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Sex Stories We Love: Sex Work Revisited, ED Education, and Deliciously Disabled

Published: APRIL 28, 2015 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022
Does anyone else find this an awkward time of year for sex? Well, those of us in cold-weather climates, I guess. I mean, fresh, spring air means cooler homes as furnaces go off ... but that can lead to cool nights where lots of blankets are still needed. You know a good way to keep warm - or warm up? Sex news!

Spectacularly Stupid Sex Ed

As a parent, you really do feel helpless about what your kids are exposed to at school. I mean, I laughed hard at the letter sent home by a teacher who disciplined a student for saying he was wrong ... even though the teacher admitted to, in fact, being wrong. Yet, when it comes to sex education, we really are at the will of people we may not know or agree with. Alice Dreger is a concerned, proactive parent. She discovered, and live tweeted the whole antagonizing experience. Seeing this made me cringe, cry, and fume. I am so glad she did it, but I am so sorry those kids are being lied to and mislead. It seems we’ve got miles to go in this department.

Hot Damn! #DeliciouslyDisabled

In my travels across sex blogdom, I have met some truly fantastic and fascinating people. I’ve read stories that surprise and shock, and I've read stories that captivate and caress. Most of all, I’ve been learning - constantly. One of those bloggers who constantly keep me on my toes in all respects by teaching me and challenging me is the man behind #DeliciouslyDisabled. That is the incomparable Andrew Morrison-Gurza. I’ll readily admit I do not have much knowledge of the complexities of sex for people with disabilities. It isn’t just about the how and the where (to put it). Andrew shares his thoughts, his desires and his fears about dating and becoming intimate. His thoughts are altogether universal and altogether unique at the same time. This sexy fellow is one to watch, read, and enjoy.

Sex Work Revisited

Out of work? Underemployed? Hate going to that same old 9 to 5 pencil-pushing, cubicle job? Train for a new career in the sex industry! Without trying to sound too much like an annoying infomercial, the idea of taking on a new job in the sex industry is pretty daunting. There is still taboo and stigma attached to the work. However, as those societal beliefs lessen, more and more jobs pop up in the industry fulfilling the desires of those who want to break away. Oh, and it isn't all porn. Education, therapy, writing, and entrepreneurial work are just some of the ways you can work in the adult industry. There are many challenges, but these folks have made a go of things!

A Delightful Walk Down Memory Lane

I will readily admit that when I first saw the title of this post about adorable escort cards from the 19th century, I assumed they were for sex workers. Not at all! Back in the day, men would present these cards to women with the hope of the honor of walking them to their doors. This was a big deal! This signified an interest, a willingness to meet and get to know each other. So old-timey! Boy oh boy have we come a long way to Tindr.

ED Education

As men are now opening up about their thoughts and concerns about sex in a meaningful way, the hurt and pain of erectile dysfunction are becoming real and tangible. It used to be that not being able to get it up would cause immediate ridicule for those that disclosed. A non-functioning penis would designate you as a lesser man. However, as the conversation grows, revelations of erectile dysfunction no longer elicit jokes and snickers. Instead, they are learning experiences. Be sure to read all the way to the last few to see how some have learned to cope.

Putting Sexy Fun into Funerals

Finally (really!), my partner has always said that if we feel the need to bury her, we should then erect playground swings or a slide over her plot. She wants to make the space fun and not mournful. I am all for doing this, long as there is no spiny toy above me. That would leave me forever dizzy. However, I want the fun times of my death to start before they put me in the ground. This report gives me ideas! It seems some funerals in China feature strippers—and the government is not happy about it. Authorities say it is corrupting people. Mourners say that more people at a funeral is a sign of good fortune in the afterlife for the deceased. I say have a stack of bills for everyone at the door of my send-off to make it rain for the dancers who are entertaining my friends and family!
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