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Sex Toy Review: LELO LILY 2

by Kinkly
Published: JUNE 6, 2017 | Updated: JULY 27, 2020
Despite being a little slippery for partner play, the LILY 2 is easily my favorite new toy.

The Product: LELO LILY 2

The Verdict: Kinkly LogoKinkly LogoKinkly LogoKinkly LogoKinkly Logo (out of five)


I’m a writer by both passion and trade but when it comes to writing sex toy reviews, I’m a bit out of my element. But my motto when asked to do the unfamiliar is to say yes and figure out how later. When Kinkly asked if I’d like to review the LELO LILY 2 personal massager, I held true to my motto. So, here we are.

The LILY 2 arrived at my doorstep in the middle of the afternoon. Discrete outer packaging aside, I knew exactly what the small brown box contained and I was oh-so-ready for it. One of the perks of working from home? Masturbation breaks. But I digress! LELO’s website promised that the LILY 2 would stimulate my body and my mind using powerful vibrations and fragrance, so I definitely had high hopes.

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What's in the Box

Upon opening the box, I was impressed by the elegance of the sleek black packaging. If I hadn’t known what to expect, I may not have even realized it was a sex toy. It looked that gorgeous. The small, curved massager fit right into the palm of my hand and I caught notes of the light "bordeaux & chocolat" fragrance (though, to be fair, I don’t know if I would have recognized those as the scents if the box hadn’t been labeled). Each of the LILY's three available colors - plum, pink, and lavender - comes with a different aphrodisiac scent. These aren't a deal-breaker, but they're a cool addition.


With a USB-charging port at the end and two tiny buttons on the underside, the LILY 2 is about as simple as it gets (in a good way). The right button turns the vibrator on and allows you to adjust the intensity and move between eight different patterns. The left button turns it off when held down for a few seconds. The fact that it’s 100% waterproof is a major bonus.

Sex Toy Review: LELO LILY 2


Because the LILY 2 is supposed to be good for both solo and partner play, I decided I’d give both a try.

Sex Toy Review: LELO LILY 2

My Experience Flying Solo with the LILY 2

Since I’ve always wanted to try a waterproof sex toy, I headed straight for the bathtub. Bubbles, some Lacroix (I was taking a break from work, the wine had to wait for when my fiance got home), and the excitement of trying a new toy had me ready to go. I was not disappointed. The LILY 2 is small but mighty. I started with the first setting - a low rumble - and managed to work my way all the way to the highest setting. It was intense. And by intense I mean that I had an orgasm within minutes.


The buttons were easy to access when I wanted to change vibrations and the curved design felt like it intuitively fit to my body. If you’re as sensitive as I am, the highest setting may be just a touch too strong. On one hand, I came very quickly. On the other, things were a little numb for a few minutes. Whether that’s a perk or not depends on how you look at it. I felt satisfied, so I didn’t feel the need for another round.

Overall, I had no complaints about the LILY 2 during my solo sesh. It has a lot of impact for such a tiny toy, it’s fun, and it’s so easy to use.


The LILY 2 and Partner Play

Let me start by saying that my partner is always open to new sexual adventures. So, when I told him that I was asked to review the LILY 2, he happily volunteered his services. The only feasible position seemed to be missionary but even then it was hard to keep the LILY 2 in place. We found it much easier if my legs were wrapped around his waist, but that required quite a bit of adjusting.

We’ve used vibrators together a couple of times before and one of our biggest complaints has been how loud (read: distracting) they are. The LILY 2 is quiet, even on the strongest setting, which makes it easier to concentrate and enjoy ourselves.

The combination of penetration and clitoral stimulation felt amazing and was super hot, both for me and my man. In his words, "it may just take some practice to keep it in place. I’m fine with that." I bet he is. And, truthfully, I am too.


Sex Toy Review: LELO LILY 2

What I Loved I Loved About LILY 2

  • Waterproof
  • Charges quickly
  • Compact size
  • Discrete buzzing
  • Sleek design
  • Lots of fun settings!

Not So Much

  • It's ergonomic design makes it hard to keep in place during sex

The Verdict

Despite it being a bit slippery for couples' play, I'm giving the LILY 2 a 5 out of 5. Aside from just being hard to keep in place when using it with my partner, I have only positive feelings about it. I think the LILY 2 is easily my favorite new toy! I will definitely be "practicing" again. Thanks, LELO!


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