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Party Like It’s 2020: New Sex Positions for the New Year

Published: JANUARY 14, 2020 | Updated: AUGUST 29, 2021
Let’s experiment, challenge ourselves, and most of all have fun!

With it now not only a new year, but the beginning of an entirely new decade, the coming of 2020 is a grand opportunity to truly shake things up: To try new ways of doing things, to expand personal and professional horizons, and not least of all to awaken what might otherwise be snoozing passions—or just add even more sexually creative fuel to an already roaring libido.


And so here we are, our own creativity revving and roaring and perhaps—just perhaps—tongue ever-so-slightly in cheek, with our own playfully wicked sex position suggestions for how you might just be able to ring in this new year, and a new decade, by engaging in these unique and we sincerely hope hot sexual playtime activities.

Do It Like a Rat… Er, Cat

As 2020 is, after all, the Chinese Year Of The Rat, what better position could there be to welcome the year than being frisky like that ubiquitous rodent?

But how, pray tell, does one do it rat-stye? Well, to be honest, we haven’t the foggiest, but—freely admitting this is a bit of a stretch—we can recommend a position that’s closely connected with that particular animal, if only because one frequently chases the other.


C.A.T., which stands for Coital Alignment Technique, is a new twist on the classic missionary position, but one that has become frequently cited as being a superb way for vagina-having people to orgasm like never before.

diagram of Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) in missionary sex position

The difference between CAT and regular missionary is that the person doing the penetrating pushes themselves higher up than usual so that the base of their own equipment will slide across the other’s clitoris, thus adding an extra-added stimulation to the experience.


And, who knows, maybe rats do this as well: We’ll just chock that research up to other things to possibly investigate in the new year.

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A New Way to Taste

Oral sex is hardly new, but for 2020 let’s mix things up a bit by approaching it in what could for many be a unique, and even more arousing, direction.


It works like this: Instead of the classic of having one partner lays on their back while the other gets to work on their genitalia, the person on the receiving new gets on all-fours, allowing the giver a different approach.

diagram of doggy style oral sex position

An added plus to this position is that it can also allow for penetration play, often easier than with the person being penetrated being on their back. Although, to use their mouth at the same time does require a bit of contorting.


An added added plus is that it also gives ample opportunity to engage in, and experience, analingus. If this is something done some reading on the risks anal-to-mouth play might pose is mandatory. Though, in a nutshell, cleanliness is not next to godliness but rather sexual safety.

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Let’s Play in the Future

Doesn’t 2020 have a thrilling, truly futuristic ring to it? Though, while we don’t have hoverbikes, cars that fold into briefcases, or lover’s trysts on the moon, we do have all kinds of cutting-edge sex toys just itching, and buzzing, for us to try out.


So for this position, let’s bring a few of those fantastic new devices to our sex play. Not only can they do what our own biological components can’t, or at least not for as long, but they can also free up hands and other fun body parts to do lots of other (wink, wink) things.

Lap Dance Sex Position with the Womanizer Clit Stimulator

We are in the future, after all, and not being okay with you or your partner adding them to pleasurable activities is just so… last year, or even last century.

So to celebrate the bright, shining potential of this new year and decade let’s usher it in by adding some of these toys to whatever positions, and activities you enjoy.

Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

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The Lotus

Sometimes you have to go back to go forward, and with the lotus position—that classic pose from that equally classic tome, the Kama Sutra—you and your partner might very well be able to come (and we mean come) full circle, and have lots of fun doing it.

If you don’t know, the lotus does take a bit of anatomical finagling, and so usually takes a bit of practice before it gets truly comfortable—though, as the saying goes, it’s not the destination but the journey.

To begin with, one penetrating partner sits with the legs in "lotus pose." We’ve found that if this can be challenging, especially to the lower back, so doing it while propped against a wall or such can help.

diagram of the lotus sex position

After getting comfy, the partner being penetrated then eases themselves onto them, arranging their own legs to mesh with their other partner.

While the lotus doesn’t lend itself all that well to really vigorous penetration, it can however be excellent for deep penetration and stimulation of the G-spot or even sometimes the prostate.

As with many Kama Sutra positions, think of it as a form of sexual meditation: a steady, focused, controlled activity that can be extra-pleasurable when the people involved become synched—and a lovely way to usher in this new time by being deeply together with someone you care about.

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Make This Year Your Own

Finally, we sincerely suggest what could very possibly be the most powerfully erotic, and personally empowering position ever; one that we think should honestly guide you in all of your sexual experiences. And, best of all, it doesn’t require anything you physically can't already handle.

Ready? Drumroll, please... it’s using this brand spanking year, and an equally spanking new decade, to embrace doing...

Whatever you want, with whoever you want—as long as it’s consensual.

Sure, try out things like these are other positions and activities—because, after all, that’s how you learn about new things and potentially new pleasures—but there’s nothing wrong with sticking to what works for you and who you play with.

Just because you can’t knot yourself up into this position or that, come from penetration, prefer to use your own fingers or a toy, or need a solid emotional connection with another person to enjoy yourself, doesn’t mean you are a bad lover—if just means that you are you.

So let’s use this time to push ourselves in new ways, to possibly open up new vistas by trying new sexual experiences, but also use this as an opportunity to learn to love—without doubt or hesitation—that person who matters the most: yourself.

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