Pair of Tongs Sex Position

Updated: FEBRUARY 3, 2022

The Pair of Tongs sex position is a standing, side-entry sex position where a standing person penetrates their partner who maintains a side plank.

Pair of Tongs Sex Position - a standing person penetrates their partner who lies in a side plank.

It's thought that this position gets its name because the participants' straight, interlocking legs look like a pair of tongs. It's known as an extreme sex position for its high degree of difficulty and athleticism.

It should not be confused with the Kama Sutra term of the same name which is a sexual technique rather than a position.

More About Pair of Tongs Sex Position

The Pair of Tongs sex position sees the giver in a standing position with their feet slightly apart. They hold their partner around the waist while they balance themselves on one arm in a side plank. The giver straddles the receiver's bottom leg while holding the other one for additional support. Once in this position, the give can then insert their penis or dildo into the receiver.

A variation on the position sees the receiver lying on a bed with their arm hanging over the side. They then reach down to the floor to steady themself. This alternative provides additional support so the receiver doesn't have to support their weight on one arm and the giver has less of their partner's body weight to deal with.

The Pair of Tongs is difficult for many to accomplish because of the great upper body strength and balance required to maintain the position. The giver must also be strong enough to support a lot of their partner's weight. It carries a risk of muscle strain or injury to the penis which is not made for side-entry positions. However, the high degree of physical exertion required can be exhilarating for the right couple.



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