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Power Queens: Why Powerful Wand Vibrators Rule

Published: JULY 14, 2017 | Updated: APRIL 24, 2020
These large, ultra-powerful vibrators provide deeper stimulation, which means bigger orgasms for a broader range of people.

Do you sometimes struggle to orgasm with sex toys? Is your night table drawer full of dud vibrators that don’t quite cut it? When you walk into a sex shop do you ask the clerk to show you the strongest thing they carry? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions you may be a Power Queen.


Welcome to club; I’m one too. I’ve jokingly said it takes a jackhammer to get me off. As a sex toy reviewer I’ve tried hundreds of different pleasure products. But even with so many shapes, sizes, speeds, and features at my disposal, the main thing I’m on the lookout for is power. As a result, there’s one type of sex toy that meets my high standards most often - wand-style vibrators.

Why do wand vibrators hit it out of the park more consistently than other external vibrators? Let’s start with a little history.

How It All Began: The History of Powerful Vibes

Once upon a time there was only one wand vibrator that ruled them all, the Hitachi Magic Wand. Released as a back massager in 1968, it quickly became known for its off-market magic. Sought after as an external clitoral vibrator, it was known to bring users to climax in record time.


There's a reason this powerful vibe is so famous. Over the years, the Hitachi has been cited in countless medical journals as effective treatment for female sexual dysfunction and anorgasmia. It’s been praised and popularized by feminist pioneer Betty Dodson, dubbed “the Cadillac of Vibrators” by Good Vibrations, and has remained a top seller for decades.

What's so great about wand vibrators, anyway?

First generation wand vibrators like the Hitachi were revolutionary. They gave thousands of people access to sexual pleasure, many for the first time. But what makes this kind of vibrator so much more satisfying for vulvas than your average handheld bullet or palm sized vibrator? Here are a few key elements.


The wall plug on early wand vibrators gave them an advantage over their battery-operated counterparts. The Hitachi vibrated at 6000 RPMs, making it much more powerful than other vibrators at that time. The present day, updated versions of this old classic remain in this vibration range.


Large Head

The wide, ball-shaped head found on most wand vibrators is large enough to affect more than just the external portion of the clitoris. To fully appreciate this benefit, it’s important to know the anatomy of the internal clitoris. What we think of as the clitoris is only the tip of a larger pleasure iceberg. The internal clitoris lies beneath the skin, under the labia, and runs along either side of the vaginal opening. There are other erogenous zones in this area too like the G-spot. That’s located an inch or two inside the vagina on the anterior wall (i.e. up toward the tummy).

Large bulbous wand heads can stimulate vaginal erectile tissue that isn't normally reached by other, less powerful types of toys. Remember, everyone’s body is different. Some of us require strong, penetrating, deep vibration that reaches our internal pleasure zones to get off. There is no such thing as one sex toy that works for everyone. Wands, however, tend to work better than other toys for people that require more intensity.

Power Queens: Why Powerful Wand Vibrators Rule
A large, bulbous head allows wand vibes to stimulate a great surface area. Pictured here, O-WAND.


What’s Not So Great about Old School Wand Vibrators?

While the Hitachi was a miracle sent from the heavens in its day, that technology is now 50 years old. A few years back it was rebranded as the Magic Wand Original and given a few minor updates. Compared to technology on the market in 2017, however, it still has quite a few disadvantages:

  • Cord: While the power cord was what gave wands their intense power back in the day, cordless versions now perform better and are more convenient.
  • Noise: Traditional wands aren’t very discreet sound-wise. That power came at a cost!
  • Cleaning: The head of the Magic Wand Original is made of a porous material that is impossible to completely disinfect.
  • Ergonomics: Old style wands are heavy and difficult to hold for some people.
  • Limited Use: According to the manufacturer's instructions, the Magic Wand Original shouldn’t be used for more than 25 consecutive minutes or the motor may burn out.
  • Not Waterproof: Taking a traditional wand into the tub or giving it a thorough deep clean isn’t an option.
  • Limited Speed Variation: Many old-school wands have only two speeds - high and higher.
  • Not Travel Friendly: Old wands like the Magic Wand Original only operate on AC current, which isn’t ideal for international travelers.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm grateful for those old-school wand vibrators for changing the world. However, newer products are bringing new technology and features - and all the power you could ever need.

What New Technology Have Wand Style Vibrators Adopted?

All sex toys are not created equal. Some are amazing while others are lackluster. It’s important to do your research and select a reputable design and brand. When it comes to updated wand vibrators, there are quite a few quality models currently on the market. Doxy Massager, LELO Smart Wand, and Magic Wand Rechargeable are all very popular models that have put a spin on that old Hitachi model.


One of the newest shining stars in the world of wands is the O-WAND. Sexy and effective, it earned two prestigious Red Dot Design Awards in 2017. Cordless and ergonomically designed, its waterproof body is made from 100% easy-to-clean non-porous silicone. It’s also cordless, travel friendly, has a wide range of settings and a removable textured head. The best feature is, set on maximum speed it vibrates at 12,000 RPMs, which is double that of many traditional wands! (Power queens rejoice!)

What type of person and what kind of sex are wands best for?

People who need high power and deep vibration tend to find satisfaction in wand toys. But you don’t have to be a power queen, king, or anywhere in between to enjoy wands. Although they can deliver jackhammer intensity, many newer models offer incremental power settings to please even the most sensitive users. Wands are suitable for anyone, no matter their gender. They can also be used on any type of genital or erogenous zone. Penile stimulation and external prostate massage are common uses.

Even better, wand vibrators are versatile enough for partnered sex or solo use. The new smaller, simple-to-hold designs are easy to place between two bodies during sex play. And, of course, in a pinch, wands are perfect for their original intended purpose. Yes, even the new high tech versions are magic for aching shoulders, stiff necks and sore backs. Power, intensity, pleasure all around.

Sunny Megatron

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