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Review: Fun Toys G-Vibe

by Kinkly
Published: MAY 15, 2013 | Updated: JULY 14, 2020
This innovative G-spot vibrator gets almost everything right. Discover the details here.

The Product: Fun Toys G-Vibe G-Spot Vibrator

The Verdict: Kinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logoKinkly logo (out of five)


There's a certain shape we think of when we think of a vibrator - phallic(ish). And there's certainly nothing wrong with those kinds of vibrators. They've done great things for a great many women! But what's been interesting to see in recent years is the innovative shapes sex toy manufacturers are coming out with. Shapes that don't aim to mimic a man's anatomy but to work with a woman's. As it turns out, that's a very different thing.

The G-Vibe by Fun Toys is one such vibrator. It's sold as an "ergonomic" vibrator, and it does have the sort of strange look of many ergonomic products. It's shaped a bit a female Gumby would look, if there was such a thing. But in this case, different is good.


The Basics

The G-Vibe is an anatomical vibrator made of high quality, medical-grade silicone. It features a dual motor with six vibration settings and adjustable modes. We're all shaped differently - often very differently. The G-Vibe is designed accommodate each user’s unique body type and provide an individual experience. It's two flexible appendages can folded together and inserted, or used internally and externally, for dual stimulation of g-spot and clitoris.

Fun Toys G-Vibe G-Spot Vibrator being held with ends together

The G-Vibes flexible ends can be pulled apart or pressed together.



Opening the G-Vibe's box was a pleasure in itself. Beyond the standard postal packaging lay a box wrapped delicately in black tissue, sealed with a beautiful logo sticker. I knew this was something special and felt like I was getting a treat. I had no idea how much of a delight it would be just to gaze upon the G-Vibe. I know my sex toys and I know luxury: this is one luxurious sex toy.

A brilliant, hot pink tool stared at me from the box, topped with a fold-out suggestion guide and care instruction post card. Exquisite care had been taken to package this vibe. All this luxury instilled a bit of a reverence in me, something the toy itself happens to live up to. Plus, taking care of this precious will be easy, because I want to keep it looking as beautiful as on the day it arrived.


A charging cord (no batteries - this baby's rechargeable!) and storage bag were also included in the box.

Vibe Easy

The first thing I wanted to do was simply touch the toy with my hands. The silicone looked inviting and I wasn’t disappointed. Even without lube, although I would never suggest that anyone forgo lubrication, the G-Vibe is silky soft and pliable. It’s exactly the type of thing you want touching you in your most sensitive areas.


I pressed the button marked "+" on the lovely, looped silver handle and the toy came to life. I could feel the vibration but I could hardly hear anything. I’ve tried other toys that claimed to be quiet, but still carried a distinct drone-like buzz. The two motors in the G-Vibe - yes, there are two! - are almost as quiet as a whisper. Even when I turned the vibration up to the maximum and went through the different modes, the sound hardly increased.

control buttons on Fun Toys G-Vibe G-Spot Vibrator


The G-Vibe has three simple buttons


More than a little curious by then, I pulled out the water-based lubricant and tried the different suggestions on the fold out card. I enlisted my trusty research buddy, my adventurous husband, and we went to work.

We were not disappointed. The G-Vibe is simply fabulous. The two motors on the bendable tips are perfect for dual stimulation, although the vibrations can be felt throughout the toy when it’s on. The sensual silicone added to the experience. Actually, I don’t know who liked it better, me or my partner.

The Highs

There are almost too many positives for this toy to even list, but I’ll try.

First, the whisper smooth sound of the motors was so low that I never worried about anyone hearing it, even if they had been standing right outside the bedroom door. The amazing thing is the reduction in sound does nothing to reduce the power of the vibration. No matter what speed setting or vibration mode I set it on, there was never the roaring type of vibration that can take you out of the moment when you have small kids in the house. And that's saying a lot. Kids have almost extra sensory hearing, especially when you want some privacy.

The dual motors are perfect for teasing in two different areas. At one point, we figured out it could provide stimulation to the testicles and labia at the same time. That was a bonus. The tips look like small tongues and are as gentle and soft as the oral appendage when stimulating nipples - both at the same time, thank you very much - and the genitals.

Also, the controls are perfectly positioned on the handle for easy access. There is no room for confusion, and the controls only require a soft touch to navigate. Although the shaft was a bit difficult to hold during solo play, the buttons could always be easily found. Because my husband's hands are larger, he was able to maneuver it more deftly and make it do what I wanted it to do.

Actually, it’s during partner play that the G-Vibe really shines. The handle with the loop makes for easy control, even when the lube gets extra slippery. The flexible prongs provide a feeling of fullness, but not one that verges on pain, which is sometimes a problem with G-spot vibes. There’s still enough flexibility in the toy to move with the vagina while they provide stimulation to the vaginal walls and g-spot.

The care instructions that come on a save-worthy card is a wonderful perk, because although I understand the ins and outs of toy care, someone who may not be as informed could still clean and store their G-Vibe properly. I can appreciate education that not only promotes longevity in toys but also upholds good health care practices.

The Lows

It was a challenge to maneuver the G-Vibe as a solo player. My hands are small, and I found it difficult to hold it in the position where I wanted it. Also, certain dual stimulation situations were awkward, such as vaginal and clitoral. There was a tendency for the toy to slip around, again, because the shaft is tricky to handle in that position.

The Verdict

The G-Vibe aims to deliver a lot - and it almost succeeds. It's unique, innovative and fun, at least for partner play, but it fell short as a solo toy, at least for me. You should also note that the G-Vibe is only splash proof, not waterproof, so if you're into playing in the bath, this isn't the toy for you. Overall, I'm giving it four hearts out of five.

Disclosure: provided Kinkly with this toy to review. Our policy is that our writers provide the pros and cons of each and every toy, because even the best toys could be better! Read more great sex toy reviews here.


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