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Quiz: What Sex Toy Should You Ask Santa for This Year?

by Kinkly
Published: DECEMBER 15, 2020
Christmas is coming and you should be too! Take this quiz and find out what sex toy you should put on your list to Santa this year!

December is here! Which means Christmas and the holidays are right around the corner. This is the time of year that the words "merry" and "joyous" often get thrown around, but 2020 hasn't been all that merry or joyous. It's pretty much been stressful, chaotic and anxiety-inducing.


So this holiday season, if you're not putting a new sex toy on your Christmas wish list, you really should be. Not sure what to ask for? Don't worry! We teamed up with Satisfyer to craft this quiz to help you narrow down what sex toy you should be asking for this year.

No matter what toy you end up asking for, consider it a reason to take some time and relax, recharge and find some happiness! Whether you're using this new toy on your own or with a partner, make it your mission to create some intimacy this holiday season. Because you deserve it, you really do!



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