enough to add orgasmic pleasure to an already-amazing sexual experience.

A lot of toys claim to be "whisper quiet". The MysteryVibe Tenuto actually is. I can hear it when I'm holding it in my hands, but place it on a different chair within my living room, and I can't hear it while sitting at another seat in my living room. It's extremely quiet.

How It Works

Unlike every other vibrator out there, MysteryVibe highly, highly recommends that you turn on the Tenuto before you put it on. This is because putting the vibrator on puts the controls underneath the body - and in a really hard spot to reach solo.

If you want to actively control the vibrations during use, I highly recommend using the mobile app alongside the Tenuto. Otherwise, you're in for an awkward reach-around of trying to get at the controls you can't see between your thighs.

Once you have the vibration on, you slide the MysteryVibe Tenuto on. The manufacturer recommends slipping it on once you've already achieved an erection for the easiest experience. As mentioned above, this will definitely be a learned movement, and you can expect it to take a bit at first. Stretching the ring around your penis, and into the proper areas, is definitely a two-handed job. Expect it to take your full attention while you do it.

MysteryVibe Tenuto

By default, the "big vibrator side" of the cock ring is designed to slide between the thighs. It certainly doesn't have to be worn that way if you don't want to, though, so if it feels more comfortable (and works better for your sex life!), it can be worn a different way instead. I can't think of a way that it would work better, but hey - far be it from me to tell you how to use your sex toys.

Controlling the Tenuto is simple to do with the four built-in buttons on the base. Each one of those buttons is clearly marked - including additional notations for the buttons that multi-task as the Bluetooth connection and power button. To turn the Tenuto on, you press a button for a second and then release it. To turn it off, you press the same button, hold for two seconds, and release.

These four buttons on the base control the intensity and vibration pattern of the Tenuto. The two arrows cycles through the vibration patterns while the plus and minus buttons will increase and decrease the intensity of those vibration patterns (11 patterns by default with the capability to go up to 16 with the app). As previously mentioned, controlling the Tenuto manually while it's being worn can be difficult, and the app is recommended instead.

MysteryVibe Tenuto

Materials and Care

In order to use the MysteryVibe Tenuto, you need to charge it up. Luckily for us, charging the Tenuto is really easy with the included USB cord. It looks like it uses a micro USB as the vibe's attachment point. The Tenuto's charging port is not covered - at all - which makes it very easy to access for quick charging. This also means the Tenuto is not waterproof - and only water-resistant as long as you keep water far-away from this open port.

Luckily, this open port is stuffed firmly between the legs during the wearing of the Tenuto, so it's less likely to come in contact with bodily fluids or lube unless you happen to be doing anal play at the same time. When charging, the light on the Tenuto will double-blink to indicate that it's charging while the light off means it is fully charged and ready to go. This full charge gets you two hours of playtime.

The MysteryVibe Tenuto is made from silicone. It's odor-free and tasteless - just in case you happen to have your face around that area.

As previously mentioned, the Tenuto has an open charging port near the base. While cleaning, ensure that water stays clear of this port - or expect a bad day and a possible non-functioning toy. The Tenuto should be washed before the first use and after every subsequent use with mild soap and warm water. MysteryVibe claims that the Tenuto is safe for cleaning under the tap, but it should never be submerged.

The MysteryVibe Tenuto also comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty. The warranty is valid for a year starting on the day you receive your toy. This limited warranty protects the Tenuto from any material defects, but it does not apply to "a defect arising from (a) fair wear and tear; (b) wilful damage, abnormal storage or working conditions, accident, negligence by you or by any third party; (c) if you fail to operate or use the Products in accordance with the user instructions; (d) any alteration or repair by you or by a third party who is not one of our authorized repairers; or (e) any specification provided by you."

MysteryVibe Tenuto

The Packaging

The MysteryVibe Tenuto comes in a very solid cardboard box. This solid, white cardboard box includes an informative slip-cover that isn't discreet. With the slipcover removed, the white box still says "Your Pleasure, Personalized", so it doesn't have full discretion for long-term storage. (The solid box is strong enough to be easily stacked with other small items, however.)

Inside the box, you get the MysteryVibe Tenuto, the USB charging cable, and an illustrated (and in-color!) instruction manual about how to use the Tenuto. The instruction manual is well-written with clear instructions - and some helpful illustrations that clearly show how to use the vibrating cock ring.

The instruction manual (and packaging) also includes some inspirational sex positions to use with the Tenuto.

The Verdict: Five out of Five

The MysteryVibe Tenuto is an amazing, innovative penis toy that's in a very specific category. It's more than a cock ring, but it's not "so much more" that it interrupts any other sexual activity.

It slides onto the penis and around the testicles to provide surround-sound pleasure to the entire penile erogenous zone while leaving the butt and penis entirely open for even more pleasure. Essentially, it just adds more pleasure and an easier erection with very little downside. It's hard to argue with that!

I wish the MysteryVibe Tenuto app offered their remote control functionality already (like they do with their other toys), and the Tenuto does have a higher learning curve than most cock rings, but it's entirely worth putting the time in.

The MysteryVibe Tenuto's large size might make it difficult to use with more-athletic sex positions, but if you stick with the "tried and true" sex positions, you can easily find one where the Tenuto seamlessly blends right in.

Other Options

If you're looking for other cock rings, you're in luck. While no other cock rings on the market have the same breadth of size and vibration that the Tenuto offers, other cock rings do have the benefit of being smaller in size.

In fact, if pleasure in your perineum or anal area isn't important to you, you might find that the lighter and smaller size of other cock rings is a better fit for you than the MysteryVibe Tenuto.

First off, I'd look into the We-Vibe Verge. The Verge's design also is designed for self-stimulation - just like the MysteryVibe Tenuto. The Verge's vibration attachment is designed to run underneath the body for light perineum stimulation - though nowhere near the intensity that the Tenuto provides. Like most We-Vibe toys, the Verge is also compatible with the company's cell phone app for wireless control of the cock ring during use.

If you're looking for a cock ring that's partner-focused, you'd be better off with the We-Vibe Pivot - especially if your partner has a large distance between their vaginal entrance and their clitoris. The We-Vibe Pivot has a "taller" vibrator attachment on the ring itself, so it will reach a clitoris that's further away than the MysteryVibe Tenuto will. Like the Verge, the Pivot is also compatible with We-Vibe's cell phone app for wireless control of the cock ring during sex.

Finally, if you're looking to experiment with a cock ring but your budget doesn't allow one of these powerful, vibrating options, the Blush Stay Hard Beaded Cock Rings are a great choice. These stretchy rings are great beginner cock rings because they stretch out easily and are simple to use. Not only that, but the Stay Hard Beaded Cock Rings come in a 3-ring set of graduated sizes to help you ascertain the perfect size for your body. Using the Beaded Cock Rings will help you figure out what size of penis rings to buy in the future.

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Review Summary | MysteryVibe Tenuto

  • Very powerful vibration - 6 motors!
  • Surround-sound pleasure for the wearer
  • Usable with most other sexual activities
  • App offers unlimited pattern customization
  • App patterns can be pre-loaded onto the Tenuto
  • Its bulk can limit sex positions
  • Desire for remote control options via the app
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