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Sex Toy Review: Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux

Published: FEBRUARY 21, 2020 | Updated: JULY 22, 2020
Here’s a toy that demonstrates the best of our current sextech wonderland: finely engineered, durable, flexible, and powerful, with a wide range of sensory options.


The Product: Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux

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Want to know what, to me, is the absolutely best thing about the current sextech renaissance? The seemingly endless parade of exciting new sexual pleasure devices I’m fortunately able to watch being developed and, even better, get my (ahem) hands on end.

They’re certainly smart, able to seamlessly connect with other, similar toys in the same room or halfway around the world.


Definitely, they’ve been finely engineered and superbly crafted to ergonomically fit the hand or other more intimate spaces.

All of this is great, but my personal techno-festish for all this cool gear is the way that the developers have begun to think way outside the box when it comes to what sextech can look and feel like.

That is my way of getting to my review of the amazing Pulse Solo Lux from the great folks at Hot Octopuss.


A Unique Design, Unique Feel, and Pure Pleasure

The first thing you’ll no doubt notice about the Pulse Solo Lux is that it doesn’t look like most other penis pleasurers.

hot octopuss pulse solo lux review

Not to put those other types down, as I have used and thoroughly enjoyed many of them, but a sleeve toy can sometimes feel kind of isolating. By that I mean that when your member is snuggly inside a masturbation sleeve, you can’t do much else with that body part, such as have sex with another person at the same time.


This is not a problem with the Pulse Solo Lux. Instead of being a tube you put yourself in, it’s a small, flexible unit that can pretty much be slid anywhere along the shaft of a penis.

That’s the greatest feature of this toy, as it allows the user to adjust the intensity through the ergonomic control setup, which I’ll get to in a second, as well as by moving the unit closer to, or farther from, your most sensitive bits.

You can even rotate the toy around the shaft of the penis, so the vibrations travel up through the tissue at all kinds of points. This level of control was a big part of why I found the Pulse Solo Lux so enjoyable.


Though there was more, of course, first let’s make a small detour to its manufacturing and quality.

Well-Made and Finely Engineered

When it comes to materials, the Pulse Solo Lux scores even more points: the covering feels like its been perfectly formulated to be slick when it needs to be, but with enough innate traction to keep you from accidentally shooting it across the room when things get energetic.

It’s also totally waterproof, allowing you to take it anywhere wet and or moist, including the tub or shower. It’s sturdy enough that should you accidentally drop it, the unit will keep right on buzzing along.


Another positive feature of the Pulse Solo Lux I want to touch on is this toy’s easy-to-feel and easy-to-use controls. Not to bash other devices, but all too frequently designers make the on/off, vibrate more or less, or oscillate buttons too small, and, therefore, hard to find-- especially in the wild throes of self-pleasure.

But with the Pulse Solo Lux, changing the action through controls on the unit or with the handy remote control couldn’t be easier. The buttons are tactile, being raised enough to feel without needing to look and are simple in design, but still provide a great range of options.

hot octopuss pulse solo lux review

Controlled on the Wrist or on the Penis

Hot Octopuss’ innovation is further evident in where the controls are located. On the device itself, there are two sets of two: one pair that powers the unit on, increases or decreases the vibrations, or even gives a powerful boost (called appropriately the Turbo button. On the other side of the Pulse Solo Lux are the other pair, which alter the type of isolations.

hot octopuss pulse solo lux review

With these, you can deliver to an exciting range of intensity, frequency, and more. There are more than enough combinations to keep your interest and, best of all, your excitement.

But Hot Octopuss isn’t done yet. The Pulse also comes with a neat little remote control that can be worn on the wrist or easily detached from the band to be held in the hand--yours or someone you might be playing with.

Like with the body of the Pulse Solo Lux, this control is perfect for what it does: four buttons that do the exact same thing as their counterparts on the device, including that Turbo button.

Equally water-resistant and durable, the wrist control is just the thing for hands-free play in and out of the water. As I mentioned, that it can be used by another person, which means the Pulse Solo Lux could be a fun part of a BDSM scene: with the dominant being able to control (and you’ll notice I didn’t resort to “literally”) their submissive’s sexual pleasure.

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Tons of Options

Because of its unique design, on top of all this, the Pulse Solo Lux can be a technological addition for partner play, as it allows for the member wearing it to still use their penis for sexual contact, including--to a certain extent that is--penetration.

Without being too explicit, I tried this myself and found that while it was possible it was a tad tricky to actually achieve. Not to say impossible, as I felt that with a bit more practice I’d be able to get there much more easily.

Oral sex, though, was definitely doable, as was manual stimulation of other parts of the body, such as testicles, the base of the shaft or, if you slide the unit down to expose it, the head.

It can even be used with a whole bunch of other sextech toys, like handheld vibrators; the Pulse Solo Lux doing its magic while these others are used to stimulate other sensitive parts of the body or the genitals.

There’s even the possibility that the Pulse Solo Lux could be used with other genital types, as the vibrations it generates are more than strong and enjoyable enough to stimulate all matter of erotic areas.

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A Great Toy for all Kinds of Play

The only, and this really is a stretch, thing I might suggest for possible further incarnations of the Pulse Solo Lux is that Hot Octopuss consider adding in some smart-tech options, like the ability to control it via an app, or link it to other toys or interactive adult entertainment.

The other idea would be some way for the toy to be adjustable, so those with thicker or thinner penis shafts wouldn’t feel too constrained or not be able to enjoy the toy to its fullest.

These small quibbles aside, Hot Octopuss has really outdone themselves with the Pulse Solo Lux. Here’s a toy that demonstrates the best of our current sextech wonderland: finely engineered, durable, flexible, and powerful, with a wide range of sensory options.

For me, the best of all it’s proof that by challenging what a device like this should look like, Hot Octopuss has brought us something that hits all the very right things as no one has so far ever done before.

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