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Sex Stories We Love: Bigger Ain’t Better, Revolutionizing Sexbots, & P3n15

Published: AUGUST 9, 2017 | Updated: FEBRUARY 14, 2022
The world's biggest penis, revolutionary sex bots, and dick pic recognition?

It seems the world of sex has had penis on its collective minds a lot lately. This week’s Sex Stories We Love touches upon a few penis stories, but not exclusively. Variety is the spice of life, folks!


Bigger Ain't Better

The world is abuzz with the news of something big. Real big. For all the protestations that size doesn’t matter, when we find out that some dude in Texas named Gary has the new world record for the longest penis, everybody gets super curious. Coming in at 19.1”, Gary certainly does have a formidable situation on his hands. For all of the penis pumps and creams and techniques featured in the back of porn magazines and Internet pop-ups, having a big dick is not the dream people seem to think it is. Previous titleholder Roberto Esquivel Cabrera discussed the issues of being enormously endowed, with the biggest concern that women’s bodies are just not built to accommodate that size. Given that sex plays a significant part in many relationships, building a lasting bond is tough. Being average never looked so good.

Revolutionizing Sexbots

Having a monster cock might be visually impressive, but make performance an issue. Maybe those who are interested in penis-in-vagina sex should be concentrating more on how your bodies can connect to better maximize your mutual pleasure. There’s a lot of talk of sex robots and how they are going to change—for good and bad—how men experience sex. But what about women and sexbots? Tracey Cox thinks there is significant potential to increase women’s sexual pleasure if only the sexbot industry would bring women into the design process. This is an excellent idea and something you’d think would be basic by now. Not only would this create more well-rounded products that benefit everyone, butit would help avoid abominations such as the “frigid” mode.

Dress to Reflect

When someone is very forthcoming with their emotions and feelings, we talk about them wearing their hearts on their sleeves. Would you wear your sexual preferences on your collar? ThirdHex Coded Clothing offers a stylish clothing line lets you tell those in the know what makes you tick, but in a discreet way that doesn’t scream “I love BDSM!” The concept of signalling people to your interests with clothing is not new, but this take, by putting a symbol right up on your collar, is a nifty and sexy change. Nice!



I, for one, constantly complain about having too many passwords to remember. And all the experts tell us not to use the same one on multiple sites. But, here I am trying to write about sex every week, and that means there’s a lot of information swirling around in less and less brain matter. Uppercase, lowercase, numbers, special characters—too much! But now, finally, camming site CamSoda has come up to a solution to my diminished password memory issue: penis recognition technology. More affectionately known as “Dickometrics Penis Verification” those with cocks will just need to get an erection and then you can log into your favourite cam or porn site. I’m really at odds with how this will be received. Part of me thinks folks will never accept this because of, you know, privacy concerns about their private parts. Yet at the same time, there are still plenty of dick pics being thrown around out there, so lots of guys probably won’t care. If it means someone might have access to their credit card info...hmmmm…

Jazz Hits a High Note

Reality television remains a world filled with landmines I rarely tread. I have seen a few episodes here and there of I Am Jazz, a show chronicling the transition of a teenage girl and am impressed by the intent (though not always the execution). Bringing trans issues to mainstream television is a great step in increasing visibility—but it also brings out the haters. Unfortunately for Jazz Jennings, she was recently attacked on Twitter by someone with her own network from a different show, some dude who is tangentially related to one of the 19 kids. Unfortunately, this kind of thing is going to happen and Jazz responded wonderfully. The real shame here is that their networld, TLC, didn’t step up to shut the transphobic asshole down. This makes me wonder just how committed they are to exploring trans visibility or just making profits.

Sticky Pages?

Finally, Lemony Snicket suggests that if there were more sex in YA books, teenage boys will read more. That sounds salacious, but Daniel Handler makes a much more nuanced point.

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