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Pumping Up: The Down Low on Penis and Vaginal Pumps

Published: MAY 14, 2015
Learn about using and buying penis and vagina pumps.

You've probably heard about penis and vaginal pumps. After all, they're in sex shops everywhere. But do penis pumps really work or are they just a gimmick? What is the purpose of vaginal pumps? Can penis pumps cure erectile dysfucntion? There are many questions and debates surroundng the use of genital pumps, how to use them safely and if they even work. Here are all the basics on penis and vaginal pumps.


Penis Pumps

Penis pumps consist of a cylinder in which the penis is inserted and an air pump to create pressure within the cynlinder. Manual pumps are controlled by the user through the action of pumping (hence the name), which creates air pressure within the cylinder, thus lengthening tissue within the penis and filling the capillaries with blood. Newer designs have automatic and digital pumps, whereby the user can set the pump to automatically draw in and release air at appointed time increments and pressure levels. Most penis pumps come with a gauge attached to or included as a part of the cylinder to allow the user to detirmine how much air pressure is being used. This is an important feature on a penis pump because it allows the user to lower, increase or maintain the exact level of pressure he desires.

Why Men Pump

Most men use penis pumps to gain length and girth in their penis, but that is not the only use. Men who have erectile dysfucntion may use a pump to help stimulate blood flow to the area and follow with the use of a cockring to maintain the erection. There are other men who just enjoy the sucking, pressurized sitmulation and use pumps as masturbation tools.

How to Operate a Penis Pump

After placing the penis into the cylinder, pump air to create pressure. That's all there is to it. The pressure from the air on the outside of the penis and the pressure within the penis compete, and create the engorged effect. Use the air pressure gauge! It's important that you don't over-pump or you will face serious pain and discomfort and may even do long-term damage.

Results and Side Effects

There is really no scientific evidence that penis pumps work and a lot of people believe they are a scam that preys on men with size insecurities. If you are going to invest in a penis pump make sure you do your research on all the different brands and styles out there. Reading customer reviews, speaking to any friends you know who have used the product and speaking to a doctor before use are all great ideas. If you are looking for major results you won't get them with a pump. Pumps will not give you a porn star penis, and any results you do get are usually short lived. If you are looking for small increases, you may be able to get that from the use of a pump.


There are some side effects to pumping, and they mainly come with overuse. Pumping every day at high levels of pressure is not recommended, and if pain or discomfort occurs at anytime you should stop using a penis pump. You do not want tissue damage down there, people!

Pussy Pumps

Pussy pumps work in much the same way as penis pumps, but their design is slightly different to fit the female anatomy. Instead of a cylinder, a cup-shaped device is used to create suction. Pussy pumps are also equipped with either manual or automatic pumps, which create air pressure and engorge the vulva.

Reasons Women Pump

Pussy pumps are usually more focused around heightening sensation by bringing blood to the vulva and vagina, which makes many women more sensitive to stimulation. Women who are not easily aroused may use pussy pumps specifically for that reason.

There are pumps with attached stimulators, such as vibration to help provide even more stimulation. Some pumps are built with a draw and release air function, which mimics the feeling of sucking. If you're looking for pleasure-based pumps, go for ones that have ticklers inside of the suction cup. My favorite is the butterfly tickler, which has little vibrating nubs that stimulate the clitoris and labia as you pump.

There are pumps made specfically for just the clitoris for women who do not need or want the entire area engorged. Another use of pussy pumps is for aesthetics. The look of an engorged vulva is a turn on for some, and is often used in porn films and pictures to create a more soft and plush look.

How to Operate a Pussy Pump

Place the suction cup over the vulva and pump air to create pressure. With vaginal pumps, there is usually no gauge to measure the amount of air pressure being used, but if any discomfort occurs, you will know you are using too much.

Results and Side Effects

As with penis pumps, results that pussy pumps produce are short lived and once the blood that has been drawn to the area flows back regulary into your body, the effect of the pumping will end. However, these devices are effective enough that the FDA has approved the use of specific lines of vaginal and clitoral pumps, such as the Eros Clitoral Therapy Device. There have been no serious reports of side effects from vaginal pumping, but, as with any new product, you should consult a doctor before use. I am not a doctor, but I can say from personal use, and the reviews of women who pump regularly that vaginal pumps work exactly how they are supposed to and can increase sensation to the vulva, thus increasing pleasure.

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