The Nirvana Position

Updated: JUNE 25, 2021

The nirvana is a slight variation of the missionary position, and a classic Kama Sutra position. Instead of the receiver spreading their legs and wrapping their arms around their partner's back during penetration, they keep their legs closed and grasp something above their head, such as a bedpost. This position enables shallower penetration and more clitoral stimulation, which sends many people to nirvana.

diagram of the nirvana sex position

More About The Nirvana Position

Keeping the receiver's legs closed during sex makes it slightly more difficult to penetrate, but also intensifies the friction and pleasure both partners feel. Because the nirvana position is so similar to the missionary position, it's a great way for tentative couples to explore how slightly different positions can offer new and wonderful sensations.. This position is simple, gentle and accessible for a wide variety of physical abilities.



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