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Sex Blogger of the Month: Jimanekia Eborn of the Trauma Queen Podcast

Published: MARCH 1, 2019 | Updated: FEBRUARY 2, 2022 04:43:39
This sex educator and podcaster aims to shed light on trauma and healing, especially in marginalized communities.

For March, we are pleased to name Jimanekia Eborn of the Trauma Queen Podcast as our Sex Blogger of the Month. Jimanekia's podcast sheds light on an often overlooked conversation: sexual trauma and healing. Jimanekia is both a sexual trauma expert and a comprehensive sex educator. The Trauma Queen Podcast should be required listening. It includes free resources as well as information on how allies and survivors can continue the good fight.


Here are Jimanekia's 10 answers to our 10 questions!

Kinkly: Give us three words that describe your podcast.

Jimanekia: Honest, marginalized, healing.

Kinkly: What inspired you to start the podcast?

Jimanekia: I think there is so much healing that can come from hearing the stories of others. I sat down with my manager one day and said I no longer wanted to teach. She threw the paper in the air. I laughed, we laughed. Then he asked what I wanted to do. I said I wanted to teach but that I did not want to talk at people. I wanted to talk to people and really share stories about healing and different ways the healing journey may take. I love to talk to folks. So that is how we got to the podcast creation.

Kinkly: What’s behind the name?

Jimanekia: Well, I have worked in mental health for 11 years now. My focus and love of it have always been the trauma spaces. As I started my career in sexual education, I again was focused on working with survivors of trauma. So that is where the "Trauma" came from. I wanted to focus on having conversations that affected a lot of us and normalize them so that they would be easier to talk about. And the "Queen" because I love myself and hold myself in high regard.

Kinkly: Who’s your target listener?

Jimanekia: Honestly, everyone. Each season is built around a different type of trauma. And with different bodies, identities, races, etc. I also share an abundance of resources that someone can either learn from or utilize for themselves.

Kinkly: What’s unique about your podcast?

Jimanekia: This podcast gives space to those individuals that aren’t always heard. I only feature stories from individuals with marginalized identities.

Kinkly: What is the topic you find yourself covering most often and why?

Jimanekia: It is interesting that within trauma there are variances of sexual trauma that come up.


Kinkly: What was your most popular cast ever? Why do you think it drew so many listeners?

Jimanekia: Looking at the numbers for the show, the biggest listeners that I had on was Stevie Boebi. I think because she has a large following and she was talking about kink with her healing, which some people find to be scary and incredibly taboo.

Kinkly: What’s the best thing about running a podcast about sex?

Jimanekia: That people never know what to expect about what I am going to discuss. And that I get to control the narrative in a sense.

Kinkly: What’s the worst thing about it?

Jimanekia: I wish people could see the energy that we share and the connection between myself and the guest.

Kinkly: OK, now for the good stuff: Give us your best tip for great sex.

Jimanekia: DRUM ROLLLLLLLLL.....

COMMUNICATION!!!! I find that you have more fun with your partners if you are supporting them in their desires and giving them the chance to support yours.

Lube. Lube is great. When it comes to lube, if it is butt things, GO WILD! Use all the lube! When it comes to bodies with vaginas, use as needed. I do believe that you can use too much.

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