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Sex Stories We Love: No Holds Barred, Dressed for Sexsess, & a New Year of Experimentation

Published: DECEMBER 26, 2018 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022
Looking to make some sexy resolutions for 2019? We've got some suggestions for you in this last 2018 edition of Sex Stories We Love!

Looking to bring in the new year with a bang and make your own fireworks? Hopefully, you're looking forward to a new year of good health and happiness. And, if you're so inclined, here's wishing you the best of sex as well! Don't forget, a new year can be a great time to try something new. This week's Sex Stories We Love offers up some different types of sexual fun to try if resolutions are your thing...


No Holds Barred

A lot of people want to take their sex lives in new directions. They want to try new acts and new positions and new fetishes. Unfortunately, our collective sexual world has been repressed for so long that crossing the threshold out of our sexual comfort zones can be daunting. To be perceived by others as enjoying anything beyond normal sex scares the excitement out of many folks. It's really hard to let go of how we've been raised, what society tells us about sex, and how those things are ingrained in our souls. But hey, new year, amirite? Here are some concerns that should not hold us back from having all of the sex we dream of and how to deal with the things if they're bothering us.

Have a Seat...And Love It!

One of the ways we're constantly bombarded with negative sexual energy is the idea that the "perfect" body is the body that will have the best sex. If you are slim and fit, you will have and deserve the best sex possible. Anyone who doesn't fit that mold is disenfranchised from the world of great sex. Of course, this is complete bullshit. Anyone can have great sex and everyone deserves great sex! For far too long, society and the media protrayed fat folk as non-sexual and undeserving of great sex. Big people have even been portrayed as killers who accidentally smother their partners during sex in film and television. These types of stigma and stereotypical portrayals can make people reticent to try new things. Yet, fat facesitting is a thing, a damn sexy thing, and is something you shouldn't be afraid to try!

Dressed for Sexcess

As this is coming out during the winter holiday season, many folks deal with a literal obstacle to enjoying sexytime: alone time and space. When you're visiting or hosting, getting moments to yourself, or even a room for some time, can be tricky. This doesn't mean you must altogether forgo sexy moments. If possible, sure, sneak off and shuck your clothes for sexy shenanigans. If that is totally impossible, embrace the lost art of dry humping. Whether you're going for orgasm or not, rubbing and caressing through clothing can be more innocent looking...but just as hot!


Inspiration Everywhere

Inspiration for embarking on new and interesting sexual fun can come from a variety of different sources. Ya got yer Internet. Ya got yer long-term relationship. Ya got yer porn. Ya got yer steamy Hollywood fantasy. Sexual inspiration can come from anywhere or anything...even a former Buddhist monk from the 1930s! Combining poetry, mindfulness, and reflection, The Passion Book by Gendun Chopel sounds like a must-read in the coming year.

Ride the Stick Shift

Have you ever thought about getting your motor running....literally? Now, for some folks, car sex is no big deal. When you grow up in the country with parents who don't give you any privacy and there isn't anywhere else, especially in the winter, cars are most often the only place to enjoy some sexytime. Plus, cars represent something intangible. Is it independence? Is it freedom to go anywhere you want? Is it the open road either literally or as a metaphor about life? Car sex is something to try at least once. It might be uncomfortable and awkward, but it can also be one helluva thrill.

A New Year of Experimentation

Finally, if you're looking for exciting new ways to spice up your sexytime, these experimental sex ideas act like flashcards. They're a great thing to bookmark!


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