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Ride On! What You Need to Know About Sex Machines

Published: OCTOBER 29, 2020 | Updated: OCTOBER 29, 2020
Ride-on-top sex machines can take you for the ride of your life. Just hop on and giddyup!

If you want steady stimulation that won’t stop ‘til you get enough, consider investing in a sex machine. It can be used or without a partner, and is the next best thing to a penis or strap-on. In some ways, it’s even better.


Ride-on-top sex machines originated back in the 80s. You may know them as Sybian sex machines. The concept was a success, as vulva-owners were able to experience hands- and partner-free pleasure and orgasms.

Since then, the riding experience has come a long way and a lot further towards approaching the mainstream. (Thank you, almighty powers of technology and some seriously creative minds.) The possibilities for pleasure are really only limited by one’s imagination.

Some ride-on sex machines, like the Motorbunny, have Bluetooth and internet connectivity, so you don’t have the be in the same room, much less country, to enjoy some sexual excitement with a partner.


It’s an extremely erotic experience to hand over virtual control of your orgasm to a sweetie. The Motorbunny can also sync with music, mobile games, and live streaming content for an innovative, interactive experience.

One of my favorite things, though, is reverse rotation, which allows users to reverse the rotational direction of the “twirl” rotation function. If you’re into fingering, this feature is pure, deep penetrative magic.

Speaking of fingers, adjusting your app settings is as simple as the stroke of your finger. You don’t have to be the world’s most tech-savvy human to work this pleasure device or its app, even though it has a ton of cool features.


For this piece, I’m going to focus on ride-on-top sex machines. A ride-on sex machine is reliably hard, always ready to fuck, and able to go for round two (three, four, or more) with no refractory period. This corded device delivers intense and consistent fucking force, so you can take your sweet, sweet time, to come as much as you desire.

Who Are Sex Machines For?

Sex machines are literally for everyone! Men, women, and non-binary individuals can use sex machines for vaginal, anal, penile, and clitoral stimulation. (It should be noted that Motorbunny offers attachments and experiences designed just for use by men.)

Sure, these pleasure devices are fantastic for straightforward ride-on sex and virtual fun, but there are many uses beyond this scope. For folks with desensitized genitalia, sex machines serve up strong, consistent power. If a penis-having partner experiences performance anxiety or erectile dysfunction, a sex machine can be an intimate, interactive stand-in.


I’ve had many steamy sessions riding my Motorbunny while making out with a partner or performing oral sex. Every month when I have menstrual cramps, I take a spin to relieve cramps. I promise you, it's 100 times better than Midol. I’m constantly discovering new ways to make use of this magnificent piece of machinery.

How To Use a Sex Machine

Ride-on style sex machines feature a motorized dildo (or other pleasure-inducing attachments—not all resemble penises) and a control dial. It’s powered by a wall outlet, so you’re tethered by a cord.

These machines are super simple to use: Pick out the attachment you want to ride, place it on the rod or spring, use lube, then straddle the toy. Lower your hips, then vagina over the attachment until it’s reached optimal penetration, then play with the control dial and grind away. Here, gravity is your friend!


For my Motorbunny, there are two options: Twirl and Buzz; one controls a teasing, circle-like motion, while the other controls the vibration. It takes some finagling to figure out what combination sparks fireworks. Still, when I have it dialed in just so, I experience intense pleasure across my entire pelvic floor, vulva, clitoris, and anus. No nerve endings are left behind.

Once you get the gist of how the controls work, how you experience pleasure is pretty much limitless. Hand the control over to someone else and let them tease and edge you for a mind-blowing experience. Forced orgasm play? No problem. (Blindfold optional.)

I’ve used the Motorbunny solo and shown off for partners. Place the machine at the end of a bed, have a partner sit on the corner, put your mouth on their genitals, and you’ve got yourself a makeshift spit roast situation. Sexy!


The Motorbunny also features four hard metal points, which I’ve incorporated into some pretty hot rope bondage scenarios. They could also be used for handcuffs, nipple clamps, and other tools of dominance. I’ve taken my Motorbunny to sex parties and brought it out during an at-home brunch, with the consent of curious guests who wanted to watch it in action (and then, of course, give it a whirl).

Whether you want to have the ride of your life or be double penetrated, there’s an attachment for you! There’s also a prostate add-on called the “Keister Bunny” for anal stimulation.

How Do They Compare?

As someone has well over 100 sex toys in her collection and has demoed hundreds more, I can safely say that no other sex toy has the capabilities of a sex machine.

Wonder why I frequently have sex with younger penis-havers? Two words: Endurance and stamina. Sex machines have both and are about as realistic of a PIV (penis in vagina) experience one can have without flesh or a human-powered strap-on.

What Should You Consider When Buying a Sex Machine?

First of all, take your time and do some research. Buying a sex machine is a much more significant investment than, let’s say, buying a dildo or butt plug .

Look up trusted sex toy blogger reviews. They’ve road-tested hundreds of sex toys and have a mental library of experiences for comparison.

Like buying any sex toy, pay attention for body-safe materials, like non-porous silicone. Also, take a close look at the technical specs – weight, controls, strength, and sound of the motor, and how well it’s made. All of it matters.

Consider what the warranty covers and what customer support looks like. Hopefully, you’ll never need it, but it’s good to know what kind of help is available in case your orgasms are (god forbid) suddenly put on technical pause.

Don't Be Intimidated, Just Gippyup

I get it. The idea of a sex machine seems like a BFD. Sure, the price point may be daunting, but beyond that, it’s an easy toy to navigate. It may not fit into your nightstand, but it’s portable, simple to set-up, and clean-up is a breeze. If you don’t want to schlep yours around in a suitcase or IKEA bag, as I do, there are custom, wheeled cases available.

The takeaway: Every person’s anatomy is different, and what’s guaranteed to get you off may be entirely different for a friend. Whether it’s a quick warm-up or public masturbation at a party, the Motorbunny is my go-to for the most consistent pleasure and pounding orgasms I’ve ever had. It takes solo, partnered, and public sex (in consensual environments) sex to the next level.

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