Scoring Position

Updated: APRIL 17, 2022

The Scoring position is a fantastic position for anyone craving a more active role during sex play - while providing a deeper level of penetration to boot!

Scoring Position. The penetrating partner sits on top of a sturdy, wide platform. The penetrating partner backs on top of the penetrating partner's lap, sitting between the penetrating partner's spread legs.

This position also allows the receiving person to put themselves into whatever gloriously just-right position they want. Plus, getting into the Scoring Position doesn’t depend on any Twister, or Olympic-level gymnastics, putting it solidly on our list of sex positions to try out at least once.

This position does require a somewhat sturdy piece of furniture, the one the person on the bottom will be sitting on. Fortunately, sturdy doesn’t necessarily mean massive as a low coffee table will do. If you set them up in a way where they won’t unexpectedly topple over, a stack of firm cushions may work as well. This position could also be ideal for people who use wheelchairs or mobility devices like walkers.

More About Scoring Position

Once the giver has gotten comfortably seated with their legs spread, their partner then sits on their lap, facing away from them. If the giving partner uses a power chair with the tilt option, they can easily find a position that is comfortable for them.

By bracing themselves on the seated partner’s knees, or on the edge of whatever they’re sitting on, the receiver has the ability to move up or down, side to side, forward or back, or - if they are so inclined - swivel left to right, as their bodies allow them to.

This vast array of options, and having the control to use them or whatever else they like, can lead to all kinds of pleasurable delights.

As with every position, there are possible drawbacks to the Scoring Position; it may not be comfortable or possible for all body types or all levels of ability. This position can feel like doing an extended squat if the receiver takes most of their weight in their legs to avoid putting too much pressure on the giver.

Pay attention to your body, your partner's body, and do what works best for you both!



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