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Sex Toy Review: Cell Mate Chastity Cage

Published: AUGUST 17, 2020 | Updated: JUNE 7, 2021
The Cell Mate Chastity Cage has cool tech features that show where the future of sex toys may lie, but some red flags keep it from a 5-star review.

January 13, 2021 Editor's Note: Due to on-going security concerns with the app functionality of the CellMate, we no longer carry the Cellmate on Kinkly Shop. We hope we can carry it again in the future when the design flaws are addressed. Until then, if you're looking for inescapable chastity, you might want to check out The Vice chastity series: the Vice Mini, the Vice Standard, and the Vice Plus.

Security concerns were discovered in the CellMate chastity cage in early October by multiple security firms. The security concerns include software security exploits that allow hackers to remotely control the device as well as gain access to information within the CellMate app including location data and passwords.

As of this time, QIUI has released an updated app as well as instructions to manually remove the device from the penis along with multiple ways to contact the company in order to have the device's locking mechanism overridden to achieve freedom. If you already have the QIUI app and CellMate chastity device, we recommend updating right away.

Along with the other concerns noted in this review, we recommend you look over all of the risks and benefits to using a Bluetooth-enabled chastity cage like the CellMate before purchase. We always recommend determining your own risk profile before doing anything risky - including locking up the genitals. As originally mentioned when this review was posted, the QIUI CellMate chastity cage's base ring was specifically designed to be easily (and permanently!) broken if necessary for "escape" of the cage as well.

Read more about the current security concerns involving the QIUI CellMate chastity cage:
The Product: Cell Mate Chastity Cage

The Verdict: Kinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logo (out of five)

Experiment with orgasm control and denial with a physical device that locks up the penis. Preventing full orgasm and any stroking stimulation, a chastity device can be a very-real and very-physical reminder of the power exchange between two people—or even self-control when playing solo.

Verbally requiring your partner to forego orgasms is one thing, but when that requirement includes a physical device around one of their most intimate areas, it has a much-more-serious feel to it.

Essentially, a cock cage like the Cell Mate is used to ensure that the wearer can't access the penis. While the device allows urination, it blocks any other physical sensation to the penis - which, surprisingly, can be extremely erotic to a lot of people!


Especially with power exchange relationships, the wearer of a chastity cage might ask someone else to determine when they, themselves, are allowed to take off the chastity cage. In chastity terms, we call this permission-granter the "keyholder."

Traditionally, a small, physical lock was used to lock the chastity cage onto the penis, and the physical key was handed to the keyholder for safe-keeping (and denial). But hey, traditional doesn't always have to mean "for forever".

Brand new to the market and completely changing the basic "keyholding" dynamic, the Cell Mate is the only chastity device out there that features built-in Bluetooth functionality.

Cell Mate review


Essentially, much like how the world of teledildonics works, the chastity device can be controlled because it wirelessly connects to an app on your cell phone. When your partner/keyholder downloads the same app and you both agree to the transfer of authority via the app, the two apps communicate with one another to transfer control of the chastity device to the keyholder's app.

With that transfer complete, unless the keyholder uses their app to unlock the device, there is no way for the chastity wearer to unlock the device. Let me make that very clear: it will not unlock at all unless the keyholder chooses to use their app to unlock it.

As you can imagine, a device like this has some concerns—mostly because all of us have used technology that doesn't function exactly how we want it to all of the time. More on that later.The Cell Mate Initial Connection and Chastity App

In order to get the Cell Mate Chastity Cage on the penis and ready for lock-up, you need to get the CellMate attached to your mobile phone (and its app). The Cell Mate does not lock or function without use of the Cell Mate app, so ensure that your Bluetooth-enabled phone is compatible with the app before purchase. (QIUI app is available on both the Android and iOS store.)

Once you receive the Cell Mate cock cage in the mail, getting it all set-up actually only takes a few seconds. You need to download the app from your phone's app store (there are QR codes in the instruction manual if you want a fast method.)


Sign-up includes use of an email (use one you can regularly access; no fake emails) and password. It optionally allows you to fill out a profile, but its gender options and role identifications are sorely lacking.

Cell Mate review

When you sign-up, you must agree to (what I assume) are their terms and conditions. However, their terms and conditions are only in Chinese. There is no English translation of their terms on the app. There is no way to use the cage if you don't agree to these terms that you can't read.

(On that note, the QIUI app also wanted access to my location, 24/7, and my photos, videos, and media. I don't see a reason why it needs any of this before I'm interacting with any functions that require it.)

Avoiding all of the discussion around those issues, you then get dropped into connecting the cage. This goes really quickly. Turn on the Bluetooth, touch the button on the front of the Cell Mate, and they find each other. Tell the device whether you're the wearer or the keyholder of that device (you may initially register it as either), and you're good to go.


Now that it's registered to you, you can unlock it and lock it really easily with a large "lock/unlock" button on the device's home screen. It's some very simple stuff, and after a short "whirr" of the locking mechanism, it will move the metal bar that fastens the CellMate penis tube to the locking ring that resides under your testicles. This then allows the cage to be removed.

It's worth noting that the app logs your location and displays it when you lock or unlock the device. It displays this location information (down to the exact suburb city of my metropolis!) next to your username. I am unable to figure out if it displays this information publicly or for any subs whose Cell Mate I'm controlling.

This is a blatant privacy oversight and one that has literally zero bearing on the function of the device. I can come up with no reason that information needs to be gathered nor displayed in order to play with chastity.

Outside of the basic locking and unlocking function, the Cell Mate app provides other ways to play as well. There's a "Timer" function (discussed later). There are also other didn't-translate-well-to-English functions that I'm not entirely sure what they do at first glance.

These functions include:

  • Publicity Device
  • Launch a Referendum
  • Looking for Keymaster by Conditions
  • Looking for Keymaster by Robbing (...what?)
  • Regulator

If you click on any one of those, it warns that "There are risks. Please choose carefully !!!" So, for the average person with a chastity device attached to their penis, I think that would be enough reason to click "Maybe Later". For the sake of science, though, I delved deeper into these options to try to find some answers.


Cell Mate review

Here's what the fact-finding mission determined:

  • Publicity Device - This appears to make your Cell Mate "public". It does not specify what that means after you toggle it on or why you would ever want to.
  • Launch a Referendum - This appears to let you put up a public "Vote If You Want to Lock Me Up" mode. You may choose how long the voting goes and how long each "vote" is worth. I started a poll, but it never popped up the final tally after it was done, so I have no idea what happened after I tried. The device did not lock itself; it's possible I didn't receive any votes.
  • Looking for Keymaster by Conditions - This launches a "Keyholder wanted" ad as far as I can tell. You can choose the gender, age, identification, and location of your ideal keyholder. I'm happy to see that it also offers a "Permission Duration" during your sign-up process - though less happy to see that 30, 100, and 365 days are all default options to allow a complete stranger complete access to control something that is unescapable as soon as control is established.
  • Looking for Keymaster by Robbing - I still can't figure this one out. It brings up the exact same page options that "Looking for Keyholder by Conditions" did except I need to choose a time for "How Long After You Start Snatching". I really have zero idea what this does.
  • Regulator - This is a blank page, and I have yet to figure out what it's supposed to do.

The app's English translation definitely does leave a lot to be desired—and it comes across as generally confusing for a native English speaker. It's possible that the native Chinese app is flawless.

Cell Mate review

Let's move onto the connection with the chastity device. So far, in all of my subsequent check-ins with the chastity device, it picks up the chastity device's signal within seconds after you press the power button on the front of the Cell Mate. It's impressive how fast it finds the signal, actually.

It's faster than any other electronic I have including my headphones or my fitness watch. So, if you need instant chastity gratification, it has that going for it. Occasionally, when you tell it to lock or unlock, it hangs and requires a restart of the app, though. When you reenter the app, it seems to function as designed again.

If you exit out of the device-specific control, the app also has other functions - including their own social network they're trying to build. You have to agree to the terms if you want to use the "Community"—but those, too, are completely broken with a display of wingdings and other computer gibberish.

This community appears to be the place where all of your "Looking for Keymaster" and "Refendum Voting" things appear. It shows them off to the world at large within their social network.

You may also post your own photos, videos, and text if you're into that. It had a couple of posts an hour each time I stopped in. If you're really into chastity (and people who use the Cell Mate), this could be a good fit for you once you figure out the system.

It is, predictably, mostly filled with male-presenting individuals. In my time using the Cell Mate, I've only seen a single post by someone who is presenting as female.Can It Be Used Solo?

While I happen to be part of a pair who enjoys chastity, you can enjoy the fun of orgasm denial solo as well. The Cell Mate app includes a timer function for solo use. Using the app, you set a timer for the cage. The cage will not unlock until that timer reaches zero. There is no emergency override or manual key. It will not, at all, unlock until that timer reaches zero.

I recommend you treat that timer very carefully. It could be very easy to assume you want to be orgasm-free for 14 days, so you set the timer to 14 days. However, this means the Cell Mate will not unlock—for any reason—until those 14 days are up. Since you should really remove the chastity device at least once or twice a week for cleaning (of yourself and the device!) you'd need to think ahead and split your 14-day imprisonment into multiple small spurts in order to get the chance to clean yourself and the device.

Cell Mate review

When selecting the Timer function in the app, you can choose from minutes, hours, days, or months—to any number you want. For multiples reasons (including the fact that QIUI doesn't recommend wearing the device for more than 14 days at a time), I don't like that "months" is even an option. Before the device is entirely locked, you have to choose the time you want, agree to that time, and then agree to that time AGAIN, so it's pretty hard to accidentally select an unwanted time.Cell Mate Product Details

The Cell Mate includes everything you need to get started with your chastity journey as soon as you open the box. (Since the Cell Mate doesn't need to charge, it can be used right-away unlike most rechargeable sex toys out there). The Cell Mate includes a zinc alloy base ring (in two sizes), the Cell Mate App-Enabled Cock Cage (in the size of your choice), and the User Manual.

If you're new to chastity devices, the instruction manual includes an illustrated guide about how to put on the cage. The Cell Mate's simple design with minimal pieces only requires a couple of steps, so it's easier than most.

Cell Mate review

To get a good fit for your own anatomy, the Cell Mate is available in two sizes: Regular and Long. Unless you happen to be very long when flaccid, the "Regular" size will work for most bodies. The "Regular" and the "Long" varieties change the length of the tube where the penis fits by 2cm. It does not change the width of the tube, though. In addition, the Cell Mate includes two base rings (a Small and Large) with either size cage. Select the ring that fits your base best when wearing the cage, but you'll receive both rings with your Cell Mate purchase. The following are the measurements for both versions:

Regular Cell Mate Model
Opening Width: 3.5cm
Length: 10cm
Tip Opening: 0.9cm
Weight: 75g

Long Cell Mate Model
Opening Width: 3.5cm
Length: 12cm
Tip Opening: 0.9cm
Weight: 80g

Ring Size (Same for Regular and Long)
Small - 47mm diameter
Large - 51mm diameter

The Cell Mate device itself is powered by a non-rechargeable battery. This physical battery has a lifespan (eight to 12 months), and the app will allow you to track the percentage of how much battery is left.

When the battery is approaching its final moments, you'll need to exchange the battery for a new battery. It's a CR14200 battery with a 1.25mm connecting interface. If you can't find this battery locally, it can be ordered from QIUI. I recommend starting this process around the 40% battery remaining mark to ensure a smooth transition when your current battery finally dies.Wearing the Cell Mate Cock Cage

The first thing to note: the Cell Mate cock cage is made of plastic. Inside this plastic tube, there are multiple areas where the cage is not fully sanded down from its construction. They were straight-up sharp on my finger and caused cuts during wear. You may receive a cage that requires sanding down before you're able to safely use it. I know mine will.

Past that, putting the cage on is pretty easy. Unlike most chastity cages, the automated aspect means that cage wearing only requires a couple of steps. Slide the ring underneath the balls and penis, and slide the penis into the tube portion, and connect them together. That's it. I would have liked to see more ring sizes available for purchase - even if only by individual sale.

Cell Mate review

The two base ring selections are a-okay as a starting point (and it's nice that both are included,) but most chastity manufacturers provide three to six different ring sizes because testicles certainly aren't "two sizes fit most." Getting a good ring fit is vital for getting a comfortable chastity experience.

While we're talking about the fit, let's talk about the Cell Mate. The fit is pretty good —as long as you have a good fit with the rings. The ring needs to be as tight as possible at the base without being painful. This "very snug" ring fit helps keep the device up and in place. Because the Cell Mate has so much tech towards the front-side of the chastity device (unlike any other device,) it tends to "lean forward" much more than any other cage.

That being said, weight-wise, my partner says it's noticeably lighter than stainless steel while being slightly heavier than silicone or plastic cages. I agree with that assessment.

The Cell Mate can definitely be visible under clothing. In suit pants or office wear, it is very-much noticeable—however, you could chalk it up to an "above-average penis size" if you wanted to if someone was staring. Wearing the Cell Mate with tighter underwear (to get the cage closer to the body) and thicker fabrics (like jeans) makes it a lot less visible, though. I'd just be careful if you're wearing it to the office in dress pants.

Speaking of daily wear, the cage allows urination, much better than others. The very-wide, very large slit at the end of the cage can line up perfectly with the urethra for when you need to go.

At the same time, it's worth noting that the Cell Mate is lacking a lot of the "openings" that some cages have for easy cleaning, so the Cell Mate will need to come off more often than most cages as cleaning and rinsing it during a shower is more of a pipedream than a reality.

This is another reason to ensure you time your lock-up periods reasonably within the timer function of the Cell Mate chastity app. Every three or four days, an unlock to clean it all will keep your skin much happier.

Speaking of bathroom needs, it's important to note that the cage causes a very, very downward angle for the penis—more-so than every other cage we own. It's almost straight down.

This will make it very very difficult to use a traditional urinal (in case you were going to try). At the same time, you might want to keep this very-downward curve in mind if you're someone who has very strong connective tissues that want your penis to point far upward. You might experience a bit more discomfort with erections in this cage than with other cages.
Cell Mate review

Aside from all of that, he wants me to let you know that it's surprisingly comfortable. Aside from the areas we have to sand, the rest of the cage felt comfortable and natural during movement. It didn't feel overly bulky, and it didn't catch on clothing.

He found that it rested really nicely on the thighs when sitting, and it moved well while walking. He felt its presence, but aside from the parts we needed to sand, it wasn't painful or grippy in any way during his day-long chastity period.

On the Femdom side of things, the visual of the Cell Mate can either be a plus or a minus for you. The Cell Mate's black, opaque outside essentially blocks out all view of the penis itself. And by that, I mean all of it. It's almost like the penis entirely disappears.

If you're into that (especially for humiliation purposes), the Cell Mate chastity cage is probably a good fit. If you're into the idea of looking at a dick being locked up in a cage, it doesn't quite provide the same visual - as the dick is oddly missing. To each their own on that one, but it's worth considering when you're looking at purchasing the Cell Mate chastity cage.How It Works

When you first receive the Cell Mate, it comes locked. In addition to making it impossible to lock yourself in without the proper set-up, it also means that it forces you to register yourself with the app before you're able to play.

So, really, it ensures you're going to be ready to use the cock cage as soon as you're able to get the cage ready for use.

Your first step will be to download the QIUI app from the app store. The QIUI app is available on Apple iOS as well as Android devices. In order to use the online control aspects of the Cell Mate, you'll need an internet collection, and in order to control the cage at all, you'll need a cell phone that's Bluetooth-capable.

Cell Mate review

When the app is installed, you'll need to register for an account. As noted later-on, this registration is your account, and it's what you'll use to log into a new phone down the line. Make this something you'll remember. The app will then provide you an ID number - which is the number you can provide your partner to "friend" you as soon as they have the app as well.

The QIUI app has a small "profile" section (for some odd reason?) where you can tell more about yourself, your body, and your preferences. This doesn't seem to affect or be useful for using the Cell Mate unless you happen to have multiple keyholders and can't keep them apart unless you know their height—or plan on using the social media functions within the app.

The app includes a quick-start to connect the QIUI app to the cage itself. Using this quick-start, you just need to press a single button on the body of the cage. It will do the rest of the "hard work" for you.

Once both you and your partner are "friends" on the app, you're able to surrender control of the device to your partner if you're interested. Almost all functions on the app require a confirmation after the initial button press to reduce any accidental presses.

Whoever has control over the device can open the app, head to the appropriate "Toys" tab, and then find the device. It's as simple as clicking the "Unlock" button, and the locking pin in the Cell Mate will be opened automatically to allow the wearer to remove the cage. Just slide the locking pin out, and you can remove the entire cage. Reverse the process to lock the cage back up again.Serious Safety Concerns

If you've made it through this entire review without any red flags popping up, I'd be amazed. While the Cell Mate offers some downright awesome applications of technology in the chastity sphere, it also offers some serious removal concerns - which is probably why this type of device hasn't existed in the realm of chastity before now.

That being said, there are some "backdoors" built into this chastity device - like almost all chastity devices out there. Here are some of the common concerns - and some of the ways to "defeat" them.

My keyholder might get bored or ghost you: The solution to this is a solution you should be using anyway. Never give a complete stranger complete control over any part of your body - especially online. It's a terrible idea that's going to be fraught with dangers - just like this one.

If you're going to do chastity play with complete strangers, I highly recommend a regular chastity device - and keeping the back-up key around somewhere hard to access (but still accessible) like frozen in ice like we've been doing since the "olden" days.

Let me make it clear: if your keyholder chooses to never respond to you again, the only way out of the Cell Mate is by breaking the cage. There is no unlock function on the chastity person's end once control has been transferred.

My keyholder might upgrade to a new cell phone: The QIUI app stores a username and password that's unique to you. When you switch cell phones, you'll need to re-download the app and re-enter your username and password. For the obvious concerns (software compatibility, etc.), I highly recommend temporarily unlocking the cage while the cell phones are switched out. You can always relock the cage as soon as you verify everything works smoothly on your new phone.

The app isn't unlocking the cage: Here, we enter the worst-case scenario: despite doing everything right, the app isn't unlocking the cage despite you telling it to. Technology blips happen, and they aren't exactly rare. It has yet to happen to me, but like any form of semi-permanent bondage, plan for the worst and hope for the best.

After contacting QIUI (the company who makes the Cell Mate), I have your solution: you need bolt cutters. There is no alternative "out" if the cage's app refuses to unlock the cage for you. There is no manual key. QIUI can not remotely unlock it. You'll need to cut off the base ring with a bolt cutter.

That being said, everything won't be lost if that happens. Cell Mate does sell the base ring separately, so if you're able to get a new base ring and get the app responsive again, the rest of the CellMate will be finally functional without repurchasing the entire long-distance chastity cage.

The Cell Mate Runs Out of Battery: As mentioned above, the Cell Mate has a built-in battery. While this makes it super-easy for wear (no recharging!), it also has its own safety concerns - like getting stuck if the battery runs out. That being said, the CellMate app allows you to monitor the battery level. I have been unable to get an answer about what happens if you're locked into the device when that happens, so I highly recommend switching it out before the battery dies.

You Don't Have Internet or the Cell Mate App is Down: You either have find some internet (which isn't particularly hard these days with a lot of free Wi-Fi hotspots in many areas) or wait for the internet to return. You are unable to unlock the device without connecting to the app - which requires access to the internet.

That being said, it's important to note that your access to your own penis will be at the whim of the Cell Mate company. If the app goes down or their servers aren't working, you are unable to unlock yourself. So, when the internet goes down, you might find "the universe" as your new keyholder.

It's Uncomfortable: Unfortunately, if the device is hassling you and you're in the middle of a timed lock-up or unable to get a hold of your keyholder, you're pretty much just out of luck. You have to deal with the annoyance until you can remove the device, or you can take the drastic method and cut the base ring to get the device off of your body.

Cell Mate review

If you're in a timed lock up or have granted authorization to another person, there is no way for you to unlock the cage through the app. There's no "It's an Emergency" buzz to send to your keyholder or anything else built into the app. There's no defeating this problem.

That being said, you can reduce the likelihood this will happen. First off, you shouldn't agree to do long periods of chastity in this cage until you're used to it. Every chastity cage has its own unique quirks depending on your unique anatomy, and the Cell Mate is no different. Knowing those quirks - and how to best deal with them—is vital to being comfortable with long-term wearing when there's literally no way to unlock it.

You might find that achieving a partial erection happens to pinch a bit of testicle skin, and it's easiest to "relieve" that pinching by moving the cage a certain way when it happens. It is, however, only something you can learn with some experience in the cage where you're able to safely and easily remove the cage when something "uncomfortable" pops up.

This means you need to spend shorter timespans within the Cell Mate before you consider a long lock or granting access to someone who might not be available 24/7. (Like someone who works, has other priorities, dead zones for cell phone access, or things like that.)

This means you might consider wearing the Cell Mate for just an evening with a partner - or just a few hours at a time. Gradually add more time onto your "longest wear" until you've worked up to multiple full days - and nights - before you consider the idea of wearing indefinitely until your partner chooses to unlock you.

Keeping some silicone lube on-hand at all times can also help make the chastity device more comfortable if it's pinching, skin irritation, or something minor. Try squirting some lube, gently moving things around, and seeing if things improve.Materials and Care

As the Cell Mate is mostly an opaque cage with very few interior holes, the cage may get dirtier and require more cleanings than cages with more openings (and open-air-type chastity cages). Any problems can be avoided by thorough cleanings during removal as well as getting it as clean as possible in the shower.

The urinary hole in the front of the cage is very wide to help reduce any pee from staying within the cage after a few shakes.

The zinc alloy base ring and the plastic penis tube of the cage do not require any special cleaning considerations. Warm water and a mild soap should clean them out - and I highly recommend thoroughly cleaning out the tube. As it's a deep tube, one of those bottle cleaners (the non-abrasive kind!) or a soaked paper towel can be a good alternative.

The Cell Mate is splashproof—but not submergible waterproof—so be careful with keeping the cage submerged in water for long periods of time. The Cell Mate marketing material claims that the Cell Mate is waterproof, but the instruction manual notes not to submerge the device underwater for long periods of time.

It's worth noting that the manufacturer, QIUI, does not recommend wearing the Cell Mate for more than 14 days at a time.The Packaging

Cell Mate review

The Cell Mate comes in a thick cardboard box that reminds me of the boxes that OhMiBod products use. It's a very sturdy, very thick box that will work great for long-term storage to keep all of the Cell Mate items safely packaged with one another. The box is not discreet, though, and clearly mentions what's within the box, but it isn't sexually explicit in any manner.

The CellMate cock cage comes with two Zinc Alloy Base Ring (in two different sizes), the CellMate App-Enabled Cock Cage (in the purchased size of your choice), and the User Manual. If you're an internet-person, the User Manual is also currently available online for viewing as well.The Verdict: Kinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logo(out of five)

The Cell Mate is on its way to being one of the only options for long-distance chastity keyholding with the keyholding built directly into the device. That being said, it still needs some help—and some attention to potential safety concerns.

The app "feels" like it was made by a chastity kinkster who was super into the idea of "unescapable" chastity devices, and while that's a hot fantasy, reality isn't generally so kind.

As long as you have the safety tools around (bolt cutters), I think the Cell Mate can be a lovely way to experiment with chastity with trusted partners (or yourself!) - especially for short periods of time.

The lack of a physical key is a very different sensation than every other chastity device out there, and it allows for a wider range of keyholding activities - including long-distance keyholding which has previously required jumping through a bunch of hoops to make it happen. You just need to be ready (and prepared) to cut through the base ring of the Cell Mate because it's more likely than with manual, lock-and-key chastity devices.

App-wise, it needs a lot of help. The English version of the app has clearly never been looked through by someone who speaks English as a first language. A lot of the functions of the options are unclear as to what they do—aside from the fact that the app warns that it's very serious if you turn them on.

Cell Mate review

In addition, the app requests odd access to parts of your cell phone—including media and location when you aren't accessing those items. I have yet to figure out how to stop it from displaying my exact location every time I lock or unlock a device —and whether that location is publically available or available to anyone I'm keyholding for.

In addition, a simple "Emergency Unlock" button that performed locally on the app and without internet would have gone a long way for the device-wearer—and alleviated almost all of my concerns. If you're concerned about a chastity wearer cheating, any use of the button could automatically notify the keyholding person (or persons).

The fact that there's no way out of the Cell Mate outside of destruction of the cage, in an emergency, just feels like such an insane oversight that I'm astounded. Every experienced chastity lover will tell you to "keep the emergency key on you at all times," and with the CellMate, that just simply isn't an option.

As long as you recognize the potential safety hazards (and plan for them!) the Cell Mate chastity cage can be a whole new way to experience chastity. Just make sure you have an accessible way to escape your cage in case of emergency—more-so than most manual chastity cages.Other Options

Intrigued by the idea of chastity—but don't know if you need the Cell Mate? The tried-and-true manual chastity cages still exist out there! The Locked In Lust Vice Plus cage is one of the most secure out there.

While it depends on a physical key to do the "locking", it still provides all of the same orgasm control benefits of the Cell Mate. The Vice Plus also happens to be equipped with an anti-pullout design for a more inescapable experience.

If you want to take your chastity "technology" a different way, there's also the Mystim Pubic Enemy #1. This chastity cage functions as a regular chastity cage—except for its secret. When plugged into an electrosex powerbox, the MyStim Pubic Enemy #1 is entirely electrosex-enabled—providing stimulating (or less "stimulating"!) e-stimulation to the penis while it's confined in the tight space of its chastity cage.

Wondering how/why we reviewed this product? Check out our Sex Toy Review Policies.

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