Tuck Position

Updated: FEBRUARY 28, 2023

The Tuck Position makes use of any flat surface you're around for deep, g-spot or p-spot focused penetration. The compact angle of the receiver and the ledge's ability to keep the ankles out of the way makes this sex position offer feelings of fullness while simultaneously offering built-in leverage for powerful thrusting.

Tuck Position: The receiving partner kneels on top of a ledge, gripping the edge of the surface for leverage. The penetrating partner stands behind them for penetration.

To get into this position, the receiver climbs onto the surface of choice and gets onto all fours. If possible, their hands should be able to grip onto the ledge of the surface for leverage - and their toes should dangle off of the edge of the surface. From there, the receiver pushes their butt back while simultaneously spreading their legs and sinking their tummy as close to the ground as is comfortable. In addition to being a fantastic stretch, this can feel like a very exposed position.

From there, the penetrating partner can stand between the receiver's feet and easily achieve anal sex or vaginal sex.

More About Tuck Position

Everything about the Tuck Sex Position makes it a fantastic choice for those looking for intense feelings of fullness that target the p-spot and g-spot. The bent over, crouching position of the receiver compresses the canal while the positioning of the two bodies ensures penetration can go as deep as possible.

For those into power exchange and rough sex, the receiver's exposed and compact placement can lend itself well to feelings of submission. Especially with the receiver's stabilized grip, the penetrating partner can really be rough (if that's what's desired and agreed upon.)

The Tuck Position was designed to work with a long, flat surface where the receiver can grip onto a ledge while simultaneously dangling their toes off of the opposing side. Think a healthily-sized ottoman, sturdy kitchen table, and kitchen island. Sometimes you have to work with the location you're given, though, and you may find yourself getting into the Tuck position on the wide landing of a staircase - or (as shown in the illustration) the steps into a below-ground pool.

When in doubt, don't forget about the power of sex furniture to make this sex position happen. Picking up a piece of sex furniture - like the Liberator Equus Wave - offers a supportive surface that's gentle on the knees, designed for body weight and easy clean-up, and offers hundreds of other built-in sex position options. Placing a pillow or a memory form mattress under the knees could also be helpful for folks with knee concerns.

To get the most depth from this position, the receiver will need to have flexible abductors (inner thigh muscles). The knees are placed outside of the torso -- like in the Child's Pose yoga pose. Easily modify this position by simply reducing how far the receiver sinks into the position. It can always look more like the Backdoor Position - and you'll still get a lot of the same benefits.

The majority of the receiver's body weight will be resting on top of the knees at a deep angle. For people with knee concerns, this position may not be possible - and that's OK! (There are a lot of fantastic sex positions that could be a better fit for your body!)

Even without knee and flexibility concerns, the deep angle partnered with body weight can become uncomfortable quickly for many, and we recommend planning ahead for a sex position transition to ensure the fun can continue - and no one feels uncomfortable! The Going For It and Desk Domination positions make great follow-ups for this position.

This rear entry sex position is a great go-to for couples of discordant sizes. For larger couples, neither partner rests weight on the other. For couples of differing heights, the use of an external surface ensures the sex position can still easily match up. Simply choose a taller (or shorter) surface if the angles aren't working how you want.



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