Lingerie, whilst a short and simple word, encompasses a multitude of different styles, kinds and fashions. Just walk through a lingerie store and chances are you'll come across multiple pieces that you don't even know the name of. From babydolls to corsets to teddies and bodystockings, there are so many different kinds of lingerie for one to choose from!

The troublesome thing about having a wide range of possibilites is that it can be hard to narrow down which style would work best for you. You could try Googling which style is "best for your body type", but we think those guides are pretty much... well, crap. The piece of lingerie that is best for your body type is whatever piece makes you feel sexy and beautiful (and maybe even powerful)!

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Shopping for lingerie can be rough. It can take time and patience to find the right kind of lingerie that makes you feel sexy as hell. Do not give in to any negative thoughts that might pop up! The perfect piece of lingerie is out there for you! We know it!

To help you in your quest of unleashing your lingerie alter-ego, we teamed up with Lion's Den to create this lingerie quiz! Take the quiz below and find out what style of lingerie matches best to your unbelievably awesome personality!