Spider Monkey Sex Position

Published: JULY 24, 2023

The Spider Monkey sex position is a very complicated position that calls on the partners to face away from one another.

Spider Monkey Sex Position. The penetrating partner is standing. The receiving partner does a headstand with their hips up against the penetrating partner's butt. The penetrating partner then achieves penetration.

To get into this position, the penetrating partner stands on their toes with their feet shoulder width apart. The receptive partner stands on their head with their arms bent at the elbows and forearms on the ground. The receptive partner bends their knees and spreads their legs on either side of the penetrating partner who supports them by holding onto their feet.

More About Spider Monkey Sex Position

In addition to being quite complicated, the Spider Monkey sex position also poses a fair bit of danger to both partners. The receptive partner is standing on their head during intercourse and at great risk of falling down at any point. The penetrating partner must aim their penis down and backwards, an angle that is in direct opposition to the natural position for most erect penises.

If you choose to attempt the Spider Monkey, go slow, communicate with your partner continuously, and use caution.



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