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Sex Toy Review: b-Vibe Anal Massage Set

Published: MAY 22, 2020 | Updated: DECEMBER 11, 2020
I am no stranger to anal massage - or sticking orgasmic toys up the butt - but if I was, the b-Vibe Anal Massage Set is the kit I'd want.

The Product: b-Vibe Anal Massage Set

The Verdict:Kinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logo (out of five)

I am no stranger to anal massage - or sticking orgasmic toys up the butt - but if I was, the b-Vibe Anal Massage Set is the kit I'd want. Not only is it jam-packed full of high-quality, versatile toys that have uses outside of anal play, but it (quite literally!) includes pretty much everything you could possibly want to start exploring anal pleasure.


b-vibe anal massage set laid out

The safer sex and anal cleaning items help alleviate some of the concerns most people have while the included booklet is possibly the BEST beginner anal sex booklet I've ever seen.

To call it a "booklet" is an insult: it's a fully, fleshed-out book that focuses on everything you need to know about using butt toys - specifically focusing on the toys included in the kit and how to make them as pleasurable as possible. It's amazing, and I'm just drooling over it. I wish I had had that booklet when I started exploring my backside.

I'm in love with how versatile the Anal Massage Set is - and how much it adds to my sex life even when I'm not doing anal massage. The wand massager works fantastically for clitoral play or penis play, and it's so darn lightweight that I'm pretty sure I'm going to start using it as a travel-friendly vibe for kink events. The Snug Plug has SO many awesome uses, and even without the rest of the kit, I'm sure it's going to become a regular part of my erotic life. (It's already been added to cleaning nights!)

Not new to anal massage? For the experienced anal kinkster, consider whether your p-spot or g-spot responds well to vibrations. If it does, buy this in a heartbeat. If it prefers pressure over vibrations, this kit is still a good buy - but you might not fall in love with the Curve Attachment.

But hey! Don't take my general overview for it. Piece together what's worth it for you based on what's included in the kit. While every piece of the kit has been brought together to make a great starter kit for anal massage, each item has its own merits. My favorite stand-outs are the Snug Plug 2, the informational book, and the LeWand Petite Massager.


Want more detail about each item?

LeWand Petite Massager

After lugging around my share of heavy, full-sized wand massagers, the Petite Massager is a breath of fresh air. About half the size and about as light-weight as some of my tiny vibrators, this wand massager feels so much more "freeing" to use. There's no arm fatigue, and it slides easier into cramped spots. Despite that, the handle still is more-than-enough to easily move the vibrator around, and it feels so comfortable to control - like an extension of myself.

It puts out some good power, too! It's not quite as much as the full-sized Le Wand massager, but it's noticeably more than a lot of my similarly-sized vibrators.

If you use a light hand, the vibrations can feel a bit on the buzzy side, but if you press the massager against the body, things start to feel much more rumbly! As a bonus, the flexible neck is, well, very flexible! It allows you to easily grind against the toy if that's your thing (like it is mine!). When you do that, the Le Wand Petite doesn't lose any vibration strength. It stays just as strong.

b-vibe anal massage set showing the guide, curve attachment, snug plug and lewand petite


Petite Curve Attachment

Oh, Petite Curve Attachment, let's talk about how much I wanted to love you. I've seen so many people fall in love with attachments on the top of their wand massagers. Who doesn't want the power of the LeWand Petite Massager to be felt internally? Strong vibrations inside the body - with just a simple, removable top? It makes a wand massager even more versatile - which is saying something!

The Petite Curve Attachment pops on top of the LeWand really easily. It's a super-snug fit (and difficult to remove again with any lube involved, so I recommend a thorough washing before attempting). It doesn't wiggle, and it doesn't fall off. The vibrations transfer really, really well through the material, and they feel really deep and powerful when inside the body. Somehow, they feel even more powerful through the Curve Attachment than on the head of the wand massager itself.

When it comes to insertion, though, the Petite Curve Attachment is a little too far on the "flexible" spectrum. You need to line things up perfectly for anal insertion - and I recommend using both hands too. Once it's in, it's extremely comfortable, but due to the flex of the Curve, it might not apply strong pressure to your prostate or g-spot either. It tends to bend under pressure. It's great for comfort - but less-great for rigid stroking.

That being said, if you know your interior spots respond really well to vibration, I think the Curve Attachment is going to be a next-level experience. Just don't depend on it to do targeted stroking.

b-Vibe Snug Plug 2

I LOVE this plug! I'm used to regular butt plugs, but this definitely takes it a step further. The weighted aspect is absolutely luxurious. Not only does the plug offer sensation while wearing it (because of the internal balls that move around a bit), but it also is constantly weighted. This means it's impossible to forget it's inside you - and it's constantly providing sensation while it's there. The weighted sensation is so damn lovely, and when my partner wears his Snug Plug, he says it provides lowkey prostate stimulation the entire time he wears it.

The Snug Plug is designed for long-term wear, too, and it does it well. The very-thin neck of the plug is super comfortable, and the T-shaped base fits snugly between the cheeks and doesn't press against the body uncomfortably. The lube seems to stick around on the plug for a long time, and I've even had two or three hour stretches without needing a reapplication of the slippery stuff.

b-Vibe Anal Massage Set: storage pouch, gloves, finger condoms, enema bulb, lube shooter, washcloth


Enema Bulb

Be gentle with this guy. A standard enema bulb, this bulb has the standard enema "tip" - which is great for beginners who don't want to have a warm-up before sliding in their enema bulb. The tip is extremely, extremely small - even smaller than my pinky finger by a large margin. At the same time, this means that it feels a little more "pointy" than something with a thicker tip. This means you'll want to be gentle when inserting the bulb. In a hurry, I've poked myself internally with the thing, and it's not a pleasant experience.

That being said, as long as you're gentle, it can easily have you rinsed out and ready for anal play within ten minutes with a couple of rinses. It's a very shallow rinse, but that works perfectly well for the shorter length of the included toys.

Lube Shooter

It works exactly as expected. It even cleaned up easily. I'm not sure it's necessary for the length of the items included in this kit, but for my longer dildos? This will definitely be helpful.

Gloves & Finger Condoms

Gloves are black, sexy, and plentiful. And these finger condoms? They're so neat! I'll admit I've never tried finger condoms/finger cots before, so that was a new experience. They make pre-lubing the butt for insertion (like with the enema bulb) really easy.


Storage Pouch

Large, lightweight, and zippered, the pouch is exactly how it seems. It's mostly unbranded, so it's good for discreet storage of the set.


I'll admit: I have a soft spot for branded merchandise. This one is no different. It's a cute washcloth. It needed to run through the wash (as it was very fuzz-shedding), but it's been good since then. It does have a built-in zippered pocket - which is a bit odd - but it's neat.

Guide to Anal Massage & Pleasure Booklet

I LOVE THIS GUIDE. Fully colored and illustrated (with bodies of various body types and colors!), this booklet walks you through everything you need to know about anal massage. I'm actually beyond-impressed by this guide. It isn't just a generic guide about how to enjoy anal pleasure (which would have been amazing in itself).

Instead, the Guide focuses specifically on the products within the kit. There's multiple pages about how to give yourself an enema - or how to use the lube shooter. There's an entire walkthrough about anal anatomy and how to use the Curve Attachment and Wand Massager to stimulate those spots on your own. There's pages of anal positions that work best with these toys - and even information about the Snug Plug and how to best use it to stimulate your body.

As someone who's played with a ton of butt toys, I still found a couple of really good tidbits in here. The information is more-than-enough for beginners (and written in a really approachable way!), but great if this is your 20th anal toy, too!


b-Vibe Anal Massage Set in box with guide to anal massage & pleasure


Too busy to read it all now? Just want the juicy bits? If you made me sum up my entire review in a few bullet points, it'd look like this.

  • The anal education is ON-POINT. It's a perfect starter set for anal beginners.
  • Not just for beginners, every item in the b-Vibe Anal Massage Set offers versatile use that's perfect for anal massage – or any other bedroom activities. This kit goes far beyond just anal.
  • The Le Wand Petite Massager, when coupled with the Curve Attachment, provides some seriously powerful vibrations.
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