Oral Pleasures Position

Updated: JULY 7, 2022

Take advantage of the that wide bench seat in the back of your car to enjoy oral sex anywhere with the Oral Pleasures position!

Oral Pleasures position. Both partners are in the backseat of a car. The receiving partner is laying down on their back while the giving partner kneels between their thighs to give oral sex. The receiving partner's legs rest on top of the giver's upper back.

To get into this position, the receiving partner lays on their back across the seats of a car (the backseat is safest and generally roomiest!) with their feet and head up against the sides of the car. The giving partner kneels between the receiver's legs in any way that's comfortable to provide oral sex.

While the Oral Pleasures position, as shown, is designed for penis or vulva stimulation, the receiving partner can flip over to lie face-down if rimming is your sexual activity of choice.

More About Oral Pleasures Position

Don't expect a comfortable, lay-all-day fit with the Oral Pleasures position. The allure of the Oral Pleasures position is gratification of got-to-have-it-now oral sex in the back of a vehicle -- not a slow and relaxed experience like you'd get in a bed. The end goal of the Oral Pleasures position is to enjoy quick, passionate pleasure for as long as you want it - but for most people, it will not be a position that encourages leisurely lounging or exploration.

Even with the best of intentions, the Oral Pleasures position may not be a good fit for some couples. Narrow cars -- or tall partners -- might find that the Oral Pleasures position feels more like a punishment than an exciting adventure. If that's the case, a variation of the Film and Flutter sex position might be a better fit. Consider tilting the seats backwards to make more space for the giver to do their thing.

Even then, if cramping in on top of one another leaves you chest-to-chest, you just might not have room in this vehicle to pull off easy oral sex. Consider other pleasures like handjobs, fingering or mutual masturbation to get your car sex fix and take your adventure outside of the vehicle for any oral-focused activities.

However, if you're the owner of a roomy SUV, van or pick-up truck, you may find that you have more than enough space to easily lay out for this position. You can even fold down the seats to make a large, flat playground for your sexual activities. If you don't own a spacious car, consider this your excuse to rent one to give Oral Pleasures a try the next time life requires a car rental.

Once you get into position, you may find that the flat surface of the car seats makes it difficult to give oral to someone with a vulva. If that's the case, sex furniture -- especially wedge-shaped pieces -- can come to the rescue. The small Liberator Jaz fits in a backpack and its wedge-shaped design slips underneath to elevate the hips and make the entirety of the vulva more accessible.

Before you fall into the passion of the Oral Pleasures position, we recommend planning ahead. Getting the upholstery cleaned after a passionately-messy sex session is expensive and can be avoided! Toss a few thick towels into your car for "sex emergencies" (or, realistically, for when you spill your iced coffee) or pack a sex blanket when you know you plan on enjoying yourselves. Just toss it down before you get started and you can save yourself a trip to the car detailer.

The same can be said about safer sex barriers. Especially in a got-to-have-it-now car sex position, it can be easy to forget about protection. Make sure to plan ahead and pack your condoms or dental dams before you need them. Some lube can be a handy addition too! Just remember: condoms and safer sex barriers should never be stored in a vehicle; the heat can destroy them!

A final note about safety and legality: despite the "feeling" of privacy in a vehicle, remember that it still can be illegal to engage in sexual activities outside where others can see you. We also recognize that this position may be entirely inaccessible to you should you be living with disabilities and or chronic pain. However, you can still have oral fun in adapted vehicles, too.

Remember, any car sex position can be done in the privacy of your garage with the car off and, as a bonus, you can easily transition to the bed when you're ready!



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