How do you prepare for analingus?


It's important that both the receiver and the giver learn how to properly prepare for analingus. Although smelly asses are a particular fetish, we are going to assume you are someone who is going to prepare your derriere for a less smelly option.

Clean the anal area thoroughly both inside and out with warm soap and water. This means getting inside any crevice a tongue could reach. You are going to wash twice; so, if there are any irritations, ease off on scrubbing too hard. This is especially true if you have hemorrhoids or anal fissures.

Anal douching will get rid of any bullets in the chamber and prepare you for any anal sex you might have later on. However, isn’t strictly necessary for analingus. If you do choose this route, use warm water with no additives. Insert the nozzle in your rectum, slowly fill it with water, hold it in, and then release into the toilet.

Next, shave the anal area completely. It is important to note that shaving is a personal preference. Communicate with your partner to make sure they actually want you to shave. Hair is making a big comeback. So, it’s always good to check. After shaving, wash your hiney again with warm soap and water. Wipe off all the hair, dingleberries, and willknots (an anal dreadlock that’s stuck on your anal hair is difficult to remove).

To change things up a bit once you’re ready, you may want to add some of the following details. Change the temperature down there by using an ice cube or a bowl of warm water. If you’re into BDSM you can do something for extreme sensory play like using Icy Hot, an astringent like witch hazel, or even (for the very daring) crushed red pepper. I do not recommend these for your first time. Also, make sure these are things you are using are rubbed lightly on the surface area. These are not for licking off.

I usually advise doing analingus with one dedicated hand and using the other hand for fingering or a handjob. Do not confuse the hands. Accidental use of crushed red pepper on genitals is the stuff Darwin Awards are made of. Analingus lends itself to testing out some new flavors of flavored lube or a love kit with edible powder, dust, or the like. This is especially fun if you have a bunch of different flavors stashed away somewhere. Try mixing and matching for better flavor combinations.

Before engaging in anal/oral contact, make sure you have talked fully about this with your partner and they are ready, willing, and able to go deep downtown. Negotiation and consent are keys to all things sexual. Consent is kinky and mandatory! As a giver of rim jobs, prepare for anal love with your tongue by being a loving, service oriented lover. Watch how the receiver likes to do things to themselves.

The giver needs to be prepared, too. Wash your face, brush your teeth, gargle, and tie back your hair if it’s long. Make sure your beard and mustache are out of the way. This is actually a concern for me. If you have ever seen my facial hair, you would understand. Since this is a messy business and anything anal is taboo, it is hard to discuss with others. Once you've discussed it, and you decide this is what you want to do, nothing but fun and good times will be had. That first hurdle of talking about it is way harder than completing the act. Have good sex and good fun while eating the ass!


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