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Sex Toy Review: b-Vibe Twist Textured Plug

Published: MARCH 13, 2020 | Updated: JULY 22, 2020
It might seem odd to say, but one of the biggest take-aways from trying out the Twist Textured Plug was its comfort.


The Product: b-Vibe Twist Textured Plug

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I can certainly think of worse jobs. In fact, I’ve personally had more than my fair share of them, which is all the more why I’m so extra thankful for this extra-great one: getting to not just test out all kinds of cool new sex toys, but then get the extra-special kick of being able to share my experiences with you all about them.

And this time my pleasure is extra-special because I had the opportunity to test fly the new Twist Textured Plug from the great folks at b-Vibe and, let me tell you, it brought a very large smile to my face as well as a great deal of pleasure to… well, other parts of my body.


Superbly Designed

Before we get into that, however, it’s more than worth mentioning that the Twist Textured Plug isn’t just another toy designed by committee, but rather part of a unique line created by the dildo-queen and sex educator herself, Zoë Ligon.

What Ligon did was realize that what a lot of anal pleasure toys were missing was texture and, boy, believe me, the toy I received to review certainly had plenty of that—in an extremely good way.

b-Vibe Textured anal toys: Bump, Swirl and Twist


Her other b-Vibe anal toys are similar: the Bump Textured Plug, the Swirl Textured Plug, and then mine, the Twist Textured Plug, each named after their own, distinct patterns of bumps, ridges, or swirls, as well as going from small, medium, to large.

Amazingly Well-Made

Right out of the box, I was struck by the Twist Textured Plug’s ultra-high quality. Here, I remember thinking, is an anal toy designed and manufactured by folks who know what a great one should be like. Which, actually, should have come as no surprise as that’s exactly what b-Vibe is known for. b-Vibe was founded by sex educator, Alicia Sinclair, who also founded Le Wand and Ride the Cowgirl.

Sinclair, as well as Ligon, really know their stuff. In the case of the Twist Textured Plug, the outer material is pliant without being too soft, durable, easy to clean (always a huge plus for anal toys) and, most of all, is luxuriously smooth (another huge plus). Like all good toys to be used “down there,” it also has an all-important flange for easy extraction.


Charging wise, the toy has a neat magnetic connection built into that flange that works very well with the included cable. As with every other toy on the planet, you’ll have to use your own power adapter, but, honestly, who doesn’t have more than a few of those already laying around?

Ever thoughtful, b-Vibe even packs a nice zippered bag with the Twist Textured Plug so your new anal sex won’t all linty between uses.

b-Vibe Twist Textured Plug with box, charging cable, travel bag and guide to anal play


Tons of Anal Fun

In regards to what it does, the Twist Textured Plug most definitely delivers through its six different vibrational patterns. Selecting them, as well as powering the toy on, is as seamless as its silicone skin through a single, easy to find and use, button on the flange.

Keeping with this theme, using the toy is additionally seamless. Though as the Twist Textured Plug is the largest of the three in the line those not experienced with anal play might want to begin instead with the Bump or the Swirl.

Even though I consider myself, shall we say, familiar with this kind of play I’m still always a tad nervous about giving a new toy a whirl, but this initial nervousness quickly vanished after application of sufficient lubrication and spending just a few minutes with the Twist Texture Plug. It went in easily and—here’s that word again—seamlessly.


On a side note, I want to give b-Vibe an enthusiastic round of applause for making anal sex health and safety play a major part of their brand; they even include a nifty little booklet on it with the toy itself.

Shortly after getting comfortable with the Twist, the importance of Ligon’s texture became very—and pleasantly— evident. Now, your experiences will no doubt be your own, but for me, it was just the right amount and the right form. Which got even more pleasant when the toy was turned on and I spent a nice time cycling through those vibe patterns.

It might seem odd to say, but one of the biggest take-aways from trying out the Twist Textured Plug was its comfort. It was most definitely arousing, but not in the obviously artificial or even occasionally harsh matter of other toys I’ve tried over the years. Rather it's as if it was working with, and never against, my body.

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A Welcome Addition to Anal Play Fun

Again, your own experiences will be different, but personally, I absolutely and most of all enthusiastically recommend picking up any one of this line from b-Vibe, based on my own pleasurable time spent with the Twist Textured Plug.

More than anything because while enjoying it became wonderfully clear to me that b-Vibe’s expertise and passion for anal sex play, coupled with Ligon’s own innovative design, has resulted in the creation of a real benchmark for these kinds of toys.

One that will now become an extremely welcome part of my own anal sex explorations, and no doubt great pleasures, for a good, long time.

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