Assisted Queen Sex Position

Updated: MAY 13, 2022

The Assisted Queen mixes the alluring sensations of bondage with the powerful feeling of queening in a position that is suitable for an array of body sizes. The angled surface of the Black Label Wedge provides access to different parts of the receiver while simultaneously providing full support to the giver's head.

Assisted Queen oral sex position. The giving partner is laying down with their head elevated on a Liberator Wedge and their wrists bound on the Wedge. The receiving partner is kneeling on top of the Wedge and giving partner's face. To get into the Assisted Queen, the giving partner lays flat on their back while using a wedge-like bondage sex cushion as a pillow. The receiver then, carefully, straddles the giver's head. The giver then places their wrists along the backside of the receiver's calves, and the receiver can fasten the two bondage cuffs around all four limbs.

The Assisted Queen may also be known as The Gentleman sex position.

More About Assisted Queen Sex Position

The backbone of the Assisted Queen is the Liberator Black Label Wedge. There is no weight limit on the wedge, making it a good choice for big or small bodies.

While this oral sex position can be done without the Liberator Black Label Wedge, you'll find that it changes the angles if attempting it with other sex furniture options. (Still, if you want to get creative, the Liberator Bondi or Queening Chair can help you pull off similar sensations to the Assisted Queen).

The angled surface of the Black Label Wedge forces the receiving partner's body forward. This new angle provides easier access to the clitoris and vulva for the giver while simultaneously reducing neck strain. Tilting of the hips and readjustments might be necessary to get both the receiver and giver perfectly lined up on the Black Label Wedge for pleasure.

At the same time, the angled surface of the Black Label Wedge will require strong core strength and balance on the part of the receiver in order to stay upright. Luckily, the Black Label Wedge's soft surface provides cushioning on the knees to reduce knee strain, but for those with knee concerns, this may still be enough pressure to require readjustment.

For those who struggle with maintaining the upright position of the Assisted Queen, don't forget about using other pieces of furniture to your advantage. If the giver's torso fits underneath a folding chair, a folding chair can straddle the giver's torso - and give the receiver a piece of furniture to easily lean into for balance. If your adventurous sex life has led you to explore sex swings, gripping onto the straps of the sex swing can be a fantastic aid for maintaining your balance. If the two of you are still finding the strain to be uncomfortable, don't forget that you can transition into the Lady Godiva oral sex position at any time; just remove the Liberator Black Label Wedge!

Because there is limited surface area on the Black Label Wedge, especially for receivers with thicker thighs and calves, you both might find it more comfortable to solely bind the giver's wrist. This way, the giver's wrists can rest on the sides of the Black Label Wedge instead of needing to be pressed up against the receiver's legs. This can create more space for everyone.

At any time, especially if you're using the matching cuffs that come with the Black Label Wedge, it is easy to remove the bondage cuffs. With the receiver's hands free, the receiver simply needs to unVelcro the cuffs - and everyone's limbs will be free to move. Especially if a leg or hand falls asleep, this simple "escape" makes it easy to keep everyone comfortable.

With the angles involved, the Assisted Queen lends itself best to providing oral sex that's focused on the clitoris. However, with some modifications and adjustments, the Assisted Queen can also be used for rimming.



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