The vagina-owning body has a lot of pleasure spots. You have the vagina, the g-spot, the a-spot, the cervix, the clitoris, the nipples, and honestly, so many more! One of those "many more" happens to be the entire vulva itself. While the vulva usually gets passed up as a landmark on the way to vaginal penetration or clitoral orgasms, the vulva is jam-packed with a ton of nerve endings that make it an erogenous zone in its own right.

Surprised? We know.

While a lot of people assume that these external parts of the anatomy are pleasurable, they're usually treated as a temporary pitstop on the way to other spots. Instead, why not spend some time focusing on the vulva all on its own—or add constant vulva stimulation to your penetration or clitoral routine?

We worked with LELO to put together this quiz to see just how much your know about pleasing a vulva.

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