High and Tight Position

Updated: APRIL 17, 2022

The High and Tight Sex Position is a user-friendly attempt at sex around the house.

High and Tight Position. The receiving partner lays overtop of a piece of sturdy furniture. The penetrating partner comes up between the receiving partner's spread thighs for penetration.

To get into this position, grab a coffee table or sex furniture with a good working height and position yourself with your partner according to who's doing what. Whether kneeling or lying on your side, both roles are easily adapted and won't require too much heavy lifting. Molding your bodies together is the trick to getting this sex position right. Once penetration is achieved, maintaining thrust should be a really enjoyable exercise.

More About High and Tight Position

Apart from the coffee table itself, this position enables unique sideways penetration, which is definitely a winner as far as trying something new is concerned. Not only will this kind of penetration provide a tighter entry (thereby upping the stimulation noticeably), on the receiving end it will contribute toward pushing some new buttons, which may make things that much sexier.



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