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Sex Toy of the Month: SenseMax SenseVibe Warm

Published: JANUARY 19, 2018 | Updated: MAY 7, 2020 03:23:05
This super-stylish vibrator has a secret superpower: It warms itself to body temperature for your masturbating pleasure.

Are ya'll ready for spring yet? We're barely halfway through winter but if you're living in a place where things get chilly, you're probably all about staying cozy right now (we sure are!) So, when it came to choosing the first Sex Toy of the Month of 2018, we decided to go with something seasonal. No, we didn't choose a candy cane vibrator or Menorah-inspired masturbator. It's a little late in the season for those anyway. This month we settled for something we're craving, something that would warm you right up, inside and out. That's why we chose the SenseMax SenseVibe Warm.


This super-stylish vibrator has a secret superpower: It warms itself to body temperature for your masturbating pleasure. We just couldn't resist the thought of wrapping our cold-as-a-cucumber winter hands around this baby for a little extra warmth!

The SenseVibe Warm has our toes tingling for a lot of other reasons too. It has two separate, powerful motors for stimulating both the clitoris and G-spot, a flexible neck to help you position it just the right way and THE coolest storage/charging case we've ever seen. Period. It even has a one-year warranty.

What made me go from a “meh” opinion to a “yesss” was the rumbliness and strength of the internal motor. I was actually damn near shocked that it would be that strong. - Red Hot Suz

Why a Heated Vibe?

Not convinced you need a warming vibrator? Here are a few key reasons to consider it.

SenseMax SenseVibe Warm

It'll Keep Your Hands Warm

Seriously. Did we mention this? A heated vibe is a bit of luxury, but in the winter, it's luxury at its best. Huddle under a warm blanket and cozy up with this super-hot sex toy. You'll be toasty in no time.

To me it is basically the perfect toy for a lazy cold winter afternoon, as it is essentially two toys in one (half the cleaning, work and money!) and it can heat you up from the inside. - Princess Previews

It'll Help you Relax

Heat is a common relaxant. This is why many people love hot baths or get hot stone massages. Heat also increases blood flow to the area to which it's applied. Blood flow? Relaxation? Those two things aren't just delightful in their own right - they really help promote orgasm!

I’ve always found that heat relaxed my internal walls more, allowing my entire genital area to just sink deeper in to any sexual experience I have as if I were sinking in to a cozy bubble bath at the end of a long day. The result seems to be orgasms that have more sensation and more endurance, and who can complain about that? - Emmeline Peaches

It Feels More "Real"

There's nothing like fantasizing about a super-hot partner - and then quenching that desire with a stone-cold sex toy. SenseVibe Warm warms to a few degrees above body temperature, allowing you to keep those juicy thoughts flowing.

SenseMax SenseVibe Warm

When using the SenseVibe Warm I usually orgasm in under a minute, and can easily have multiple orgasms with it. It is one of those toys that brings me to orgasm so easily I find it addictive to use, and often have trouble stopping myself from just spending hours with it. - Princess Previews

It's a New Experience

When it comes to sex play, there's something to be said for novelty. The SenseVibe SenseWarm dishes it out on a few fronts, with its unique shape, flexible neck and, yes, its warming feature. If you're looking to try a toy that'll offer a brand-new sensation, this might just be it.

SenseMax SenseVibe Warm

Honestly I gave up on trying to figure out how long each orgasm I’ve had with this toy lasted, because they have been so powerful, prolonged, and resonant that I just said ‘fuck it’ and did just that – enjoying the ride along the way. - Emmeline Peaches

Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't say that this toy isn't for everyone. But if you dig rabbit-style vibrators, rumbly vibrations and want to add a little heat to your sex play, this one's worth a try. Be sure to read some sex toy reviews and do your research to see if it's right for you!

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