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Satisfyer Double Joy: Sex Toy Review

Published: FEBRUARY 8, 2021 | Updated: FEBRUARY 8, 2021
As one of the lowest-priced options in the world of couple's vibrators, the Satisfyer Double Joy manages to stand out as a great entry-level type of couple's vibrator.

The Toy: Satisfyer Double Joy

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One of the latest releases from Satisfyer and their release product for their brand new (free!) Satisfyer Connect App, the Satisfyer Double Joy is a double-sided, U-shaped vibrator with two built-in motors. This vibe is made from silicone and ABS plastic to be one of the body-safe sex toys that fit in with other toys within the Satisfyer line.

While this U-shaped vibrator might seem a bit odd (and confusing) at first glance, its unique shape actually makes it the perfect vibrator companion for intercourse. One end of this U-shaped vibrator is slid into the vagina while the other side of the "U" stays outside of the body to rest along the clitoris. This provides clitoral stimulation (through the external end) while the internal end rests against the g-spot area - and is slim enough to allow a penis to slide comfortably in alongside it as well.

The Satisfyer Double Joy joins Satisfyer's already extensive selection of couple's vibrators including the Satisfyer Endless Love and the Satisfyer Multifun Partner 3. Satisfyer also released other sex toys that are compatible with the Satisfyer Connect App including the Satisfyer Curvy + series, Satisfyer Mono Flex rabbit vibrator, Satisfyer One rings, and the Satisfyer Love Triangle air suction vibrator.

While the Satisfyer Double Joy vibrator can be used without the app through the buttons on the toy, the biggest selling point (aside from the low price point!) is the app-compatibility. This Bluetooth vibrator can be wirelessly connected to the cell phone app to allow for long-distance remote-control of the vibrator, customizable patterns, vibrations that sync to music, ambient noise vibration control, and more. It unlocks a whole new way to play with the Satisfyer Double Joy.

So let's get into the meat of the Satisfyer Double Joy review, shall we?


Satisfyer Double Joy: Sex Toy Review

How'd You Use It?

The Satisfyer Double Joy is an intercourse vibrator, through and through. While you could attempt to hand-hold it or get creative with its use (like looping around the penis during a handjob), it definitely is designed to be slipped into the vagina during intercourse - and everything about it seems designed exactly for that use.

The vibrator slides into the body really well, but I recommend adding some lubricant to make things slippery instead of draggy. The silicone glides nicely, but it's still silicone, and when you add even more tightness in (with the addition of a penis alongside it), you'll want to make sure everything slides along. Friction with the Satisfyer Double Joy is definitely not pleasant.

Lacking any articulating "joints", the Satisfyer Double Joy vibrator is pretty much "what you see is what you get". This means that yourg-spot will need to be approximately 3" deep and in a straight line during penetration in order to get g-spot stimulation.

For some people, that's totally doable, and you'll find some light g-spot stimulation from the Satisfyer Double Joy. For me, that wasn't happening, and while the internal "arm" helped stabilize the sex toy so that it could be left inside of the body hands-free, it didn't hit my g-spot.

Speaking of hands-free use, the Satisfyer Double Joy does a pretty good job of it. Not only does it stay in place during intercourse, but it also stays in place during masturbation. With the two motors, the vibrations feel a bit like a "surround sound" sensation where you feel the vibrations both inside and outside of the body at the same time.


With lots of clenching (and releasing) of the internal muscles, the Double Joy can slide itself out of the vagina, but as long as you're doing something like sitting down on top of it (like with a straight-back posture while in a chair) or wearing underwear, the Satisfyer Double Joy stays nicely inside the body.

The Double Joy was designed for pleasure for both partners during intercourse. This shape allows it to stay inside of the body while having sex - which means that the vagina-owning person receives clitoral stimulation and (possibly) g-spot stimulation while the penis-owning person also gets to enjoy vibrations on the penis with each thrust. For that, the shape of this silicone vibrator works well. The slender interior arm ensures that the penis slides against it without taking up too much "space" while the large button design on the external/clitoral end means you can press it pretty easily without fumbling for buttons or trying to run your fingers along the silicone surface to "find" the buttons. The buttons are always easy to find even between squished bodies.

Satisfyer Double Joy: Sex Toy Review

While the vibrator stayed in place during sex and the vibrations added some pleasure to sex, they weren't strong enough for orgasm for me. My partner found that the vibrations definitely made him spring to orgasm much more easily, but in our attempt to wait for my orgasm to happen, we found that around the 30-minute mark the vibrations made him so desensitized to the movement that he couldn't orgasm at all - and I still hadn't orgasmed. We gave a few tries, and that's what kept happening.

So, with that in mind, I'd definitely say that the Satisfyer Double Joy isn't really a marathon vibrator. It can add some pleasure and intensity, but it's not the type of vibrator that you want to leave running for a long period of time as the skin gets pretty acclimated to the sensation.

On that same note, if surface vibrations aren't your jam, you might want to make sure that you have other types of pleasure to enjoy while using the Double Joy in order to reach orgasm with it.


I've found that the clitoral end easily offers enough wiggle room for me to use my fingers clitorally while the vibrator is still inserted. That's the best of both worlds for me: I can enjoy added internal pleasure and add more pleasure for my partner while still getting the clitoral sensations I need for orgasm.

If your body responds better to lighter vibrations or if your clitoris is positioned closer to your vaginal entrance, you might have an entirely different experience with the Satisfyer Double Joy.

How Else Could It Be Used?

I don't think the Satisfyer Double Joy would make much of a public play vibrator. It easily slides out when walking around or upright. It's definitely something that's designed for laying down (and use during sex!) more than lots of movement.

Satisfyer Double Joy: Sex Toy Review


However, if you wanted to use it as a vibrator to add bonus pleasure during masturbation, you could definitely do that - especially if you wanted a partner to control the vibrator during masturbation. It's easy to slide the clitoral part to the side to use your fingers on the clitoris (if you want!), and that would allow your partner to control the vibrator itself while you still get even more pleasure while using it. The Satisfyer Connect App really opens a whole lot of different ways to play with the Satisfyer Double Joy!

Product Details

The Satisfyer Double Joy is primarily made from silicone - with a slick plastic "platform" that functions as the control structure for the vibrator. The silicone is silky smooth and glides against the skin when you touch it; it isn't a "grippy" silicone at all. It's also, (like all silicone,) odor-free and taste-free.

The plastic platform of buttons features a + and - button which allow you to control the vibrations of the Satisfyer Double Joy. The buttons click with a satisfying "click" and are extremely easy to press down. Any pressure to this pad of buttons will adjust the vibration intensity - which is something to consider if you were planning to "press down" on this side of the vibrator (the clitoral end) for added sensation. You can do it flat-palmed, but if you attempt to use specific fingers, it will change the vibrations. Directly to the side of the buttons is the two metal points that function as connection points for charging.

Any presses to the middle of this platform button (with the "SF" logo) will not change the toy's mode; it just seems like an inert design. The presses must be made specifically to either end of the button to make the vibrations change.

The Satisfyer Double Joy is equipped with two vibration motors. The motors are exactly where you'd expect them: one within the clitoral end near the middle of the side and the other near-ish the tip of the insertable end.

Satisfyer Double Joy: Sex Toy Review


The vibrations on the Satisfyer Double Joy are definitely surface-feeling vibrations. They don't really feel "under the skin" or like something that rumbles through you. They feel like surface-focused vibrations - and they're on the average side of intensity.

I just don't know if the motors within the vibrator are particularly large or capable of a lot of intensity. So while you definitely can feel the vibrations, and they can add something pleasurable to sex, it's less so than many average handheld vibrators (and we're not even talking about powerful wand massagers here).

But if you don't need a ton of power, the Satisfyer Double Joy's vibrations - especially when partnered with the extra sensation of the toy rubbing against the g-spot and the clitoris - might be enough for orgasmic pleasure for you. If you're someone who goes for powerful and enjoys wand massagers for orgasm, though, you might want to add your favorite wand massager on top of this vibrator to give it more "oomph".


However, those gentler vibrations definitely come with one positive: a quieter noise. The Satisfyer Double Joy is relatively quiet, and while you can hear a slight "buzz" while using it and while in the same room, when it's inserted into the body, it's relatively hard to hear - and it's definitely not "loud". You wouldn't be able to hear it when inserted inside the body from another room - even if the door was open between the rooms.

Satisfyer Double Joy Measurements

  • The clitoral end is exact 3" in length from the tip to the connector piece between the two ends.

  • The insertable end is a little under 3" in length from the tip to that curved connecting piece.

  • At the widest point, the g-spot end is 1" in width, but it's skinny at only 6/10th's in thickness.

  • The clitoral portion is noticeably wider at 1.75" with a thickness of slightly under 1".

Satisfyer Double Joy: Sex Toy Review

How It Works

The Satisfyer Double Joy includes two buttons on the plastic "platform" you can see. It's a rocker button with one side of this platform functioning as the + intensity button while the other end functions as the - intensity for the vibrations. Press the plus and minus buttons to scroll through the equipped 10 different modes of vibration. It's a very satisfying function, scrolls through the options easily, and works really easily - even if you never look into the instruction manual for the sex toy.

To turn the Satisfyer Double Joy on and off, you press and hold the + button for two seconds. It will then pop off or turn on. Be careful that you don't hold it too long, though, or you'll throw it into the App mode where it will wait for a Bluetooth signal. It's really easy to avoid that, though, as waiting the prerequisite four seconds to connect to Satisfyer Connect App mode feels awkwardly long - while the on/off function seems like a slight wait.

To connect to the Satisfyer Connect app via the toy's built-in Bluetooth connection, you want to press and hold the plus button for four seconds - which will make the Satisfyer Double Joy vibrate two buzzes to signify that it's ready to connect to your mobile device. So let's talk about the Satisfyer Connect App while we're here.

The Satisfyer App

The new Satisfyer app is something beautiful to behold. I thought it was overkill when the app was already winning awards upon release, but it really isn't. For being a free app available with lower-priced products, it's amazing and easily rivals the apps of some of the sex toys that are four times its cost.

First off, using the app does NOT require any log-in or profile set-up. You can be "anonymous" for the majority of the functions on the app - no matter whether it's for privacy concerns or just wanting to jump straight into some play and not worry about account set-up. Account set-up is required if you want to use long-distance control or connect with others who use the Satisfyer system.

The toy sets up easily, and the screen walks you through the instructions. I had it connected within seconds the first time I used it, and it's just as easy each subsequent time as well.

The five modes the app unlocks are Program Play, Live Control, Ambient Sound, Music Vibes, and Remote Play. All of the functions (aside from Remote Play) can be used without making an account.

Program Play allows you to enjoy the patterns within the Double Joy. It's a visual representation of the patterns the toy is equipped with - and it allows you to create your own patterns as well. Alternatively, you can allow the vibrator to play its pre-set patterns and adjust the intensity on the fly.

Live Mode is real-time control of the vibrator with the touch of a finger. You can drag the motors (each individual one for the two motors within the Double Joy!) up and down to adjust the vibration intensities. The Satisfyer Connect App also allows you to control up to FOUR toys at once with this function, so if you have the Double Joy and your partner is wearing one of the cock rings, you both can experience the same changes in vibration intensity at the exact same time. It's pretty neat - and not really something that a lot of other sex toy apps offer.

Ambient Sound uses the sound all around you to vibrate. It will vibrate more intensely to stronger sounds and pull down the vibration intensity with softer noises. This can be a fantastic mode for reading a dirty story to the vibrator wearer - or attempting to wear it while music is going on within your home. It gives a whole new meaning to "feel the music".

Music Vibes, however, will let you play with music a bit more directly. The vibrator follows the music itself instead of just all ambient sounds. Satisfyer Connect App uses music that's directly downloaded onto your phone, but it looks like it does have Spotify compatibility as well.

The Remote Play allows you to connect with your partner - and grant them real-time access to control your vibrator as you please. You can chat with that person, send messages, and send media through the Satisfyer App itself.

We didn't find any issues with using the vibrator with the app when we tried it. It connected easily, it didn't lose connection while controlling it wirelessly, and we were able to get remote play to work just fine. We both use newer Samsung Galaxy phones, though. There appear to be some reviews with issues using the app if you use a non-Samsung or non-Apple phone like a Xiaomi or Oneplus, so keep that in mind.

I will note that you can't multitask while using the Satisfyer Connect App with your vibrator. If you do, the toy stops vibrating. So if you're using the app, you're stuck on that app - no multitasking with porn or videos or text messaging or else the toy seems to lose connection. The Satisfyer Connect App must be the currently open app - or else it instantly stops all vibrations with the toy while you alt-tab into something else.

I'm not sure if this is something that will be fixed in the future or if this was how the way it was designed for higher security, but that's currently how it's set up, so make sure that you have an alternative option for your adult-material-needs than the device you're controlling the vibrator with. It's definitely not my favorite function of the app as I generally like to text or look at adult content - and this app makes it impossible.

(I like to show off screenshots of the app in reviews when possible, but the Satisfyer Connect App's permissions do not allow for any screenshots and will prohibit them.)

Materials and Care

Made from silicone and waterproof, the Satisfyer Double Joy is super easy to clean. Just use warm water and mild soap to clean it - including submerging it and scrubbing it well if you'd like. As it doesn't have any crevices or hard-to-reach areas, cleaning the Satisfyer Double Joy is extremely simple.

The Satisfyer Double Joy means you'll never have to fuss with batteries again with its built-in rechargeable battery. The two metal-looking dots on the surface of the toy function as the charging connection for the magnetic charging cable. The charging cable will not connect backwards (only the proper way), and the magnetic pull is strong enough to support the Satisfyer Double Joy dangling on the charging cable alone, so it doesn't disconnect accidentally while resting on your bedside table.

Satisfyer Double Joy: Sex Toy Review

Before charging the Satisfyer Double Joy, ensure that both the charger and the vibrator are fully dry. From there, the cord snaps into place easily when near the metallic ports of the Satisfyer Double Joy. While charging, the light on the vibrator will blink. When it's fully charged, it will stay on (not blink). It takes about 2 hours of charging time to get yourself about an hour's worth of use time.

The Satisfyer Double Joy couples vibrator comes with a 15-year manufacturer's guarantee. There's very little information about this Satisfyer warranty online, but the manufacturer provides an email to email in case of any defects on your vibrator during your 15 years with the toy. They will need to see a receipt or invoice of your original purchase of the vibrator, though, so make sure you save that Kinkly Shop email - just in case!

The Packaging

The Satisfyer Double Joy comes in a cute, modern-looking box. I'm really enjoying Satisfyer's packaging redesign from some of their older offerings. The box includes a magnetic flap that peels open to display the vibrator inside of a plastic window.

This "plastic window" layer includes a tear-strip that must be torn to open the box. If you don't tear the strip, you won't be able to get at the vibrator - which functions as the Satisfyer boxes' way of assuring you're the first person to touch the vibrator that you've received.

Underneath the vibrator in its plastic tray, you'll find the magnetic charging cable, the Quick Start guide (which is pretty much the entire instruction manual), and the safety information (which is the smallest print you'll ever read full of all the ways you're not supposed to use the Satisfyer Double Joy. (I've got great vision and this print is seriously challenging for me. I'm not sure human eyes are supposed to be able to easily read it.)

The packaging is honestly pretty sturdy, and if you don't choose to keep the Double Joy outside of the box, this box is easily sturdy enough for long-term storage of the vibrator - and will keep all of its accessories all nicely packed into a single place. Zero complaints about the box; it's cute, it gets the toy to you nicely, and it can be used for good storage.

Satisfyer Double Joy: Sex Toy Review

The Verdict: 4/5

As one of the lowest-priced options in the world of couple's vibrators, the Satisfyer Double Joy manages to stand out as a great entry-level type of couple's vibrator. While the vibrations and customization options aren't nearly as wide as much-more-expensive alternatives in the couple's vibrator category, the Satisfyer Double Joy still holds its own with an easy-to-use design, silky-smooth silicone, and a free, compatible cell phone app that opens up brand new ways to play with the vibrator to really squeeze all of your money's worth out of it.

If you're looking for a lower-priced way to experiment with vibrators during intercourse - or like the idea of experimenting with cell phone controlled vibrators - the Satisfyer Double Joy fills that need. It won't give you the power of its higher-priced brethren, but it'll give you the couple's vibrator experience to let you determine if the sensation is for you - and you might find that the rubbing and vibrations are just-enough to add even more pleasure during sex for you.

Other Options

If you're looking for a couple's vibrator like this, you're in luck! Ever since the original We-Vibe hit the market years and years ago, the sex toy sphere has had quite a few options with these neat, unique U-shaped vibrators. In fact, the majority of the couple's vibrator category is taken over with toys that look similar to this one.

Let's look into some of the idiosyncrasies you might be looking to enjoy, though.

If you're looking for a couple's U-shaped vibrator like this one that might be more customizable, you probably want to hit up the We-Vibe Chorus. While definitely more pricey, the We-Vibe Chorus offers a plethora of functions including a bend-and-stay-put design that lets you work within your anatomy as well as a squeeze-sensitive remote that can control the vibrations. The We-Vibe Chorus also comes with a free app to control the sex toy.

If you like the idea of wearing a hands-free vibrator during intercourse, you might find that your anatomy fits well with the Dame Eva II. Instead of a design that slips inside the body to "anchor" the vibrator in place, the Eva 2 includes two flexible "arms" that use tension against the labia to help keep this clitoral vibrator up against the clitoris during sex.

If the app-controlled aspect is what has you in love, you should look into the other Satisfyer Connect App sex toys from Satisfyer. There's a small collection of them - with more come - at this lower price point for fun ways to enjoy entry-level sex toys.

Alternatively, the majority of We-Vibe products are also compatible with a cell phone app for new ways to explore your sex toy. We-Vibe's products also allow for long-distance control of the sex toy in question.

There's also the OhMiBod Esca 2 which - while also being compatible with VR porn and other options - includes a long-distance control function and a cell phone app for control.

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