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Sex Toy of the Month: We-Vibe Sync

Published: MAY 21, 2018 | Updated: NOVEMBER 6, 2019
Pssst! It may be billed as a couples' vibe, but it's great for solo sessions!

Ahoy! It's Sex Toy of the Month time and this is an interesting one because it's Masturbation Month ... and we're choosing what's often called a "couple's toy." What that means is that it's designed to be worn during penetrative sex. The We-Vibe Sync is a powerful dual-stimulation vibe designed for couples, but we'll let you in on a little secret: it may be even better when you play with it solo. Here's a little bit about the We-Vibe Sync and why we chose it as this month's featured product.


We-Vibe Sync: Why It Rocks

Couples' toys get a lot of press and people are really interested in them because they solve a very simple problem that comes with penetrative sex: most people with vaginas don't get off on it. That isn't to say they don't like it, but when it comes to orgasm, the clitoris is where it's at and penis-in-vagina sex tends to leave that area a little under-stimulated.

So, in come couples' vibrators, which can be worn during sex to help buzz the clitoris to orgasmic bliss while the penis and vagina enjoy each other's company. It's a great idea, but it's created some misconceptions, one of which is that these vibrators are only for couples' play.

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In fact, we tested out We-Vibe Sync - along with the We-Connect App and found it to be great fun for solo play, especially where the app's involved. Here are some reasons why we think this toy deserves a little celebration:

It's Made by We-Vibe

Guys, we are huge fans. We-Vibe doesn't make a ton of toys, but that's because the ones they do make are well-conceived, well-designed, well-made and, well, just awesome overall. Check out reviews online of just about any We-Vibe sex toy. Sure, not every toy is everyone's cup of tea, but you won't see toys from this company universally panned anywhere. They've tested these toys and thought them through. This company isn't into following trends or churning out hundreds of products no one's ever heard of. When it makes a toy, it means it. Respect, y'all.

It's Powerful

Smaller clitoral vibes can be hit or miss when it comes to power, but this vibe isn't weak or buzzy at all. It thrums with strong vibration and includes three intensity settings and seven vibration modes. Oh, and unlike many other couples' vibes, it includes not one, but two separate motors, one in the part of the toy that rests outside the body (on the clitoris), and one in the part that fits inside the body, against the G-spot. You can also control what's happening with each arm independently, which is not only a fun way to geek out, but also helps ensure you find a pattern, intensity and setting that'll rock your world.


It Can Be Paired With an App

The We-Vibe Sync can be paired with and controlled by an app and that app, like all We-Vibe products, is a good one. We were skeptical when we tested it out, but it pairs easily, is super intuitive and easy to use and, while you might not think using an app while getting off is fun, it's actually brilliant with a hands-free vibrator like this.

It Can Be Used Hands-Free

Did you catch that bit about the Sync being hands-free? Hands-free orgasm is kind of the Shangri-La of masturbation. If you're playing solo with the Sync, the hands-free factor is also one of its best features. The toy's design includes an adjustable hinge that allows it to sort of clip into place on your body. Sure, you might want to throw a hand in for a little extra pressure, but you can also enjoy adjusting the intensity and sensations from your phone while the vibe works its magic on your nethers. If you've ever tried to fiddle blindly with vibrator buttons down below, it doesn't take long to see this as a much better solution!

You Can Forget Phone Sex

If you have a long-distance partner, are traveling or just can't be in your partner's bed as often as you'd like, the Sync provides one very sweet and satisfying way to get off. Your partner can control the vibe from their phone, you can control another compatible We-Vibe toy from your own. You can also watch your partner via video chat and use your toys to play all kinds of fun and kinky games. In terms of sex tech, it's one of the top-rated options out there.


There you have it. We chose the We-Vibe Sync as Sex Toy of the Month during Masturbation Month and we are pretty smug about this decision, frankly. After all, great sex all about getting creative, breaking a few rules and switching things up.

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