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Sex Blogger of the Month: Sex with Ashley

Published: SEPTEMBER 2, 2020 | Updated: FEBRUARY 2, 2022
Our sex blogger of the month for September is Sex with Ashley! Here are 10 questions with Ashley to help you get to know her and her blog better!

September is here, which means that the leaves will soon starting turn yellowing, it's optimal sweater-weather, and school is back in session. With September being the 'Back to School' month, we like to view it as 'Back to Sex Ed School'. It's always been our goal at Kinkly to help provide comprehensive sex education to everyone that needs it.


One of the ways we do this is with our directory of sex bloggers! There are so many incredible sex bloggers out there, each with their own voice, history, perspective and knowledge. Sex bloggers are an invaluable resource, which is why we try to highlight one every month!

(Reminder: Voting for our Sex Blogging Superheroes list of 2020 will start in October! If you're a sex blogger, please make sure your blog is up to date in our directory so you're ready to roll when the voting beings!)

Our sex blogger of the month for September is Ashley Cobb of Sex With Ashley!


Ashley's blog lists her as 'The Orgasm Activist.' Ashley believes every woman deserves a fulfilling sex life and she uses her blog and other platforms to help create a safe space to discuss sex. Her blog also features a question and answer forum, where you can ask Ashley any questions you have related to sex. Besides having a sex blog, Ashley also runs the Sex With Ashley Radio Show every Wednesday!

We asked Ashley 10 questions to help you get to know her and her blog more. Check out her answers below!

Kinkly: Give us three words that describe your blog.


Ashley: Black, Funny and Informative

Kinkly: What inspired you to start the blog?

Ashley: I originally started a blog as a way to express myself and educate people about various sex experiences in my own life. I felt like it wasn’t enough bloggers that looked like me talking about sex from our perspective.


Kinkly: What’s behind the name?

Ashley: My blog name is Sex With Ashley, its simple and describes what I do.

Kinkly: Who’s your target reader?


Ashley: My target readers are African American women aged between 30-45

Kinkly: What’s unique about your blog?

Ashley: What makes my blog unique is my blog specifically caters to black women. I created Sex with Ashley to help black women be able to talk sex out loud. I want black women to be able to get rid of all of the negative bullshit, all of the taboos, all of the stereotypes, all of the religion based bullshit that we hold onto and that keeps us from experiencing the best sex imaginable. I want black women to be able to express themselves sexually without fear of being called a hoe. This is why I do what I do and why I created my blog!


Kinkly: What is the topic you find yourself covering most often and why?

Ashley: Orgasms and Sex toys are my two biggest topics. People want to know about the newest sex toy and women want to know how they can have better orgasms.

Kinkly: What was your most popular post ever? Why do you think it drew so many readers?

Ashley: My most popular post to date was back in March of this year. I wrote about my favorite porn sites. This post went viral. I believe it did as well as it did because everyone was home during the quarantine bored either having sex or wishing they were, and watching porn could assist in both.

Kinkly: What’s the best thing about writing a sex blog?

Ashley: The best thing about writing a sex blog is helping women overcome the shame and negative stigma associated with sex and pleasure.

Kinkly: What’s the worst thing about it?

Ashley: The worst thing about writing a sex blog is people tend to make generalizations about my life based on what I do.

Kinkly: OK, now for the good stuff: Give us your best tip for great sex.

Ashley: The best sex advice I have is for women to STOP FAKING ORGASMS!! Women have to advocate for their pleasure and learn to speak up when they are dissatisfied.

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Sex is a bit like a secret society; everyone's doing it, it's just that no one talks about it. Kinkly's mission is to start that conversation, answer your questions and help you discover new and exciting things about sex, love and your body. We guarantee it'll be illuminating, enlightening, fun ... and a little kinky. And that's OK with us.No innuendos, no judgments and no apologies, just fearless, straight-up talk about sex.

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